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Name: Avelino
Hometown: Turquel, Portugal
Location: Turquel, Portugal
Join Date: January 19, 2017
Contributions: AvelinoL has written about 109 places, shared 1,176 photos, left 210 comments, and smiled 213 times.
Interested in: meeting new people, showing people around my hometown, sharing travel tips and blogs
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Bali, Indonesia
dream destination
Gaining courage for the eternity of flights
Saint Petersburg, Russia
dream destination
Who helps me to convince my wife?
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Portuguese, English, French
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Most Memorable Travel Experience
So many!
Perhaps the most intense situation was almost banal: In 1971, a couple of months before going to war in Angola, I crossed the Pyrenees with two friends and entered an unknown Europe. Two days later, sitting on the railing of the Roman bridge in Confolens, as I watched the beautiful women of the folkloric ensembles who took part in the festival passing by, with the sound of serenades by the Hungarian fiddles or German fanfare, I was listening to an old man, a director of a high culture institute in Belgium, describing me a country I did not know - mine!

The war has passed, Africa has left vigorous memories of an intense nature, and the following sensations were the most common for travelers - Missing air on Corcovado, facing the asphyxiating panorama, surviving climate, food and transit in India, feeling "out of scale" on the Florida roadways or the Fes alleyways, baking in the Dubai sun, enjoy the eastern culture in China or Thailand, and above all discovering my Country and comparing it with the European neighbors.
But can I remember everything?
After 30 years organizing life, I was infected with travelling disease.

Finally in peace and democracy, Fernanda Joined the team and, before the kids, we tried to know better Portugal and specially Algarve, adding Switzerland, Netherlands and Germany to my travelling list, and... stop again, waiting for the kids to grow a little. When the younger reached 5 years, in 1988, it was time. Spain, Andorra and Mallorca (repeated in 97) to start, Greece in 1989, Spain to Germany in 1990, Canary Islands in 91, USA (Florida) in 92, Cancun in 93, Morocco in 95, Thailand in 96, Turkey in 98, Brazil in 99, USA and Canada in 2000, India in 2001, Egypt in 2002, Italy (and Sardegna) in 2003, USA (West) in 2004, and Jordan in 2005 were holidays to remember.

In 2006, we had holidays in Croatia, that I used to a short visit to Mostar in Bosnia-Herzegovina.

Too many years and experience shrinks the available space. Only a few more lines:

In March 2007 Brazil! Summer holidays took us to China, Hong Kong and Macau and, in our way, we made two stops in Dubai.

Paris, once again and ever, for a week without a program.

2008 took us to Jamaica and 2009 was the time to, more than twenty years later, make holidays again in Algarve and to see what has changed.
I’m slowing down!. In 2010 I only visited Madeira and spent a week in a beach near Murcia. I stopped working in 2011, allowing me to travel out of season and in May I went to Blackpool, in August to Sharm-el-Sheikh, in September to Italy and Slovenia, and in October a few days in Belgium, and, with a son working there, Belgium is repeating each year.
Travelling with the family is a must. But I had also some individual visits.
Professionally I had the chance to add Ireland, Scotland, England, Sweden, Denmark and Czech Republic to my list.

In 2006, I visited Saint Louis and Philadelphia on the way, and in 2009 I spent a week in Istanbul.

2012 was the year of the arrival of the first grandson, and family travel had to be reduced - Spain three times, so far.

Well... I'm only 70, and Malaysia, Bali are just there... who knows? Meanwhile, dance is in command!
spocklogic says:
Bravo on the 'Algarve' featured blog!
Posted on: Apr 13, 2017
starship1 says:
Adding my congratulations on your featured blog today! Well done!
Posted on: Apr 13, 2017
jendara says:
Congrats on your featured blog:)
Well done my friend!!!!
Posted on: Apr 13, 2017
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