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I have spent a lot of time in Sierra Vista beginning in September 1978 and continuing to the present (with some gaps of course). Here is my take on the best places to stay in town within the "Luxury", "Mid-Range" and "Budget" areas. The first four places are my favorites in each category. There are two for "Budget" lone term and overnight.
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This is a list of the locations in Alabama that I have written up. I have so much to post this will be a LONG process. Abbeville: 3 To Do, 1 Food. Andalusia: 2 To Do, 1 Hotel. Atmore: General intro to the town. Auburn: 3 To Do, 1 Food, 1 Bar
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You could say the Texas Revolution started with the Louisiana Purchase, because this brought the Americans in close proximity to Spanish Texas. Because the Spanish part of Tejas was so sparsely populated people from the United States started settling there. Although actual "fighting" did not start until 1835 there are important events and incidents prior to the "Lexington of Texas" in Gonzales. I will try to put these in order of their occurrence.
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This is a list of locations beginning with "A" I have written up in Montana.
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This lists my favorite hotels in the state of Iowa in descending order starting with my current absolute favorite the Royal Amsterdam in Pella, Iowa. So far, none of the places I have stayed in Iowa have been below average.
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