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bostonjoe bostonjoe
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Aruba and the cool Dutch people Mar 26, 2008
Ok First I think I messed up and made this a new topic. Sorry for that, ok so for my review of Aruba.

Let me first say...I loved this place, it was my idea of the most perfect tropical beach that I had been dying to go to. The people were cool and the weather was perfect and it didnt look dangerous in the slightest. I stayed at a place called The Mills resort. It was a cool little place with a nice pool well 2 pools if I remember correctly, My room was nice exept it faced some construction and desert sceen but I didnt mind to much at all. The beach was across the street so it was a pretty cool location, The only thing that I could find wrong was that it was a bit pricey compared to my other travels, and I couldn't find a hostel in all of Aruba. The food was prety expensive also but well worth it. The beach across the street was Palm beach and it was an awsome beach, when I went it wasnt crowded at all to my surprise and the sun was strong like it was when I was in Brazil, and I didnt wear sunblock so I got a good burn but with my skin it tends to get dark and turn into a tan after a day or so. I wore a tee shirt so my arms were tan up to a certain point and then bam...all white hahah, when I showed the locals to jar a good laugh one said it looked like I had been digging for chocolate, lol.

Now we go into the other part of my review which would be based more along the lines of being called "the people". I had known a local girl there I had met online somewhere and did the msn thing. So when I went down there I met up with her and I must say she was one of the coolest people I ever met, she took me and a friend around the south part of the island and to a few tourist hot spots like this old Indian rock cave place that had a big boulder where we could see almost all of was beautiful, The view was incredible and the fact that I was standing in a place that had that much history and knowing I would have never even known this place if it wasn't for my friend I met there she was awsome. Second was the Dutch people, I will be honest with you other than me living in Germany for 4 years I had never really been over that way at all. So Me and my friend had ended our chill out on the beach faze and we decided to venture into the city. We get into the city and think hmmm we have to see Carlos and Charlie's, so we get there and to be honest it wasn't "jumping" so we decided to head out and along the way we met some cool dutch guys and headed to a place called Club Bahia, we had an awsome night with our new friends. Then the next day as we walked through town we saw a bunch of signs saying there was some big Dj from Holland that was going to be at this club(his name I think was something like Michel De Hey). So we got there and it wasnt to crowded cuz it was only 9:00pm and the girls told us the clubs down there dont get going untill around 11:00pm, hmmm now what do we do...we drank and waited. Soon the place was really jumping and the music started it was unreal the lights, the music, and the people were Dutch people really know how to party I will tell you, here the clubs kinda stink but the people in this club seemed to be alot happyer than they are in the clubs here, here we get the group in the back looking to fight, or the big headed bouncer who wont let you do anything. Not with the Dutch people, they all just seemed to be there for the same reason I was have fun, and we did and also met some really cool people while we were there. Thumbs up!!!!

Sitting on Palm beach looking at t…
tejah1 says:
a dutch smile!!
Posted on: Aug 06, 2010
JourneyGrl says:
You'll have to let us know how the beaches in the Bahamas compare to the ones in Aruba. Aruba is the only place I've been to in the Caribbean, but people who have something to compare it to have told me it's beaches are some of the best! Palm Beach is fun, but I also liked Eagle and Manchebo beaches, which aren't crowded at all. I'll post pictures when I have a chance. And I'll have to try Club Bahia next time!
Posted on: Feb 08, 2009
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