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Azerbaijan is one of those countries which never seem to come up when discussing future destinations among travelers, which is sadly a result of its location in a troubled part of the world whose history has tragically overshadowed the natural beauty of a country that might otherwise have become as popular as Switzerland or Sweden over the years. And while Azerbaijan is not necessarily a place for the uninitiated traveler, being much more suited to the veteran explorer, there is more to this country than meets the eye, and it’s well worth taking a few weeks or even a few months to investigate even further.

These days Azerbaijan is a democratic nation that was one of the first Muslim countries to establish itself as such. While most of the population doesn’t speak English—providing a challenge for travelers that leads to this area being visited only by the veteran adventurer—there are still plenty of amenities in the major areas to make even the most luxury-oriented Westerner feel right at home. Still, it’s not the nightlife or the atmosphere of the cities which make Azerbaijan worth coming to; rather, it is the natural beauty and history of the country that makes this place an absolute must-see on any traveler’s agenda.

From the Palace of the Shirvanshahs to the ruins of Old Baku, or the Gobustan ruins dating back to 10,000 BC, there are a great many UNESCO World Heritage sites throughout Azerbaijan. The place is literally teeming with historical significance. Beyond that there are the Greater and Lesser Caucasus Mountains and the fabled mountain village of Xinaliq with its stunning views of the surrounding mountains. Or, for the less adventurous, the capital city of Azeri is host to a perfect combination of West and East, with English-speaking locals that can make the first-time visitor feel at home while they plan the rest of their trip in this undiscovered country.

Baku #1 most popular location
The largest city in the Caucasus, and the capital of Azerbaijan, Baku is a coastal city on the southern section of the Absheron Peninsula as it juts out into the Caspian Sea. Along with being…
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Qobustan #2 most popular location
2reviews 6blogs
Sheki #3 most popular location
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Stepanakert #4 most popular location
You can only go there from Armenia. Take a minibus (Marshrutka) from Kilikya Avtokayan (bus terminal, get there from any bus stop on Mesrop Mashtots Poghota, near Opera with minibus 15, 15 mi…
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Mingachevir #5 most popular location
Mingachevir is an large city in the north of Azerbaijan. It is industrial town with huge dam and reservoir closing up the valley above the town. It is also the place where Russian defense rad…
Nakhchivan #6 most popular location
Ganca #7 most popular location
Suraxani #8 most popular location
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Naxcivan #9 most popular location
Naxcivan is an Autonomous Republic in Azerbaijan. It is separated from the rest of the country by Armenia with whom Azerbaijan has had a long standing territorial dispute. It is the birthpla…
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Quba #10 most popular location
Astara #11 most popular location
Xinaliq #12 most popular location
Lankaran #13 most popular location
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Sumqayit #14 most popular location
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Davachi #15 most popular location
Lahic #16 most popular location
Abseron Peninsula #17 most popular location
Ismayilli #18 most popular location
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Qax #19 most popular location
Novxani #20 most popular location
Zaqatala #21 most popular location
Masazir #22 most popular location
Ceyranbatan #23 most popular location
Ceyranbatan means drowned deer (or gazelle), though it refers to a girl named Ceyran who drowned in the area. The land used to be part of a large lake surrounded by swampland. In the 1960…