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Known primarily by its nickname as the “Natural State”, Arkansas is tucked away in the middle of the US between the areas known as the Midwest and the Deep South. The Ozark and Ouachita Mountains—more rolling hills than anything as grand as the Rockies or Appalachians—wind their way through the countryside, creating hidden valleys and lakes that are surrounded by dense forests and wide-open fields in equal measure. The natural beauty of the state is as rich as its history, and visitors will be hard-pressed to explore and experience all that Arkansas has to offer in just one trip.

Home to the headquarters of global superstore giant Wal-Mart, as well as the former US President Bill Clinton, the state has a reputation for being one of the “backwards” states, full of nothing but inbred hillbillies and redneck country boys. And while it’s true that they do exist, the stereotype isn’t really fair, because the state has a lot more to offer. True, the state is fairly conservative socially, and gay and lesbian travelers might face unwanted attention while traveling, but issues are rarely more than overt stares and otherwise if you happen to be a foreigner or someone new.

Timing is of the essence when visiting Arkansas, as it is one of the states which get hit by tornadoes fairly regularly every year. Severe thunderstorms can be a hazard, but for the most part as long as you pay attention to the storm seasons you can experience Arkansas in relative safety. There are several national parks, such as the Hot Springs National Park, and towns like El Dorado and Fort Smith can offer a unique entry point into the vast landscape of forests and local history, while Eureka Springs is more of a tourist attraction town, with a distinctly European look and feel, and Victorian architecture and layout. All in all, Arkansas is a unique experience that has to be seen up close to truly be understood.

Little Rock #1 most popular location
Little Rock is home of the William J. Clinton Presidential Center and The Old Mill, a scene from "Gone With the Wind." It is a short drive from Memphis, Tennessee. Little Rock is the right…
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Hot Springs #2 most popular location
20travelers 12reviews 10blogs
Eureka Springs #3 most popular location
This beautiful small town in northern Arkansas is Victorian resort community built in a very hills section of the Ozarks. So hilly that it has several very unique and one of a kind places th…
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Bentonville #4 most popular location
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Rogers #5 most popular location
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Fort Smith #6 most popular location
Fort Smith is the second-largest city in the U.S. state of Arkansas. Fort Smith lies on the Arkansas-Oklahoma state border, situated at the junction of the Arkansas and Poteau Rivers, also k…
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Fayetteville #7 most popular location
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Conway #8 most popular location
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West Memphis #9 most popular location
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Texarkana #10 most popular location
Texarkana is a city that straddles the Texas and Arkansas state borders, hence the name. The city's post office is the only one in the US that sits in two different states, each half with …
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Searcy #11 most popular location
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Forrest City #12 most popular location
Forrest City is a city in and the county seat of St. Francis County, Arkansas. It is located on Crowley's Ridge, which rises above the Mississippi Delta. This is a north-south running highlan…
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Jacksonville #13 most popular location
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Batesville #14 most popular location
Batesville, is a fairly small town in the northeast part of Arkansas. With a population still under ten thousand, it is where NASCAR driver Mark Martin was born and raised. It is the second …
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Morrilton #15 most popular location
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Lonoke #16 most popular location
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Alma #17 most popular location
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Bull Shoals #18 most popular location
Hardy #19 most popular location
Hardy, AR is a small town on the Spring River about 3 hours from Memphis, TN on US 63. The main street through the town in lined with craft stores, antique stores, and small museums. One gu…
Fordyce #20 most popular location
Leslie #21 most popular location
Leslie is a very small town in Searcy County, Arkansas. Nestled in the Ozarks this once thriving town grew to about 10,000 population before industry changed and moved away. Today there are a…
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Paris #22 most popular location
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Petit Jean #23 most popular location
Prairie Grove #24 most popular location
Athens #25 most popular location
Amity #26 most popular location
Tennessee #27 most popular location
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