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Antigua and Barbuda was established in 1784 as one of the most important Caribbean bases for the Royal Navy of Britain, and over the years the same characteristics that originally made the place such an ideal location for a base of Naval operations has transformed the area into one of the Caribbean’s premier island destinations for the ultimate Caribbean experience.

Antigua and Barbuda is actually an island nation made up of several smaller islands, with the main two being Antigua and Barbuda. Between the two of them they make up some of the most expansive coastlines within the Caribbean, and while the uninitiated might find the trails a little difficult to navigate, this place is a back-packer’s dream come true. If you have the dedication to strap on your hiking boots and hit the trails you will find a wealth of secluded beaches and hidden reefs and coves that make this one of the most amazing snorkeling and scuba diving places on the entire planet. Especially Antigua.

Barbuda itself is host to one of the world’s premier bird sanctuaries, the Barbuda Frigate Bird Sanctuary. Only accessible by boat, the sanctuary is home to nearly two hundred different species of birds, including over five thousand of the eponymous birds themselves. In addition, the coral reefs off the coast of Barbuda are host to a treasure-trove of shipwrecks for divers to explore, and the Martello castle and tower still overlook the southern coast, testament to days gone by.

The capital of St. Johns provides the perfect headquarters for travelers. From here you can find accommodations to fit your personal preference, as well as plenty of shops, beaches, and restaurants all within walking distance of your hotel or villa. The harbor is open year-round for visitors who own boats, and cruise ships dock here as well. There are plenty of old structures, museums, beaches, resorts, and everything a person needs to find the ultimate Caribbean holiday.

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