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Arles is very colorful
posted by:
Jan 29, 2017
Arles is one of my favorite places in Provence. You can count on it being colorful. It's always one of my big shopping stops fo…
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Je suis fatigue...
posted by:
Jun 08, 2006 – Jul 27, 2006
Bonjour tout le monde, So yesteday was the big Spain v. France football game (real football!!), and I must say, it's much more…
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Arles, thank god I have a compass!
posted by:
Apr 01, 2008 – Jun 27, 2008
I took the train from Avignon to Arles, which takes about 20 minutes. I have a map from one of my guidebooks that makes finding…
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Les Baux, Montmajour, Arles
posted by:
May 13, 2004 – May 24, 2004
Un des plus beaux villages de France, that's how Les Baux de Provence strikes its breast. Without doubt, this is an exceptional…
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Arles Romanesque monuments
posted by:
Sep 27, 2012
I still suffered from jet leg after my 5th day arriving in France. But it did not deter my urge to continue expl…
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Visiting the first of the two Roman centres
posted by:
Jul 30, 2005 – Aug 13, 2005
Arles was the first of two towns of Roman origin with several relatively intact Roman sights. The first thing we saw on the way…
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