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Baalbek, Lebanon
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Baalbek Reviews

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Roman Ruins Jul 14, 2012
I knew very little about the history of Baalbek before I visited the city and was very impressed with the amount of Roman buldings still standing and the ruins that are being so well preserved and looked after.

Based in the city the ruins as easily accessible and you can even have a guide show you round and explain some of the history.

The ruins are very impressive, if not more impressive than those found in Rome.

However they are based in the Hezbollah region, it is safe but best to check the situation before you go.
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kikomanzoni kikomanz…
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roman temple Sep 28, 2011
Baalbek (former heliopolis) is one of the most impressing historic site i' ve seen so far. World heritage site since 1984, this is a roman temple complex, where you can admire the details of bacchus and jupiter temple. It's quite a big site, you're able to discover everything without crowds and take nice pictures
ken2010 ken2010
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The Holy precinct of Baalbek May 16, 2010
The archeological site of Baalbek dominates the town and is on the list of Unesco World Heritage.

During the Roman period /first c BC to third c AD/a holy precinct was build northwest of the city of Baalbek and its original Roman plan is still preserved. It consists of several temples and the most monumental is the Jupiter temple.

For more than 2.000 years these temples have been telling the world about the grandeur, the magnificant period in a civilisation from the Roman empire. How could they build such buildings in those days? How could they put stones of marble and granite of several tons above each other without the technique we use today?

Well, to build this city it is recorded it took the life of 100.000 slaves. The six pillars of the old Jupiter temple are the tallest found in the world with its 23 meters. One can just imagine the size of the big Jupiter temple looking to these huge pillars. Next to the Jupiter temple there is the Bacchus temple, still pretty well preserved. Summertime they arrange music-festivals on the grounds but that was too early for the time of my visit.
plan of the site
there are several inscriptions pre…

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