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The bottom of the earth, colored in various shimmering shades of icy blue, welcomes only a few teams of researchers and a plethora of hardy tourists each year, and has no permanent residents. The isolation is the draw, of course, though you’ll want to avoid the winter, when the whole continent is enveloped in gloomy darkness 24 hours a day and temperatures inland regularly fall to -70°C. In the summer, sun glances off the ice at a slight angle and the outdoor temperature can rise to a palatable 10°C, allowing tourists to frolic among the glaciers and photograph the arty landscape of a truly unique destination.

Most visitors arrive on the boat from Chile, landing on the Antarctic Peninsula, and some from New Zealand to the Ross Sea. On the journey you can watch whales frolic in the water below the bow, clunk your way through chunks of ice and eye swirling shoals of fish from the deck. On arrival, the brave take a dip in the sea (or cheat by taking advantage of the heat of the Antarctic hot springs), while some of the largest colonies of migratory penguins huddling and nesting along the shorelines provide a warmer form of entertainment.

If conditions suit, you can climb a number of active volcanoes, take part in some unique diving experiences or whale-watch from the deck of a huge-hulled icebreaker. If you’re looking to make the southern pole of inaccessibility (the world’s least accessible location), however, you’re going to need a huge budget and a gritty determination and fitness to match. On arrival you’ll find a golden bust of Lenin pointing to Moscow, alongside a long abandoned research station with it’s own golden guest book - spooky in its isolation, and well worth a flick through - tucked away inside.

It’s the untouched landscape, stunning wildlife and alien sensations that bring adventurous tourists to Antarctica, though, and with less than 25,000 people a year arriving on a land mass larger than Europe, it’s a very unique (and usually very pricey) travel experience.

Deception Island #1 most popular location
Deception Island is one of the first 'safe havens' after the drake, but 'safe' can be a real deception. Inside it can storm as well! Volcanic pressure on Deception Island resulted in a trem…
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Neko Harbor #2 most popular location
Neko Harbour is a harbour in Antarctica on Andvord Bay, situated on the west coast of Graham Land. It is one of only two venues used for cruise ships to stop on the continent; the other is Pa…
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Port Lockroy #3 most popular location
Port Lockroy is a natural harbour on the Antarctic Peninsula of the British Antarctic Territory. After its discovery in 1903 by the French Antarctic Expedition it was used for whaling and Bri…
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Antarctica #4 most popular location
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Vernadsky Station #5 most popular location
South Shetland Islands #6 most popular location
The Dutchman Dirck Gerritsz in 1599, or the Spaniard Gabriel de Castilla in 1603 travelled through these Antarctic lands, both of them supposedly sailing south of the Drake Passage in the Sou…
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Lemaire Channel #7 most popular location
Lemaire Channel is a strait off Antarctica, located between the mainland's Antarctic Peninsula and Booth Island. Nicknamed "Kodak Gap" by some, it is one of the top tourist destinations in An…
Vernadsky #8 most popular location
The station was established by the Falkland Islands Dependencies Survey as Base F or "Argentine Islands" on Winter Island in 1947. The main hut, built on the site of an earlier British Graham…
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Petermann Island #9 most popular location
Petermann Island is a small island just off the west side of the Antarctic Peninsula of Antarctica, located at 65 deg 10 min S, 64 deg 10 min W, just a short distance south of Booth Island an…
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Cuverville Island #10 most popular location
Half Moon Island #11 most popular location
antartica #12 most popular location
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Aitcho Islands #13 most popular location
The Aitcho Islands (‘Aitcho’ standing for ‘H.O.’ i.e. ‘Hydrographic Office’) are a group of minor islands in the north entrance to English Strait separating Greenwich Island and R…
Videla (Chilean base) #14 most popular location
González Videla Base, on the Antarctic mainland's Paradise Bay, is named after Chilean President Gabriel González Videla, who in the 1940s became the first chief of state of any nation to v…
Wilhelmina Bay #15 most popular location
Trinity Island #16 most popular location
Trinity Island or Île de la Trinité or Isla Trinidad is an island 15 miles long and 6 miles wide in the northern part of the Palmer Archipelago. Trinity Island is located at 63°45′S, 60…
Snow Island #17 most popular location
Elephant Island #18 most popular location
This island is comprised of rugged mountains and glaciers rising from the frigid Antarctic waters. No humans inhabit the island, but you will have a chance to see penguins and elephant seals …
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Paulet Island #19 most popular location
Paulet Island, a volcanic caldera, lies at the northerastern tip of the Antarctic Peninsula in the path of giant tabular icebergs spinning off the Weddell Sea through "Iceberg Alley." Paulet…
McMurdo Station #20 most popular location
McMurdo Station Antarctica is the largest year round station on the continent. It sits on Ross Island which is in the Ross sea, on the opposite side of the continent from the penninsula. McMu…
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Melchior Island #21 most popular location
Adelaide Island #22 most popular location
Cierva Cove #23 most popular location
Weddell Sea #24 most popular location
Hannah Point #25 most popular location
One of the best wildlife sites in the Antarctic, provides an opportunity to see chinstrap, gentoo, and macaroni penguins; giant petrels, blue-eyed shags, skuas, Wilson’s storm petrels: and …