Babylon City,

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Babylon, Iraq
Babylon City, - Ishtar  Gate,Babylon City,Iraq
Babylon City, - Ishtar  Gate,Babylon City,Iraq
Babylon City, - Ishtar  Gate,Iraq,BAbylon City
Babylon City, - BabylonCity,Iraq

Babylon City, Reviews

sabahmh sabahmh
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Babylon City Jun 21, 2011
Babylon City ,Iraq...

If you are in Iraq.

If you are in Baghdad.

Then don`t miss to visit the fantastic historical city of Babylon.It is not more than 120 kilometers away from Baghdad.You will surely enjoy the road to Babylon City which passes through many towns ,villages ,suburbans,green huge lawns .The road alone is a great pleasure ,you can travelto Babylon City from Baghdad by a taxi .Although the distance is not so much long but you need more than three hours to arrive your target site,because of the many military checking points that scatterd throughout the road .It is important to know that Iraqies folks don`t call it Babylon City but they call it Athar Bable in the local Iraqi accent.

After enfuring a harsh treatment at the hands of Saddam Hussein among others ,city of Babylon can be revived and made ready for tourism with the help from experts at the ...

World Monuments Fund ...

U.S. embassy..
Ishtar Gate,Babylon City,Iraq
Ishtar Gate,Iraq,BAbylon City
amazed says:
Good article. Can you please change the map - it's showing the black sea just south of Sevastopol
Posted on: Jun 26, 2011
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