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Bamberg is a reasonable sized town, nearly 70,000, in the northern part of Bavaria. Reputedly the inhabitants of this place drink more beer per head of population than anywhere else in Germany. No mean feat if their fellow Bavarians are anything to go by. This is helped by the fact that there are nine breweries in the city limits, all brewing (and serving) their own beers. Bamberg has the most breweries per capita of anywhere in the world. Within 35 miles of the center of town one can find another 200+ breweries.

The town is basically in two halves. The new town on one side of the river (where the station is located) and the old town on the other. The old town was generally untouched by bombing in the 1940s so retains many more of its traditional buildings than other cities in Germany. This is where you’ll find most of the sights and plenty of places to eat and drink.

Oddly it seems to be little known outside of Germany so there are far fewer coachloads of tourists than other towns in the surrounding region. Another oddity of the town is that is is distinctly Bavarian. The little town in the Franconian part of Bavaria is very proud of their independence and style that sets them apart from most of Germany. Even the language is slightly different from most of Germany.

Local speciality: Rauchbier – a very dark smoked beer that is the local brew. The United States Army also has a base in the city.