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This town and its surrounding satellite towns were founded 100 years ago by mostly Mediterranean people (Greeks, Italians, some Spanish) and English people who wanted to become farmers. The government at the time was trying to kick-start a sugar industry, so they gave away huge amounts of land in a lucky draw, where these would-be farmers had their names cut up on bits of paper and put into a hat. The government guy drew out the names of the lucky winners, who then had to farm their parcel of land with sugar cane in order to keep owning it.

100 years later, the town is still a farming economy. Fires light up the sky at night when farmers set fire to their sugar cane fields to prepare the cane for harvesting the next day. Tractors are often driven up the main street.

There is one movie cinema (costs about $15 a ticket), one bowling alley, one theatre for live shows, a Coles and a Woolworths. About 6 cafes and a couple of restaurants.

One Olympic swimming pool near the KFC, which used to have a high diving board but they tore it down for safety reasons, and it used to have a massive water slide, but it was made of industrial plastic and it melted one year when someone lit a fire under it.

If you are chasing work, there are 3 backpackers that organize back-breaking work in the farm fields, and supply transport to and from the fields.

The Yongala Wreck is one of Australia's best dive spots - you can get to it by driving out to Alva Beach (turn near the Coles supermarket and drive for about 25 minutes). There is a dive shop out there at Alva that will organize a spot for you on a dive boat, and give you gear if you don't have your own.