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Asmara is one of the most beautiful and pleasant cities in the whole of Africa, if not anywhere in the World.
situated at an elevation of 2400 metres above sea-level, its climate is pleasantly cool, but also dry and sunny for much of the year. Architecturally, it is a real feast for the eyes. Having been the centre of Italian colonial efforts in Africa in the first part of the 20th century, Asmara was blessed with beautiful buildings that would only draw praise in Italy as well. Even after the Italians were gone, the city has managed to escape the raveges of third world development. Current government policies also prevent it from become yet another sprawling, polluted African capital ringed with slums.

Not only is Asmara beautiful, clean and pleasantly cool, it is also a very safe and relaxed city, where one can walk around at any time of the day or night without having to worry about safety, or even more minor hassles like beggars.
The locals are a very cultured lot who seem to pride themselves on their city\\\'s Italian heritage, fondly call it \\\"Little Rome\\\", and cafeterias and pizzerias do a roaring trade along the city\\\'s main avenue.

And in case you start wondering whether all this comes at a price, you might be delighted to hear that Asmara is also among the cheapest capitals in the continent!
Not surprisingly, this is one of the few places that visitors almost invariably fall in love with instantly