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You won't find any polar bears in this frozen desert of a continent, but you will find a bountiful supply of other animals, such as the Arctic Tern, seals, orcas and humpbacks, and penguins! This is an area that has the last pristine environment on Earth, to get close to a similarly untouched beauty you would have to travel to the moon.

However, that being said extreme care must be taken to keep Antarctica the way it is. We know now that the glaciers of Antarctica are melting, recently a chunk of ice broke off the size of Rhode Island, and we can only imagine the fear that they will continue getting bigger. Because of this extreme measures must be taken to preserve the environment and wildlife of this continent. I would say that any avid traveler who really cares about the world we live on should consider all of these facts before booking a quick trip to Antarctica, just because they can. It is beautiful, and you can visit sites that show you the wonder, but UNLESS we really protect what has been given to us, it will not be around much longer. And making short trips to the land, just to say that you have been there, is one surefire way to have a negative impact on the luster, beauty, and essence that is Antarctica.
We are all stewards of this land that we call home, and as such I beg everyone to learn as much as they can and to think about impact as much as desire when they are planning travels to distant lands.

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The bottom of the earth, colored in various shimmering shades of icy blue, welcomes only a few teams of researchers and a plethora of hardy tourists each year, and has no permanent residents.…
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