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FoxyFauz FoxyFauz
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Love it or hate it Mar 18, 2012
Attica & Attica Too is a dance club located at Block 3A of Clarke Quay. It is easier to come by if you take the taxi and stop at the taxi stand near Liang Court.

I have been a patron of this club for many years now. The reason I label my review as Love it or Hate it is because I have a love hate relationship with this club.

Attica plays hip hop, RnB, top 40s music while Attica Too (which is accessible once you entered Attica) plays house, trance, progressive music. Both of which I really enjoy and love. They also have theme nights (where you have to be in costumes to get free entry and is one of the stopovers for Halloween! Most clubs in Singapore does not have this combination.

The cover charge is $28 by the way. Ladies Nite is on Wednesday so ladies get in free. I have also entered free a couple of occasions because of the bouncers. The club opens its doors at 10 but of course there will no one there. The crowd starts close to midnight and the club closes around 5 am. Which makes this place perfect once you are done with your bar hopping earlier. You can come by at 1am or 2am and the club is just happening!

Mid-way between Attica and Attica Too is an open air bar. This is where people come to take a breather (or not since people also come here to smoke). There are day beds (minus the cushions) here but the bouncers will tell you to get up if you try lying down!

However, Attica has attracted a lot of controversies over the years due to the crowd and the bouncers. Some people have slammed the bouncers to be racist others have called this place a pick-up-point for prostitutes/ local girls and expatriates.

Generally, the crowd here is quite international and mature (although there was a period that I keep seeing some very young local girls obviously under the age but with super heavy makeup). Theres a fair share of locals and expatriates. I have met people from all over at this club, some work here others are just tourist.

There was a time that I actually avoided this place because (1) the fights between patrons (obviously drunk) - these kinds are the ones that the bouncers keep out but somehow it got misinterpreted as racism against a particular race. (2) the expatriates who keep coming by for no good reason (if you get what I mean). (3) it does get pretty crowded some nights. Sometimes its just so crowded its impossible to dance without knocking into somebody.

(4) the shameless local girls who just throw themselves at every white men that come along or worst they try their luck at your bf when you go to the toilet. Its a bit sad when I see this happening but it all adds up the club culture, i suppose. I am sure this happens at other clubs as well but for Singapore, Attica is quite known for it.

So your choice, Love it or Hate it :)
Me at the open bar area
Sitting down the daybed
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Jamesd68 says:
Excellent balanced review !, in Singapore tomorrow and been looking for somewhere different to go out, so I'll give Attica a try :)
Posted on: Sep 13, 2012
laurens-nl says:
Nice review! Will be visiting Singapore shortly, perhaps I'll check Attica out myself...
Posted on: Mar 29, 2012
monky says:
Congrats on your feature Fauz! have a great day:)
Posted on: Mar 29, 2012
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fivefatfleas fivefatf…
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Didn't really like Attica Feb 24, 2012
(Before I start: I'm a local Singaporean girl in my 20s, and I'm a frequent club-hopper. I'm quite used to the local club scene.)

I've been to Attica twice on Wednesdays (i.e. Ladies Night, so girls get in for free and get 2 free drinks). On both times, I was slightly turned off.

The men were mostly expats (majority were Caucasian), which was fine by me -- some were quite charming -- but it meant that it attracted TONS of "SPGs" ("Sarong Party Girl": Google it if you want to find out more!) who were pushy, rude, and very obviously trying to hook up with only white men. They saw the few other local girls in the club (e.g. me) as 'competition' for the men and were a little too mean even for someone drunk.

The men were also slightly older. Most of the girls were also in their early to mid 20s -- in fact I didn't spot that many girls in their late teens. Not that I'm complaining -- just an observation. :) So Attica might appeal to you if you want an older crowd.

That said, the music is pretty good, and yes the place is quite posh-looking, albeit a little tiny. The bar isn't too crowded either, and my friends and I got our drinks pretty fast. There is even a breezy outdoor area for smokers, or anyone who wants to get out of the squeezy sweaty club for a moment.

For me, I won't revisit Attica because of my unpleasant personal experience. However I expect most expats and travellers to like it (since the crowd mostly comprised of them). Perhaps on other days, except for Wednesdays, the situation will be different.
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tea-pot tea-pot
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GO there May 05, 2011
What a great place to chil and have a few drinks, cool decor and design, clarks quay is so much fun every thing you want and need in the one great, what a great idea!

what a great idea!

what a great idea!

what a great idea!
vin_smith vin_smith
1 reviews
Attica Apr 17, 2011
If you want a place for a good time, good ambience and which is safe, quite a good bet. But be warned, you may not be allowed in due to certain restrictions on males.. Always good to take a female companion along. Cheers
petitefleur petitefl…
14 reviews
Jun 22, 2007
Attica's my favorite club in Singapore! Arrogant as I may sound, I dislike clubs with young army boys coming up to me with their 'oh you make me fall asleep' pick up lines :p

Attica's the place to be coz the age limit for males.. I guess.. 23-25? So the kids are out of bounds.. But if you're caucasian, you usually don't get checked so no worries :P

Attica's a great spot, with 2 levels of wonderful partying and lots of beautiful people.. Attica's usually the place for hip-hop and r&b lovers, the tracks are usually more groovy than the younger places like Ministry of Sound in Singapore... I'm an anti-hip hop girl but I do enjoy myself at Attica.

Attica Too's my favorite place to be! There are many international acts like my favorite Ibiza, and the electronic music is amazing..! THe tech house is great too, and for random booty shakers like me, I always have lots of fun! :)

As posh as the place may seem, drinks are relatively reasonably priced, and the friendly but intimidating bouncers at the door always seem kind enough to allow the chicks in for free ;P For men, be nice, and they might let you skip the queue and enter through the 'shorter queue'..

THere is also an amazing terrace between Attica and Attica Too, for people who need a break from the fog in the club.. I love having a chat and drinks there, and do some people watching and giggle and the beautiful or outrageous.. If you had to party in Clarke Quay, and have to choose between the clubs, trust me, Attica would be the best choice!

Plus plus plus, they operate til 6 on Fris and Sats!
My Favorite Club :)
petew says:
great, ill be back in sing end of the yr so ill have to check it out!
Posted on: Jul 31, 2007
eejot says:
McDonalds, ha
Posted on: Jun 23, 2007

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