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The town of Baalbek lies in the Bekaa valley in the north-east of Lebanon. The current modern town in itself is pretty ineventful, but the ancient Baalbek is arguably the most important of Roman sites in the Middle East.

The 'Sun City' was created in Phoenecian era and was known for its temple dedicated to the God Baal, and the sacriligeous orgies in its name. After conquest by Alexander de Great its name was changed to Heliopolis (City of the Sun) which it kept during Roman times afterwards. It was under Roman times that the huge, awe-inspiring Temple of Jupiter was constructed under emperor Nero and it became the premier city in Roman Syria.

Today only a fraction of the huge temple complex remains, including part of the colonnade (containing the largest columns in the world at 23 metres height) and the much smaller, yet still immensely impressive temple of Bacchus.

There is a 100 ton stone just outside the ruins. It is referred to as the pregnancy stone. Some say it is because of the size. There is also a legend that says any man or woman that touches it will get pregnant.

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