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Krakow, Poland

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Hell on earth, a place we must never forget Sep 22, 2010
Is hell on earth a fitting title for a review? In this case, yes. For the small number of people who survived, out of the 1.3 million people who died, this was hell on earth.

During the 2nd World War, the nazis decided to begin the "Entlösung". They wanted to get rid of all the jewish people in occupied territory.

Visiting Auschwitz I and Auschwitz II-Birkenau, gives people a view on what went on inside the camp, how life was and above all, a place to show the world that we should never forget.

In my opinion everyone should visit this place to see how inhuman a group of people were against fellow people, only because their belief & ethnicity did not match.

What word could you use after visiting Auschwitz? I heard a lady say that her husband would find it great to see. She then said it's not great of course. I knew what she tried to say, but there isn't 1 "positive" word for it.

If you do visit this place, it will give you a lot to think about. From the moment I watched the video on the bus, till we drove back to Krakow, I didn't say a single word. My mind was trying to comprehend with the horrible ways all those people were treated in the years that this camp was operational, as well as the years after.

If you want a more detailed review about my visit to Auschwitz, please read my blog.

Note: I had booked a tour in advance when I booked for my holiday to Poland. But it's also possible to book this tour while you're staying in Krakow.
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bramblerick says:
thanks for the review, i planned a trip end of june.
Posted on: May 09, 2015
Airportman says:
Cry and also a place to think about how cruel humans can become in war :(
Posted on: Mar 03, 2012
jackygoh1 says:
This is one visit that will make people cry. :( I read about the Holocaust in History and till now I can't fathom how human being can torture fellow human being.
Posted on: Mar 03, 2012
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Jul 25, 2007
This place does not need an introduction. People are joking with that people are going to Auschwitz in a good mood and when they come home they are depressed, and its true.

How some nazi's can deny that holocaust did happen is unbelievable. When you see 80.000 pair of shoes that where stolen from the people that where exterminated or the large exhibit of hair that where going to be used for uniforms for German soldiers, you can just imagine what happened here.

Birkennau can be even more terrifying than Auschwitz. When you imagine 4 big gas chambers which could kill 8000 people in under 10minutes you start to think how efficient, organized and streamlined this genocide was.

There is ALOT of people here, which is bad since Auschwitz 1 is really crowded, but its also good since we need to spread the information so this doesnt happen again.

This is worth the trip to Krakow alone. The far easiest thing to get there is to take a tour organized by Crakow Tours. It cost 70zl and takes you from the city centre to the camp (80mins) and gives you a guided tour and takes you back again). If you want to save some money take a bus or a train to Oswiecim and take a official tour.
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Auschwitz 1
Auschwitz 1 , The Crematorium
Auschwitz 1. High Voltage sign
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