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5 Bankastræti, Reykjavik, Iceland

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nataliereynolds159 natalier…
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Decent little nightclub. Emphasis on 'little' Apr 26, 2017
Went out on a Friday night in Reykjavik after hearing countless times how nightlife in Iceland is something you shouldn't miss out on. B5 was literally 2 doors down from the hostel I was staying in and was heavily advertised around the city so a group of us decided we would go there.

It's a typical nightclub really, quite small and basic in comparison to other nightclubs I've been to in England and Italy. But it did the job, had a dancefloor, had a bar, had recent chart music and typical 'club/house' music so what more could you want really?

Talking to a few locals this place wasn't rated highly- hence my 3 star rating. They said it was 'for tourists and people who listen to FM radio' (actual quote from a very nice guy I met in another bar) and I did see where he was coming from. It was full of tourists and probably because majority of the songs were in English and your typical chart music.

I didn't buy any drinks personally (did the pre drinking in the hostel kitchen prior to going out in order to save money- alcohol in Iceland is bloody expensive) but the rest of the group did, and it was typical Icelandic prices. So if you're looking to save money I recommend doing what I did :)

Nightlife all round Reykjavik is similar, doesn't really get going until about 11pm- Midnight and goes on until around 6am. I thought the club was pretty packed when we were in there but a few people I got speaking to whilst having a cigarette said that it was nothing- it's about 5x busier on Saturdays! So it's up to you what you want to experience really..

I had a good night out, it did the trick and we danced for 5 hours and probably the key reason we went there was because it was so close to the hostel :D
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matthew matthew
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B5 Late Bar Oct 01, 2010
You might be fooled from the exterior that this place is going to reek of pretentiousness. With a super sleek interior to boast about, and higher than average drinks prices, you can at first glance be forgiven for that opinion. Once inside though, you'll quickly learn that it is as casual as a bar can get. It has one huge sofa mixing in locals with tourists with relative ease. The easy going dress code makes its a simple bar to start, or indeed finish at, whenever you are ready to join the party.

Granted it does seem to contain Reykjavik's in-crowd, but I do not believe it be an unwelcoming place for anyone of any walk of life. The clientele is the stuff dreams are made of, and the drinks will get even the most hardened of drinker on the legless side. All can join in with the fun.

The ambient tunes will get a huge turnout on the sizeable dance floor, but if you prefer to take a seat away from the mix, there are plentiful to chose from.

Mmmmmmmh says:
b5 is a nice place to party. Athmosphere is good, especially on weekends. Sound system is ok, music pretty dated. Among the staff you might find someone who smugly evaluates the audience on their clothing. Style is a question of taste and not everyone can judge it. The staff was unfriendly and rude. In case you don't want to be annoyed by this, grab your jacket and stroll down the road to visit better clubs. It's not worth to bring arguments.
Posted on: Mar 12, 2016
kickasstunner says:
Matt! tsk tsk.. hahaha :)) you really are a womanizer! :P
Posted on: Jan 30, 2011
wanderlustdave says:
all i could do was shake my head and smile reading this :)
Posted on: Oct 18, 2010

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