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The world’s tallest mountain, the world’s two most populous countries, and arguably the world’s least accessible kingdom all fall within the vast expanses of the striking continent of Asia. From dire poverty to pricey excess, via tradition, religion and colorful personalities round every corner, Asia is intense and rewarding. Eat almost anything in the nighttime markets, let loose in the sleaze fests of the South East, or take an epic train journey back to Europe and spend weeks watching it all pass by outside your window.

Plenty have found their soul on India’s muddy streets, where colorful rickshaws compete for space with the tiniest of stores and the calmest of cows. Watch Life and death go full circle on the banks of the Ganges, or be spell bound by the Taj Mahal, a shapely relic of a great love story that stands tall over India’s legions of delicate temples and colorful ceremonies.

China’s great wall stretches further than the eye can see, bending over craggy peaks. From the crumbling courtyards of the Forbidden City, Mao’s portrait stares out over Tiananmen Square and the winding queues to ogle his gruesome corpse. Far to the west lies the Tibetan city of Lhasa, the spiritual home of Buddhism, while the southern rebel state of Taiwan holds fast to many of China’s treasures.

Tokyo’s expressive sub-cultures and high technology mingle with pagoda temples and conveyor belt Sushi, while Hong Kong offers colonial class, high-end shopping and inescapable city bustle. The empty expanses of Siberia invite intrepid explorers to live off the land and the western ‘Stans feature sparsely populated plains, where life passes slowly and adventure travelers can get close to nature amongst nomads whose lifestyle hasn't changed for centuries.

Hard-to-see North Korea is a world traveler’s benchmark and a last taste of life behind the iron curtain, while pricey Bhutan’s visa policy preserves a land standing proudly by its traditions and reveling in reams of unspoiled countryside. In tropical Thailand the parties never stop and the beaches really do look like postcards. Asia is a red-hot traveler favorite, chock full of hidden – and not so hidden – gems that can be gently squeezed into just about any budget.

Popular Countries in Asia

Thailand #1 most popular location
Loud, colourful, and indescribably beautiful, it’s hardly surprising that hedonistic Thailand has long been a haven for western backpackers. With affordable prices, parties that never seem …
3,570travelers 3,130reviews 2,230blogs
Indonesia #2 most popular location
Indonesia is an archipelago country and situated in the southeast part of Asia.The Capital name is Jakarta and the peoples speak Bahasa as their National language. With more islands than t…
4,306travelers 2,531reviews 1,570blogs
India #3 most popular location
One of the more mysterious countries on the planet, and one that boasts some of the most drastic differences in lifestyle between poverty-stricken and the rich, is India. The seventh largest …
16,817travelers 1,956reviews 1,438blogs
Philippines #4 most popular location
Literally thousands of shimmering islands make up the Philippines, which – if it were a recipe – would be equal parts Spanish and Mexican, Hollywood and lazy fiestas, pigs blood soup and …
5,348travelers 1,949reviews 2,031blogs
Malaysia #5 most popular location
Home to both the towering twin peaks of Kuala Lumpur’s Petronas Towers and rural tea fields, plus rust-bucket boats floating in age old harbors, the contrasts of ancient and modern, rich an…
5,308travelers 1,894reviews 1,455blogs
China #6 most popular location
Vivacious, varied and immense, and home to a kind of culture that's utterly separated from the rest of the world, the enormous expanses of China are rightly held up as one of the world’s to…
4,266travelers 1,491reviews 1,574blogs
Japan #7 most popular location
The land of the rising sun has always held a certain mystique for many. With the ultra-modern, neon-glowing streets intermingled with aging temples and a culture that still leans heavily on a…
2,197travelers 1,458reviews 1,099blogs
Vietnam #8 most popular location
A frenzied mass of complex history and rich, cultural traditions, Vietnam is both the experience of a lifetime and a very difficult country to experience fully as a foreigner. Invaded and occ…
1,668travelers 1,104reviews 847blogs
Cambodia #9 most popular location
A land of forgotten majesty, Cambodia is a country which has only in recent years begun to emerge as a culturally and historically significant spot on the map for travelers. Tragically, the …
329travelers 818reviews 645blogs
Singapore #10 most popular location
Listen to the abundant stereotypes on this tiny corner of Asia – the severe punishments for littering, the ban on chewing gum, and an abundance of the boringly corporate – and you’d pro…
5,818travelers 795reviews 494blogs
Hong Kong #11 most popular location
Whether you see it as a remnant of colonial times, a meeting of east and west or a great place to go shopping, there’s no doubting one thing: Hong Kong is one of the most intriguing cities …
2,338travelers 562reviews 386blogs
South Korea #12 most popular location
Whether you call it the Land of the Morning Calm or dynamic Korea, one thing’s for certain: South Korea’s at the forefront of technical modernity, and still has an attention-grabbing and …
1,851travelers 387reviews 408blogs
Sri Lanka #13 most popular location
An island country just off the coast of India in the Indian Ocean, Sri Lanka was once a jewel of the Indian Ocean. Today, the northern parts of the island have been devastated by the conflict…
1,180travelers 385reviews 178blogs
Nepal #14 most popular location
A nation synonymous with mountains, Everest, and the great outdoors, the Himalayan state of Nepal is every bit as fascinatingly wild and tumultuous as you’d expect. Windswept, snowy peaks a…
723travelers 363reviews 298blogs
Taiwan #15 most popular location
An island just off the coast of southeastern China, Taiwan is home to more than 23 million people and is considered one of the most densely populated places in the entire world. Outside of it…
1,410travelers 337reviews 230blogs
Myanmar #16 most popular location
Kipling wrote “It is quite unlike any place you know about” when he spoke of Myanmar, otherwise known as Burma. And what he said more than a century ago still holds true today. Situated i…
154travelers 322reviews 120blogs
Laos #17 most popular location
Probably one of the most talked-about destinations among travelers for a purely exotic experience in one of the most laid-back cultures on the planet is Laos. This land-locked and mountainous…
102travelers 252reviews 335blogs
North Korea #18 most popular location
Isolationist, awkward and a feather in any hardcore traveller’s hat, North Korea is a harrowing Asian experience. A far cry from the modernity of the South, the North is largely bereft of e…
4travelers 143reviews 14blogs
Mongolia #19 most popular location
Mongolia’s wild plains - empty but for the intermittent yurts, mystifying temples and horses galloping forcefully across them – are the defining (and iconic) image of this well educated a…
142travelers 96reviews 77blogs
Macau #20 most popular location
A laid back land of striking temples, palm readers and Mediterranean architecture blended with Chinese culture, Macau’s small corner of China has plenty to offer the discerning traveler. Es…
69travelers 79reviews 33blogs
Azerbaijan #21 most popular location
Azerbaijan is one of those countries which never seem to come up when discussing future destinations among travelers, which is sadly a result of its location in a troubled part of the world w…
162travelers 76reviews 45blogs
Maldives #22 most popular location
Although these series of islands have been dealt a harsh blow in the 21st century, from the deterioration of the coral reefs at the hands of El Nino to the tragic tsunami of 2004 which decima…
162travelers 76reviews 50blogs
Uzbekistan #23 most popular location
As arguably the long-time capital of central Asian culture (certainly as far as aggressors are concerned: there's barely a regional dictator who didn't try his hand at grabbing this part of A…
96travelers 72reviews 50blogs
Brunei #24 most popular location
One of the richest countries in southeast Asia, Brunei is one of those small, yet exceptionally rich, countries that exist within the region. Surrounded by Malaysia, with two parts of the cou…
123travelers 49reviews 57blogs
Bhutan #25 most popular location
A nationwide smoking ban and the only capital in the world without traffic lights are amongst the quirky attractions of little-visited Bhutan, which confidently strides to a different rhythm …
57travelers 43reviews 28blogs
Pakistan #26 most popular location
Pakistan’s recent sectarian difficulties have blighted the progress of what was previously a growing presence on the international tourist map. Now, with tourists choosing neighboring enemi…
1,290travelers 39reviews 106blogs
Kyrgyzstan #27 most popular location
Not so much off the beaten track as over the hills and far away, Kyrgyzstan – wedged between western China and expansive Kazakhstan – is a largely rugged, expansively nomadic rural haven.…
45travelers 33reviews 37blogs
Kazakhstan #28 most popular location
The largest of the former USSR’s Central Asian states is Kazakhstan. The world’s ninth largest country by size, the country has remained relatively undiscovered even into the 21st century…
206travelers 24reviews 50blogs
East Timor #29 most popular location
Far off the beaten path is the island nation known as the Democratic Republic of Timor-Leste, or simply Timor-Leste. East Timor comprises the eastern half of the island of Timor, and while th…
17travelers 21reviews 20blogs
Tajikistan #30 most popular location
A country divided by a plethora of cultures squeezed within its borders, Tajikistan descended into bloody civil war in the 90s, eventually leaving over 50,000 dead. These days the war’s a t…
18travelers 20reviews 19blogs
Afghanistan #31 most popular location
Having spent decades in the news for all the wrong reasons, Afghanistan doesn’t look like stabilizing any time soon, and generally speaking you should probably think very seriously about wh…
266travelers 20reviews 41blogs
Bangladesh #32 most popular location
If you've ever seen a news article on Bangladesh (let alone a selection of them), you could be forgiven for immediately dismissing the country as a possible tourist destination. Suffering fro…
547travelers 17reviews 44blogs
Turkmenistan #33 most popular location
A dusty expanse of land home to yurts and carts, as well as golden statues and sumptuous palaces, Turkmenistan is so far off most traveler’s ‘to go’ maps it may as well not exist at all…
14travelers 16reviews 18blogs