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1638 Steve Irwin Way, Beerwah, Australia

Australia Zoo Beerwah Reviews

christl3 christl3
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Interactive and inspiring Jan 18, 2013
To get there we got CC's Croc Connections which cost us $95 each, this includes park entry and transfers there and back. He also sells 600ml cold bottles of water from an Eskie before you go into the park because they cost a fortune in there. The driver worked for the park for 10 years and knew Steve Irwin personally and, like everyone else who knew him, speaks of him in the highest regard. He shows a mini documentary of Steve Irwin's life in the van on the way there to 'get you in the mindset' and gives you valuable tips on the tourist traps to not get trapped in and the shows worth seeing.

The zoo is located on Steve Irwin Drive, which was renamed after his death in honour of him. I bet when i die they'll do that for me too :p

The park is absolutely huge and began from quite humble beginnings and transformed into the wildlife marvel it is today through hard work, dedication and true passion for the cause of animals.

If you'd ever watched any of Steve Irwin's nature shows maybe you had initially thought of him as i did - A bit of an eejit, playing up the 'Aussie' thing for the cameras! Alas, he was actually like that in real life. What may have be mistaken for foolish, childlike enthusiasm was genuinely pure passion for what he did and what he was inspiring others to do. When Steve Irwin's mother died he was devastated and he opened a wildlife hospital on the grounds of the zoo that now sees to and treats up to 100 animals a day. The see the animal hospital you must pay a $2 'sneak peak' which is well worth it. You can see some of the sick animals - we saw a koala with a broken leg sitting in a baby hi-chair eating leaves! You can also pay $20 and get a personal guided tour around the animal hospital facility, which is funded and operates entirely from funding from the zoo.

The zoo is a tribute to Steve Irwin and his family. It is like a zoo/second-home for the Irwin's who still are very involved. They are in change of running the shows on certain days and they are seen around the zoo all the time. Throughout the zoo there are pictures and quotes from the whole family. It's what makes it special! There is a real personal feel to this place, even though the sheer size of it would usually wipe that out. You can feel the love the Irwin's have for this facility.

In the zoo you can see salt and fresh water crocodiles (which were Steve Irwin's speciality), koalas, elephants, zebras, tigers, birds, snakes and many more. There are no monkeys as of yet but the park is constantly expanding so *watch this space*.

The famous shows they put on are exceptional. The main one is to showcase the crocodiles and birds in Steve Irwin's pride and joy - the Crocoseum. Experts advised Steve that the Crocoseum would never be a success and that nobody had ever built an arena for that purpose before but he built it anyway and nowadays it can hold 5000 people where you can watch the famous croc shows at 12 daily. Other shows include elephant feeding and the informal tiger interaction. Depending on the heat of the day though, the tigers may or may not interact with the zoo-keepers behind the glass.

What is so special about this zoo is the level of interaction possible. The keepers bring the cheetah, the wombats and the camels for walks and to rub and get your picture taken with these is free of charge.

You can also get professional photos taken with the animals of your choice from snakes to lizards to red pandas to koalas. There are only a certain amount of places available each day so get your name down for the animal you want asap because certain ones fill up quicker than others e.g. koalas and red pandas.

The zoo is not about profit and greed like some zoos out there, but it is about conservation. It works to provide people with the knowledge about how to help preserve these wonderful animals. Steve Irwin was all about communication with the children - he felt that the children were the ones going to grow up and be the ones who make the decisions about whether to save endangered species or not. He tried to instill love and respect for animals in them from an early age. His dad taught him 'If an animal bites you it's not the animal's fault, it's your's!'.

Although i've been to better zoos, none that i had been to before had the same atmosphere as this one. It's special and personal and preaches a true conservation message which is vitally important for the future of endangered species.

What really struck me is the influence one man can have over so many. Even though Steve Irwin has been dead 6 years now, everyone who knew him is still working hard to make his dream a reality and continue on his great work with animals. This is present throughout the zoo - The message that each and every person makes a difference when it comes to conservation.

Well worth a visit.
Vending Machines
The Crocoseum
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brookelinda brookeli…
8 reviews
awesome day at australia zoo Feb 18, 2012
I arrived there nice and early wasent to busy so i suggest getting in there as soon as it opens they have some of the animals out so you can get photos and hold/pat them!

It was great to find out that onece you had your pics taken but the photographers you actully got to keep a small copy of them even if you dont buy the full size pic.. But it has a big "Proof" threw it but still nice to keep it as a nice memory of the day!

At 9.30 they had a little bus tour to the back of the park where all the new section was. it was pretty hot walk to get to the next part of the park but was perfect timeing for the elephant feeding that was a good photo oppurtunity!

the park is Huge and soo many animals to see but the main show is at 12 in the middle of the park that is a must see. but i do warn you it is a little depressing iv never felt so depressed at a zoo in my whole life. It had steve on the big screen saying how he wanted to change the world and save the animals and his family/friends saying what a caring guy he was.

Do warn you bring food & drink to the park its 4.10 for a bottle of water.. and for soft drink 7.10 and you can refil it for 5.10. so not exacly great on the budget.

the snake hold for $20 was great so scary but i have to say the trainner was alot better then the one on magnetic island last time i held a snake he made sure you were calm before he gave the snake to you..

make sure you take a camara thats fully charged and WEAR SUNSCREEN i got totally burn today lucky i wore a hat!

I highly reccommend Australia Zoo even if Bindi's Music in sections of the park was DRIVING ME CRAZY!! LOL! great day, Friendly staff & great expereinces :)
koala Pats :)
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brookelinda says:
Haha yes sure was !!!
Posted on: May 15, 2013
christl3 says:
Was that what that cringey music was?
Posted on: Jan 19, 2013
harmony73 harmony73
3 reviews
Australia Zoo Jun 12, 2011
I love Aus Zoo :) this place is truly amazing, as an aussie of course Steve Irwin was a part of my culture but in the early days i was not a big fan of his, i thought you idiot dangling your kids in front of a crocodile but as an animal lover i just had to go to Australia zoo and see it for myself when staying in Brisbane for work, i only had 1 day off from work so had booked a tour bus to take me there that allowed the whole day at the zoo from opening at 9am until closing at 5pm, the bus driver had been friends with Steve Irwin for many years so he played video and told stories on our trip there. By time i was back on the bus at the end of the day, I was blown away, my views on Steve Irwin had changed totally and every time i see a picture of him or hear his name i become filled with emotion, he was a wonderful and passionate man. This place is like no other and really can not be explained in words, the people who work and volunteer at the zoo love their animals deeply, its not like a zoo, they are like one with the animals, I tried to cram in as much as i could in that day and i got to see so much, and yet there was so much more yet to do and see there, when i go again next time i will make it 2 days as that is really what's needed, that way you can sit and relax watching the tigers play with their keepers etc rather than needing to rush off to the next thing. I was lucky enough that they had tiger cubs at the time of my visit and i was able to go in with them, they only allow 4 people in at a time and just twice a day, when i went in they were mainly sleeping as they had just been running crazy playing previously and were worn out little babies. My next visit i would like to do the early morning walk with the big tigers :) this is a MUST do when visiting Queensland
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spocklogic says:
Ok, this is the zoo that Steve Irwin ran with his wife. Looks like a great place to be interactive with the animals. That was Steve's way too.
Posted on: Jun 22, 2011
emmacarlyle emmacarl…
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loved it May 09, 2011
I'm really not a zoo fan but this is a must see, the animals are all well cared for and you can see the staff know and really care about what they are doing. Conservation and not zoo keeping. It's a little sad going after Mr oz zoo him self died but we met some of his close friends and they made our day worth it. must see and do spend a dat there, loved it 10 out of 10

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canuck_downunder05 canuck_d…
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Crickey, it's expensive! Oct 16, 2011
This is my second time here and I think some things have improved since. There was alot more signage describing the animals, the maps were very helpful, along with the staff and the animals were pretty cool to check out.

Downside it that it is expensive. $60 for an adult and with concession you can get it as low as $46. We also caught the coach which picked us up in Noosa for $5.

The park is nice, although it is very pricey. Drinks and food are expensive which is to be expected. They are very big on promoting conservation and creating awareness about how each of us can make a difference in how we protect wildlife. There a many things you can donate to while you are at the zoo. Pictures with animals are atleast $20 and up to just over $100 for some animal encounters. Little expensive more my liking. Especially when we pay so much just to get into the park.

Lockers are available for 4 hours or 16 hours ( not sure who stays there for this long) Large locker which fit 2 rucksacks was $15 and a small locker was $8.

greyhound also makes stops here on request so if you have a pass book in advance and save backtracking
christl3 says:
But everything in Australia is expensive... this attraction is worth the money though.
Posted on: Jan 19, 2013
pilgrim68 says:
Wow that is expensive!
Posted on: Oct 19, 2011
Plod Plod
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Australia Zoo "to do " List Aug 21, 2011
Where do you start?

Having lived in Australia now for 24yrs and visited many places. Australia Zoo is one for the "to do" list.

The Zoo itself is set out very well to see for tourists, the staff are friendly and informative.Its clean and there are plenty of places to sit and chill and relax while watching. There are so many different types of creatures there.

The attractions on offer are great and to see the "croc show" in the stadium is amazing. Actually it would be hard to write down how many different types of animals are on show, only to say.......go and enjoy a great day.
laura77 laura77
3 reviews
australia zoo Mar 21, 2011
I went to australia zoo during a school holiday. Even though i expected that there would be a lot of people, you could see and do everything. Because it was during school holiday, i saw terri, bindi, robert and wes. The zoo is very educational, you can learn a lot and the staff tells you something about every animal. This was defenitly an amazing experience and i really recommend it. It wasn't very cheap, but it is worth every penny :)
crocodile live show
bindi and robert
bindi performing
roaminallover roaminal…
3 reviews
Australia Zoo- Great day out Mar 15, 2011
A fantastic day out - not to be missed on any trip to the Sunshine Coast in Australia. A little expensive at 85 Aus dollars (approx £35)for an adult ticket- although once inside you can see where the money goes and you can have a full day so get there early and make the most of it. All the native Australian animals and birds seem to be there. We even managed to see the tasmanian devils in real life....nothing like Taz at all.
coolrunnings_5 coolrunn…
3 reviews
Australia Zoo May 04, 2011
You need to visit this Zoo when you get here to Qld, Australia. It is only about an hours drive from Central Brisbane. Also there are the Glasshouse mountains near by which is also an excellent place to visit.
S-Jay S-Jay
44 reviews
Austrailia Zoo The Home Of Steve Irwin Dec 16, 2010
Austrailia Zoo was built by Steve Irwin's family in 1970. The late crocodile hunter made Austrailia zoo what it is today!

Many thought he was extrovert, some thought he was simply alittle crazy...

Me, I think he is a genious!

The Australian Zoo is internationally renowned, having 70 acre's of wildlife specilizing in Australian creatures big & small. It also is an entertainment giver being a number one attraction for people all over the world.

The Zoo keeps the focus and purpose on conservation & education. With conservation the Zoo even has its own Australin Wildlife hospital taking injured animals from the wild & help rehabilitate them. The conservation team do talks all around the zoo for willing listeners & also visit schools to education the future adults of this world. Thus this ties into education. Within the education sector you can have excursions in the zoo with various animals, you can be zoo keeper for the day or even visit the education centre situated in the zoo for all visitors!

The animals in the zoo are big & small.. Some are spikey & some are scaley.. Some are furry & some are ruff...

The main attractions are of course the crocodiles, salt & fresh water. The crocodiles even have their own Crocoseum. The only one in the world! A great design from Steve Irwin, hensce why I think he is a genious.

The Crocoseum is a maze of tunnels leading from the crocs enclosure to a large spectature pool surrounded by an arena. Once the croc is in the arean you are giving a detailed talk & show on crocodiles.

During your visit to the zoo you can if you like feed some animals, see some being fed & see free talks on various exhibits.

I was lucky enough to feed elephants,FOR FREE!

You are also able to hold various animals & have photo oppertunites.. You can hold a kola, bird or snake & much more.

Within the zoo, there are various shops you can buy iteams from & a large restraunt area near the crocoseum. The restraunt has all types of meals for all, plenty of choice!

For an adult the entry price is: $58

Its not cheap but its not as expensive as it could be. There are various prices for familys, OAP's, students and large groups.

No matter the price, this day out is well worth the money. The zoo layout is excellent and can take a day to complete.

For those who think that they cant walk around because its so big or because of screaming children in tow, dont worry! The zoo provide a train shuttle to take you into the different areas of the zoo!

During your visit you will see things you may never get to see due to endangered numbers or because they are only found in Auz!

While I was watching a talk on the tigers, I was amused to see that a tiger chased a free roaming lizard & that the lizard got away! The tiger looked very upset about loosing its toy! But that was in its self, an experiance to see!

You can if you choose, pay to visit certain animals such as the tigers & touch & stroke & have pictures taken & have a 1-1 talk however when I enquired how much it was, costs start from $500...

The money goes into education & conservation & if you have a large party the cost may not be an issue however it was just me & my partner so it was not an option.

This is an amazing attraction. Bar the animals the family orientation is still a foucs. They have a special area near the crocoseum dedicated to Steve Irwin in his memory. This I found was touching & also inspiring.

I hope you read this and feel inspired to go. It is brilliant. 10/10
Steve & his family You see this …
As you see
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aussielivinginjapan aussieli…
38 reviews
Jul 12, 2006
Australia zoo is home of the late famous "Crocodile Hunter". It houses many famous Australian Animals. Crocodiles, Kangaroos, Koalas and a variety of other Animals.

It is located on the sunshine coast at Beerwah on the Glass House mountains.

From Brisbane it is about a one hour drive and from the Gold Coast it takes about two hours to drive.

There are many ways to get there. Various companies offer one day trips including entrance fee into the park. You can also take the train to Beerwah station and then the courtesy coach to the zoo.

Plan your day there area many shows that are on at various times so if you want to see them all make sure to plan ahead.

There is food court area that you can buy your lunch at but I recommend bring your snacks, food and drink as there are plenty of shady picnic areas around the park where you can enjoy your lunch.

Don't forget to check out the souviner shops too there are lots of great Australian souviners available for purchase.

I highly recommend this as a day trip from the Gold Coast it's well worth the visit and the experience as well as getting to see many famous Australian animals in their natural habitat.
Petting a Kangaroo
fionaryann says:
thanks for the review! have to check it out when im there! ;D
Posted on: Jun 22, 2009
darkarrow darkarrow
18 reviews
Jun 12, 2006
This is Steve Irwin's zoo. It is a pretty big zoo with a lot of shows that are put on. The ones we caught were the bird, tiger, snakes and the crocidile shows. I wasn't that impressed by the bird or snakes show but I did like the tiger and crocidile shows. I guess it just comes down to what animals you like more than others. They have a lot of animals to see and it gives you a closer feel at times than other zoos that I have been to. The best part in my opinion that gives you an up close feel is the kangaroos and wallabies area. Here you can walk inside and actually up to them to pet them. I thought this was really neat and a good experience. I had a really good time here and recommend it to people.
Australia Zoo Map
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photo by: monkeymia79