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Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

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How and Where to find Cheap Apartments.. Nov 20, 2008
Due to the extreme crisis nowadays, it's smart to economize. Well that is my own opinion ofcourse. :)

This is the second time I have been to Vietnam and eversince, I have been staying in a hotel and rent for a month or few months then I get a discount of 1 or 2$ a day.. good right? But I just recently moved to an apartment few months ago.. I figured why not rent an much could it possibly be? So I asked some vietnamese hotel workers about apartments and they gave me a really good idea where to look. Ofcourse "news paper", silly me. But hey..its not easy for me since i can't read vietnamese language right? yep that's my excuse. he he but there it is..from the cheapest to the very expensive apartments or rooms you can find. I live in District 1 now...Well it says in the ad that this is an apartment but this certainly isn't one..good enough though. its just a room but its fully furnished (tv, small fridge with freezer,cabinets,Fan,Air-Condition,Coffee table with chairs,Another table at the balcony with chairs,bed with pillows and cases, and mirrors ofcourse with my own C.R and Shower room)for less than 200$ per month but including electricity and water already. i feel more comfortable living here than living in a hotel. its a serviced apartment actually but i want my privacy so i chosed not to be serviced :p .. the one thing that i love the most having my own apartment is that, "i can cook!" yey! All ppl who stay abroad for a long time can also get tired of the take out food. i certainly did. so cooking my own kind of food is the best thing about having this apartment. which is something i would feel uncomfortable doing in a small hotel here in Vietnam. you can easily find these apartments here in District 1,3,5. The Cheap prices for Apartments that looks like a hotel room in Bui Vien Area would range from 2 to 3 million VND. Bigger ones with two rooms would range from 4 to 5 million VND. I pay 3.3 Million VND per month and i use computer and A/C sometimes. So I think this are really good prices since you would pay the same amount at hotels for 1 room only. but ofcourse im not saying that all apartments looks the same. but its most likely be the same as living in some hotels in bui vien area. You can even rent this apartments for just 1 month and so on. yes..theres a contract involved but its not really that complicated. all they need to know really is for how long you would want to stay and they would check your visa expiration.. well maybe more.. but you know this country "COMMUNIST", what do you expect? :p but its easy, so no problem really. They don't have to take your Passport like they do in hotels which is also good. So guys I hope you find this Info helpful enough..but if you have more questions just ASK. :)
JaitcH says:
Actually requiring guests in hotels and elsewhere is a follow on from the French (who still use it to this day).

In VietNam all hotels are supposed to register their guests by 22.30H but short-term stays by couples wanting intimacy are not registered which means the hotel; gets all the income - untaxed.

You shouldn't be too worried about the registration bit, especially in HCMC. The hotels take their register (and guests passports in some places like Lao Cai) to the ward police station where a sheet is removed and the register stamped.

The removed page, which may be a computer printout from a larger hotel, is then thrown into a large box. This large box, when filled, is then hauled down to the main police office (District head office in HCMC) where it is held until the data entry people come around and haul it off to their unit where it finally is keyed into their computer.

By this time the data is so ancient it has little validity.

When Vietnamese forget their ID cards hotels often have a list of previous guests and they simply use the details to complete the forms.

I not only reside in VietNam but I also travel frequently as well as own a mini-hotel. I am registered as living in my mini-hotel 365/year but even though I check -n legally at other hotels the police have never caught on to the fact I am sleeping in two places often hundreds of kilometres apart.

Occupying an apartment also requires police consent, which is usually transparent to you.

The police can also withdraw consent to occupy an apartment or hotel room and can direct you may only stay at a given place.

Posted on: Nov 28, 2008
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