Antelope Slot Canyon

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Page, Arizona

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vances vances
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I can play here Dec 30, 2016
Antelope Canyon is a unique pair of slot canyons on the Navajo reservation just south of Page, Arizona. I say unique because these are no ordinary slot canyons. In my mind they are subterranean swirls designed by Georgia O’Keefe: a fantastic alien world.

The only option for experiencing this majesty is to pay for a guided tour of either Upper or Lower Antelope Canyon (and keep in mind there will be an additional $8 per person charge to enter the Reservation). Our tour was of the Lower Canyon, which I learned was the polar opposite in shape versus Upper Canyon. Both are sandstone formations created by rapid rain runoff, but Lower is narrow at the surface and broadens as you descend, while the Upper flip flops that configuration.

For our tour we signed up with Dix Ellis, whom I can endorse for our lovely guide, Billencia. Beyond her, their service was a bit muddled. Sima booked online for the one remaining slot at 1:10 PM the day before, and I called immediately after to ask about tagging along with that group. The attendant informed they were permitted to overbook by one person (group size = 30) and I was encouraged to book online. Well, the web site did not allow this so I called back, ultimately being assured they had made a note and it would be no problem.

We arrived thirty minutes before our start time, as advised on the web site, only to be greeted by a lengthy queue that moved incredibly slowly. Twenty five minutes later we finally reached the window and for us things were processed rapidly (no idea why everyone else took so long), including my notepad reservation.

Next we were broken up into groups of ten (eleven in our case) and assigned a guide. Shortly thereafter we hiked a short distance, during which Billencia introduced herself and pointed out some fossilized dinosaur tracks that had been roped off. Stopping at a point where we were able to glimpse a ladder leading beneath the earth, Billencia informed it would be about twenty five minutes before entering and assured us we were fortunate: the wait was an hour yesterday.

The guide for the ten in front joined Billencia (both were Navajo and provided thoughtful answers to questions around caves and cultures) to offer a splendid demonstration. By simply piling up sand and pouring water to simulate rainfall several times, they recreated a mini-Antelope Canyon. A good lesson and even better time killer!

Soon it was time to climb down. There were no gaps between groups and our continuous stream of humanity descended the steep stairway. The fantasy begins immediately and never abates as you snake through the narrow sandstone passages carved by rushing rainwater. A few ladders were strategically placed to help guests up or down and sunlight filters deliciously down from above in a several places.

This is a magical journey and Billencia enhanced it by volunteering to adjust everyone’s cameras several times as lighting conditions changed. I was impressed how rapidly she flicked buttons on a wide range of devices. If my pictures are not as crappy as usual, she gets all the credit.

The Lower Canyon trek is 400 meters in length and we traversed this in just under one hour. Though we were afforded ample time to savor this natural wonder, it seemed like we were down below much longer. I think I had to stoop and pick my jaw up from the ground about fifteen times! The end is sudden as you emerge from a crack in the earth, one final ethereal moment on a sensational journey. Not to be missed if you get the opportunity.
The short walk to the canyon entra…
Trudging towards Antelope Canyon
Billencia recreates how Antelope C…
The mini-Antelope Canyon.
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Zagnut66 says:
The caves look surreal. Great photos, Vance.
Posted on: May 27, 2017
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jumpingnorman jumpingn…
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Taking the 'easier' UPPER SLOT CANYON for the kids Jul 12, 2012
We live just about 5 hours from Page, Arizona so I decided to bring our twins to the Antelope Slot Canyon which has those famous "swirls" etched on the red desert rocks. Major tour groups for viewing the canyons are owned by the Navajo Indians, and rightfully so. They owned the land know most of the ins and outs of the canyons. However, if it is raining, there may be some danger since water may accumulate in the slot canyon, and some tourists from Europe actually perished many years ago (drowned). Now, they are more cognizant of weather conditions and flash flood warnings, and so should you if you want to go this beautiful location.

You have 2 choices of whether to go to the easier UPPER Canyon or the more difficult LOWER Canyon which uses "ladders". Of course, with kids, we chose the UPPER but depending on how old your child is, you can make a better decision.

We had a Navajo guide who took us to the Upper Canyon - no hiking was involved, and the guides also know where you have to put your camera for good shots. We just rode their "tour truck" for a few minutes through beautiful desert landscape and then we were brought directly to the opening of the canyon. So, really, no king involved!

This Upper Canyon measures a quarter mile long and is 130 feet deep - a favorite destination for pro and amateur is reached by travelling a 3 1/2 mile long dry sand wash or riverbed and then once you get there, it's an easy stroll through the chamber, fairly level with no rocks to climb.

When to visit is also a time factor - some want to go at about lunchtime when the sun rays are directly above and shooting into the canyon. So, book early so that so you can have the time slot you want to be there :)

Antelope Canyon, also called slot canyon, was first discovered in 1931 by a young Navajo girl who was herding sheep in the area.
JumpingFamily at Upper Antelope Sl…
Outside the tour company for the S…
JumpingDaughter examining the rock…
JumpingFamily at Upper Antelope Sl…
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andrejav andrejav
751 reviews
Upper Antelope Canyon Oct 31, 2012
I have seen pictures from this place in one art gallery in Miami, and told myself that I have to go there sooner or later. Totally accidentally I was in the range of the canyon while traveling through Arizona, and of course, I stopped in small place called Page, and prepared to go to the canyon in the early morning. There are two Antelope Canyons, Upper and Lower and I went only to the upper one. One of the agencies that takes you to the canyon is run by Navajo tribe and I wanted to go with them thinking that they are the only people that can do the good job in showing their land. I was surprised that sandy dry river bed that we used as a road is full of trash which would be easy to pick up by the people working at the park and American natives are supposed to care for nature... Tour is super rushed, and there is at least 10 tours moving through the canyon at the same time. It is VERY cramped. Canyon is GORGEOUS and well worth going there. Only issue is that I would love to go there by myself and just walk the area without forcing tour guide. Canyon is around one mile away from the entrance and you should ask if you can walk it.
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christsai christsai
3 reviews
Antelop Canyon Tours Jun 05, 2011
When I saw the pictures of others, I just loved them, they are amazing, looks alive. I felt the light were dancing in the canyon, and decided I must go. I am glad I did add Antelope Canyon in my trip. After I posted some of my pictures in my facebook,

, some of friends were so attracted and decided to go too.

Some people said it would be good going there during noon because the sun light would go through the slot. Normally it would be sold out soon, so book it as soon as possible. I did not make it, just jointed the tour at 1:30 of Antelope Canyon Tours. Not bad still. (BTW, although it is in Mountain timezone, but no daylight saving there.)

For one tour, there are more than 100 people going by this company. Just like people said, the canyon would be packed. I think was lucky. Sine I went alone, I took the latst trunk. Around the latest 15 minutes, we were the only people there. Easier to take pictures.

Don't miss it. You'd love it.
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EScovel EScovel
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Upper Antelope Canyon Jan 20, 2011
This was well worth the travel time for me. Just outside of Page, AZ is the Upper Antelope Canyon. As you enter, you'll need to pay for parking. Then you'll need to buy your ticket. Your ride to the canyon is in the back of a pick up truck. The canyon is in the Navajo lands, so you can only access it with them. The trucks are in 4 wheel drive as they make their way to the canyon. The trip is up a very sandy, dried river bed. As you finally arrive, your driver is your tour guide. The guides are Navajo Indians and the stories and history is incredible. Groups of about 12 are brought in. As the group walks through the canyon, you can take pictures and enjoy this wonder of nature. I was fortunate, as one of the other guides was playing the flute and it was great. All in all it was about an hour to complete the tour and worth it. Enjoy
Antelope Canyon
Antelope Canyon
Antelope Canyon
Antelope Canyon
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freespirit3 freespir…
52 reviews
Antelope Slot Canyon Tours by Chief Tsosie Nov 26, 2010
Though comparable in cost to most of the other tour guides in the area to get to the Antelope Slot Canyons, this company was very disappointing. We had originally chosen them due to the good reviews, and time slots, however after seeing how they handle the business when things go wrong, I would not reccomend them.

Several of their trucks are old and it just so happened that ours broke down (several times)on our trip. There was several problems and hours of delays involved but they refused to provide refunds to any of the customers that requested them. They said the best they could do was to reschedule them on a diffferent day/time if they preferred.

The driver did the best he could with the equipment he was given, but the condition was poor at best.

The Slot Canyons are a must see if in the Page, AZ area, however I would not reccommend using this company for the tours.
Antelope Slot Canyon Tour Vehicles
Antelope Slot Canyon Tour Vehicle
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1morespicy 1morespi…
28 reviews
Must see! Sep 25, 2009
Antelope Canyon is in northern Arizona, just outside Page. It has two parts. Upper and lower. We ended up doing the upper canyon purely because we turned right instead of left.

To see the canyon you have to book a tour. They leave quite frequently throughout the day. We got there in tine for the 1 pm tour. It costs $25 per person and lasts for about 1 1/2 hours. There is an option for a photographic tour which was $40 and lasted an hour longer than the regular one.

The canyon is a 10 min off road dash through the desert sand on the back of a pick up truck. There wasn't much in the way of restraints so we just hung on for dear life.

There seemed to be several tours going on at the same time as this is a very popular stop for photo fans. But the guides are quite used to this and were very organised and shouted at anyone who was lagging behind. The canyon is so beautiful. Words or even photos really can't describe what it is like. The one and only thing I got annoyed with was some of the photographers. There were tripods everywhere! One lady in particular was extremely rude and kept pushing people out of the way so that she could get her shot. I think that it's probably like this all year round.

Definitely a must see is you are in the area.
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pushirubiano pushirub…
36 reviews
Antelope Slot Canyon May 07, 2007
What ever you do in Page DON'T miss a tour to wonderful Antelope Slot Canyon, a short distance (a 15 minute drive) from Page. The slot canyon is not large at all but it more than makes up for its lack in size in sheer beauty, a truly magical place! The play of sunlight filtering in from the narrow opening above creates wonderful colors, shapes and shadows on the rock walls. This place is a photographers dream! I posted some of the pictures I took but I have tons more, everywhere you look are more beautiful shapes to record.

Practicalities: The Canyon is situated on Navajo Tribal land and run by the Navajo authorities. It used to be possible to visit the canyon on your own (only paying the entrance fee) but due to vandalism (incredible!) to the rock walls and the fact that people often don't realise the danger of going into slot canyon (10 German tourists died in a flash flood a couple of years ago) this is no longer possible, So you have two choices: go with an arranged tour or go on your own and wait at the visitor center (opposite the coal power plant) for a large enough group to form so you can be led into the cave by a Navajo park guide. We chose for an arranged tour so I don't know what they charge for the last option. Park entrance fee is $5,- regardless which option you choose.

There are four agencies in town that organise tours to Antelope Canyon. Two are Navajo owned and operated. I recommend using one of these ( Antelope Slot Canyon Tours ( or Antelope Canyon Tours). We use the last one and and were quite satisfied with their service.

A tour costs $20,- (worth every penny) and takes 1,5 hrs., leaving about 5 times daily. A specialty photography tour of 2,5 hrs is also available.
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