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Buenos Aires, Argentina

Argentina Buenos Aires Reviews

Laurabob Laurabob
11 reviews
Jul 19, 2006
We only went to Buenos Aires in Argentina, but as far as a female travelling on her own I think you will be ok. Just make sure you listen to local information and try and make yourself blend in as much as possible, knowing the language will be very useful too. An example of this is a group of people in our hostel who wondered out of the tourist area in La Boca ( against the advice of the hostel) and got mugged at gun point. They were flashing their valuables around, so they were almost asking for trouble, not that I would wish it on anyone. Just be sensible and you will have a great time.
RioDomingo says:
WOW! I'm going to BA in November.. solo.. and i'm a female. Thanks for the tip! Also.. do you have any advice on good hostels/neighborhoods to stay (or not stay!) in?


--Rio :)
Posted on: Jul 26, 2008
kerryandandrei says:
WIse words, Laura.

Owens, find your feet in the touristy areas, then maybe be a bit more adventerous later, in daytime only. But always take only what you need, lock the rest up in the hostel. Standard advice for most countries if you´re not a local. Perhaps hook up with some other travellers who have been in the city a bit longer than you?
Posted on: Jul 20, 2006
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