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Apamea Overview

Apamea is overlooked by many tourists who stick to the Damascus - Palmyra - Aleppo - Krak des Chevaliers loop. Their bad, as Apamea may well be one of the highlights of a trip to Syria.

An easy half-day trip from Hama, Apamea lies up in the grassy hills that mark the border of the Orontes valley. The modern town is largely uninteresting, though its setting on a steep hill, topped by a citadel, is worth a look.

The main attraction, however, is the ruined old Roman city that was formed in the 3rd century BC. Apamea boasts a 2km long cardo (main street) aligned with colonnades of which one half is still largely intact.
Furthermore there are ruins of a theatre, some elaborate villas and cathedrals and the town also boasts a mosaic museum which is well worth a visit.

Every year Apamea is literally visited by more sheep than tourists, which means that unless a tour group has just stopped by you will have the site almost entirely to yourself.

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