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You’ll probably arrive in Argentina via Buenos Aires, where the cosmopolitan inhabitants invigorate visitors with trendy galleries, lively bars and tango, tango, tango. Huge steaks and skillful soccer each have their place too, as does literature and the long-held traditions of a complex, raunchy city, all of which serve to stir up the same passion in visitors that locals seem to take for granted. While Buenos Aires is undoubtedly the cultural hub, Córdoba is almost as funky, with contemporary galleries mixing with trance DJs and ancient Jesuit ruins, while tiny mountain villages lie just up the hill.

In ‘wine country’, Mendoza’s laid back day time attitude and ‘place to be seen’ nightlife combine with the inevitable vineyard tours to make an Argentine must see, where plenty settle down for the backpacking equivalent of the long haul, setting up the city as a temporary base camp. Carolina is a more rustic town, with ancient caves plastered in rock paintings and the remnants of a long-passed gold rush still hanging in the air; dirt roads and faded stone houses give a genuine ‘step back in time’ feel.

To the south, the fierce lands of Patagonia are like entering a world without people: immense and untouched, with spiky peaks, enviable plant life and a perfect night sky unpolluted by city lights. At the Reserva Faunística Península Valdés you can get up close with the flicking extremities of splashing whales, or watch icebergs crumble into the sea from the Glacier Perito Moreno, which advances and tumbles at a hasty 2 meters per day. Parque Provincial Ischigualasto – or ‘valley of the moon’ – is another Argentine wonder, draped in twisting rock formations and scattered with dinosaur bones slowly revealed by the passing of time.

Other natural attractions include the ski resorts and hiking trails of the Lake District, and the deafening roar of the Iguazu Falls, where you’ll be soaked in the gentle mist that covers the surrounding hills, and Brazil and Paraguay are almost close enough to touch.

Combining cities with an almost Parisian sense of style with varied natural wonders spread across the length of half a hemisphere, some visitors are so captivated by Argentina they never leave. With its colorful culture and undeniable passion for life, this particular chunk of South America stirs something in many a romantic soul.

Buenos Aires #1 most popular location
Despite a past littered with military rule and economic disasters, Buenos Aires is really starting to get back on its feet. While parts of Argentina's cultural hub still live under the shadow…
1,915travelers 250reviews 636blogs
Bariloche #2 most popular location
San Carlos de Bariloche, more commonly referred to as simply Bariloche, is a gateway to the Andes, lying at the foot of the spectacular mountain range and inviting trekking, skiing and climbi…
61travelers 27reviews 35blogs
Puerto Iguazu #3 most popular location
The final port of call in Argentina, tiny Puerto Iguazu stares across the confluence of the Rios Parana at both Brazil and Paraguay, and has lost most of its sense of community to all encompa…
93travelers 40reviews 71blogs
Mendoza #4 most popular location
Wine, wine and more wine. If you somehow came to Mendoza without knowing about its most notable export, you’re probably the only one. The city’s located in the heart of the Cuyo region, a…
85travelers 26reviews 62blogs
El Calafate #5 most popular location
For a small town that lay dormant for most of the 20th century as a refuge that only a few select individuals knew about, El Calafate is nevertheless one of the hottest spots on the planet ri…
19travelers 25reviews 35blogs
Ushuaia #6 most popular location
A sliver of a town that has been called a penal colony, a naval base, and a missionary headquarters in its time, Ushuaia is the southernmost city in the world, located on the far tip of South…
80travelers 26reviews 38blogs
Salta #7 most popular location
One of the best ways to truly live every minute, is by capturing the essence of the place and its odours, and blending with the local people, getting impregnated with their habits and express…
49travelers 8reviews 42blogs
Mar del Plata #8 most popular location
It is the most important beach resort in Argentina, and offers a coastline of more than 17 kilometres with beaches and services according to their hierarchy. It is a modern city in which y…
40travelers 1reviews 3blogs
Cordoba #9 most popular location
Córdoba, abbreviated as CBA, is a city located near the geographical center of Argentina, in the foothills of the Sierras Chicas mountains on the Suquía River, about 700 km west-northwest f…
86travelers 7reviews 24blogs
San Martin de los Andes #10 most popular location
1travelers 1reviews 4blogs
El Chalten #11 most popular location
One of the most beautiful places in the world, surely. Cerros FitzRoy and Torre are stunning mountains that provide an amazing backdrop to the town of El Chalten. El Chalten is set amongst …
3travelers 9reviews 33blogs
Rosario #12 most popular location
Rosario is 300 km away from the Federal District of Argentina. It is one of the main cities of the country since it is located in a strategic place regarding the MERCOSUR (Southern Common Mar…
44travelers 2reviews 8blogs
Villa La Angostura #13 most popular location
3travelers 1reviews 1blogs
Puerto Madryn #14 most popular location
Puerto Madryn (in Welsh, Porth Madryn) is a city in the province of Chubut in the Argentine Patagonia. It is the head town of the Viedma Department, and has about 58,000 inhabitants. When a…
2travelers 5reviews 11blogs
San Rafael #15 most popular location
Cafayate #16 most popular location
1reviews 4blogs
Tigre #17 most popular location
5travelers 4blogs
Neuquen #18 most popular location
6travelers 1reviews 1blogs
San Salvador de Jujuy #19 most popular location
4travelers 4blogs
San Juan #20 most popular location
9travelers 1blogs
Villa Carlos Paz #21 most popular location
8travelers 1blogs
El Bolson #22 most popular location
Nice quiet town, good food, Nice crafts fair, delicious ice cream, and better landscape, not many things to do except trekking, and nature stuff, not much to see in the city. 4 stars
5travelers 3reviews 6blogs
Pinamar #23 most popular location
The city of Pinamar, , maybe the most sophisticated on the Argentinian coastline, lies in the Province of Buenos Aires just 340 kilometers away from the City of Buenos Aires. Surrounded by pi…
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Purmamarca #24 most popular location
Small Argentinean with prehispanic origins, located at 2192 meters above sea level and 3 kilometers away to the East of National Route Nº 9 which links it to the Capital City of Jujuy after …
Villa Gesell #25 most popular location
1travelers 4blogs
Chacras de Coria #26 most popular location
Posadas #27 most popular location
1travelers 3blogs
Corrientes #28 most popular location
5travelers 1blogs
San Luis #29 most popular location
8travelers 1blogs
San Ignacio #30 most popular location
3travelers 3blogs
Junin de los Andes #31 most popular location
3reviews 2blogs
San Antonio de Areco #32 most popular location
2travelers 2blogs
Santa Fe #33 most popular location
6travelers 1blogs
Cachi #34 most popular location
Malargue #35 most popular location
Trevelin #36 most popular location
Its a great little town, the people are very friendly, its close to many attractions, such as the Lake Futalaufken (35 km), Esquel (20 Km0, the border with Chile, the Rio Grande, Nanty Falls,…
2travelers 1reviews
Perito Moreno #37 most popular location
3travelers 2blogs
Tandil #38 most popular location
5travelers 1blogs
Colonia Carlos Pellegrini #39 most popular location
Pellegrini is a small village of about 600 habitants, there are no paved roads but lots of horses and gauchos. With own electricity supplies and a few little kiosks. There is one public bus g…
1reviews 1blogs
Humahuaca #40 most popular location
Humahuaca is a small town in the North West of Argentina in the Jujuy province. It is not far from the Bolivian border. The area is deserted. It is located in a colourful valley of rock forma…
La Plata #41 most popular location
The Capital of the province of buenos aires, this city has a very interesting design on the planning of the roads, seen from above it is a square, divided by 30 streets ( approx. ) vertically…
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Lujan de Cuyo #42 most popular location
Concordia #43 most popular location
2travelers 3blogs
Rio Gallegos #44 most popular location
3travelers 3blogs
San Isidro #45 most popular location
2travelers 1blogs
Uspallata #46 most popular location
Puerto Piramides #47 most popular location
San Fernando del Valle de Catamarca #48 most popular location
La Rioja #49 most popular location
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Resistencia #50 most popular location
Resistencia is located in the Chaco Province of Argentina and is close to the city of Corrientes which is located across a 2800 metre bridge over the Parana River. The city is designated a…
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