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Bam, Iran

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daifuku daifuku
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Aug 19, 2007
2002 , I went to Turkey and Iran .

I like World history and especialy , I wanted to go to Persepolis palace and Arge Bam .

Both are great !! And I was very moved them . But I often remember Arge Bam than Persepolis Palace .

I have some reasons . One is when I went to there , No tourists except me !! That is mine . There is tea shop in Arge Bam , staff is daytime sleep . Another reason is that day , I met some Iran men who were very kind . One men showed me newspaper which sayed Japan's activity of World Cup . He can't speak English and I can't speak Iran language . But he talked to me and he payed my taxi money .

And last reason , you know , after several year when I went to Bam , there was very big earthquake .

Some parts are destroyed , but the value of Arge Bam is no lost , I think more valuable than before .
Arge Bam , Iran , 2002 I took pho…
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