Aura Nightclub

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48-49 St. James's Street, London, United Kingdom - 020 7499 9999

Aura Nightclub London Reviews

nicole_barta nicole_b…
2 reviews
Crazy Expensive Nightclub Apr 24, 2011
I went to Aura nightclub over the weekend and I found it to be insanely expensive. I paid eleven pounds for a cranberry juice and vodka. There wasn't a very good vibe and all the people were really unfriendly. Its a terrible club to go to if you don't have a huge group of people with you because the people seem very stuck up. It was well decorated but thats about it. There is also a cover charge and its so not worth the price.
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TravellinChic Travelli…
169 reviews
Exclusive London club Feb 03, 2010
This is the info/profile you would read from viewlondon review:

"Aura is an exclusive members club, restaurant and cocktail bar in the heart of Mayfair. It is London's only member of The World's Finest Clubs and attracts an array of celebrity visitors. They offer a menu of international cuisine, an extensive range of drinks and a diverse mix of music."

I wasn't aware it's a members only..I guess that means at least one of my friends is a member then. I had a great time there and good looking decent people..supposedly a "banker's" place and you definitely see a lot of young guys in their suits :P A lot of "model-looking" girls as well.. some guys are a bit aggressive..but that's usually what is experienced in all London clubs. I liked their fancy way of serving champagne bottles with cool :) Its like having a celebration for every champagne bottle to be consumed..very appropriate for a sparkling champagne :P

I liked this the most than the other clubs i went for me, it does live to its "name" :)
TravellinChic says:
By the way, if you need a table, you have to make reservations in advance..Being on the list also makes it easier to get wont need to queue..we didnt made prior arrangements, hence the need for small talk..we still managed to get ahead of the line tho..just be polite but firm..use your charms :) If it doesn't work in Aura, there are several clubs around the Bank station with similar crowd and cheaper too :) i forgot the one we went to but the cab drivers know them :)
Posted on: Apr 05, 2010
TravellinChic says:
I'm not sure if they allow non-members to enter or how strict they implement this members only policy. One of my classmate who brought us there was a regular club guest. It might be best to call/email the club. On encouraging note, usually, London clubs are inclined to let in well dressed girls in the club..sometimes for i would think it would be easier to get in being a woman. There is usually a long queue and if you have male companions, it would be best that the number of men doesnt exceed the number of women or you will have a harder time getting in esp as a better split into smaller groups too. I believe my classmates "negotiated" with them coz there are a lot more men in our group compared to the girls. I forgot how much they paid..the girls had no problem..

Also, I remember an experience in another club in London where I wish to go to the VIP lounge because a guy was stalking us on the dancefloor and had been too aggressive. I was initially told it's a VIP member only and when I asked how do I become one, the security guy glanced at me then asked how many of us. After seeing we're only 2 girls, we were allowed entry. There was actually a guy from the VIP lounge who wanted to help us out when he saw we talked with security..but fortunately, we gained entry on our own efforts :)

Bottom line, dressing to the nines (sexy and classy) most of the time works and being a woman is a huge advantage to get in. The doormen are usually inclined to let you in or sometimes a member (VIP or club member) could come to your rescue. But just be sure, call them. Maybe the members only policy only applies to men :P

Bring your license...I was once refused at China white bec i don't have proper ID with me (restrictions on minors which worked at my disadvantage bec apparently having asian looks means I look younger than my age!) :P

All the best!
Posted on: Apr 05, 2010
worldwonders says:
Is it possible to arrange an entry without being a member? Thanks
Posted on: Apr 05, 2010

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