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Brussels, Belgium

Atomium Brussels Reviews

Gregorys90 Gregorys…
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Atomium Dec 30, 2015
Hey Travelers,

The Atomium is certainly a good option. A thing I always like to do when I visit a new city is to get to the tippy top and figure out what I'm looking at. The Atomium is most likely the best place to get a good skyline view of Brussels. It's worth the view alone, but there are also a lot of other neat things to see. They play on a lot of nostalgia from the 58 World's Fair and offer a lot a lot of info about that. If you're into that, you'll feel at home ( big Fallout feel (Video Game)). It's also neat to go from atom to atom and look around. At the moment, there is a big security check, so our wait was about 40min to get in. Hours are 10-6 and price for a student was 8 euro. 2 euro for an audio guide. (I wouldn't really say it enhanced the experience, unless you like 50's jingels at the end of some blurb.) It took about 1 1/2hrs to thoroughly go through it.
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hujera hujera
55 reviews
The world famous sight of Brussels Dec 01, 2012
I visited Brussels twice. To be honest Atomium for the first time was a bit disappointment for me (this is just my opinion and you don't need to agree).

The shape of it is unique, there are escalators and you can get on the top of the sight to see a view of Brussels. Brussels is a flat city, so there's not many points to see from Atomium.

The second time (last November), I changed my opinion a little bit. I told my friends, that I think, it was not worth it to go inside, but just wait until darkness and go. So we did and didn't regret. Atomium was illuminated by thousand of lights, and it made the place great.

My recommendation is, not to waste time during the day in the crowds for going up there, but take the underground or a tram in the evening. Enjoy special moments by Atomium, as I did...
Atomium in the night
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kelleb kelleb
22 reviews
Atomium - worth visiting May 26, 2011
The Atomium in Brussels was originally created for the 1958 Brussels World's Fair. I had to write a little report on it after visiting it so I know a little background on it. This exhibition was organized by Belgium and was the first post-war event of its type, bringing together over 40 countries. This fair's focusing theme was: "A world view - a new humanism." It promoted a message of unbounded optimism, reflecting a society confident in its future. The Atomium was the main pavilion and icon of the World Fair of Brussels.

The exhibit, created to resemble an interconnected society, stood 102 meters tall, with 9 steel spheres connected, to together form the shape of a unit cell. The monuments shape is magnified 165 billion times of that of a real atom. The very top sphere is 18 meters in diameter and provides a panoramic view of Brussels. This is accessible by elevator.

The Atomium was built with the intention to remain standing only for six months, however it became a symbol not only of the World's Fair but of modern architecture itself. Today it is a popular attraction for locals and tourists alike.

The cost to visit is €11 for adults and €8 for students. I personally didn't find a ton to do while inside (they were also doing some construction/renovating while I was there) so I thought the price was a little steep. However if you like high bird's eye views like I do I'm sure you would enjoy it here!
me outside of the Atomium
those little people are my friends…
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idrisabidi idrisabi…
4 reviews
the Atomium Jul 19, 2011
This place is a belgian monument from the world exposition in '58 normally it wasn't supposed to stay but it was so popular that the government decided to not have it tern down. It is now a museum with a permanent exhibition and sometimes there is a new exhibition but this I am not 100% sure of. In the touristic season you have to wait pretty long before you can enter because there is only one lift but it is worth it.
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dandandan1 dandanda…
2 reviews
Brilliant Jun 03, 2011
I really enjoyed my Visit to the Atomium in Brussels. When your at the top you get some brilliant views of the city and also there is a lot of information inside the Atomium as you work your way to the top.
87janner 87janner
3 reviews
nice May 24, 2011
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dries83 dries83
2 reviews
must see Mar 17, 2011
the atomium has recently been renovated, now it is more beautiful than ever, it has been used for the world expo of 1958 but still is an awesome architectural wonder. You can go inside till the highest globe and enjoy a stunning view of Brussels!
Eric says:
Thanks for sharing!
Posted on: Mar 17, 2011
lizzardink lizzardi…
10 reviews
Atomium, a unique monument Jan 22, 2011
Diffently a must see. Anything thats a monument from a world's fair you have to check out. When we first saw this from the outside we didnt realize you could go inside of each of the balls. Had an amazing few once you got in. Really enjoy it.
applewoman applewom…
76 reviews
Atomium, a unique monument Dec 21, 2010
In Brussels, a few kilomtres from town centre you can spot an unique statue: The Atomium.

The Atomium is a futuristic monument what was builded for the World Exposition in 1958.

You can reach the Atomium by metro.

Inside there are a lot of stairs and escalators that brings you to the different levels and at the same time to the different spheres of the Atomium.

In the different spheres there are expositions. They change during the season. When we visited it was an exposition about "Expo 58" about the build of the Atomium.

In one of the spheres there is a small restaurant.

You only can reach the upper sphere by elevator. From there you have a view over Brussels.

On the groundfloor there is a small souvenir shop.
Nine spheres
The Atomium
The escalators bring you from sphe…
View at 'Mini Europa' from the Ato…
gejah gejah
82 reviews
Atomium Brussels Feb 27, 2009
If you have the possiblity to visit the Atomium you really should. But, the weather has to be clear.

In the opposite of the atomium you can buy your ticket. For adults the prize is 9.00 euro, for children +12 and students you pay 6.00 euro.

The Atomium is open every day from 10.00-06.00 hour. THe last entrance is 05.30.

The only way to go to the top at once is to take the elevator on the groundfloor. But they send you up with the escalator. If you do not have a map it becomes a bit of an maze. People who have trouble walking can take the elevator from downstairs, so they are also able to visit the highest point.

Inside the balls are expositions. Now it is antartica!

I did not want to miss this special experience!
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YantiSoeparno says:
Congrats for being featured, Gejah ;-)
Posted on: Mar 06, 2009
Lord_Mike says:
Congrats on your feature!!!
Posted on: Mar 05, 2009
herman_munster says:
Congrats on the featured!
Posted on: Mar 05, 2009
johnnyjohnny johnnyjo…
7 reviews
Atomium Brussels Dec 16, 2009
The Atomium was the main pavilion and icon of the World Fair of Brussels (1958), commonly called Expo 58. It symbolised the democratic will to maintain peace among all the nations, faith in progress, both technical and scientific and, finally, an optimistic vision of the future of a modern, new, super-technological world for a better life for mankind.
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Eric says:
Thanks for sharing your review!
Posted on: Dec 16, 2009
Adrian_Liston Adrian_L…
156 reviews
Climbing inside an iron crystal Apr 18, 2009
Atomium is a giant iron crystal, 102 metres tall, with atoms 18m in diameter and tubes 29m long and 3m wide connecting each atom. Entering the base an elevator shoots you up to the top atom for an excellent view over the city (Atomium towers over everything else). Back down at the base the escalators take you to the peripheral atoms, where there are frequently shows. While we were there "Bipolar" was on, an Arctic/Antarctic exhibit. One atom is reserved to hire as a children sleep-over (they sleep in pods of H2O molecules suspended from the ceiling).

The price of admission is €9 for adults, €2 for children (6-11), €6 for seniors/students/children (12-18). Exhibits are included, the Atomium "death ride" (a flying fox from the top) is extra.

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