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267 Prinsengracht, Amsterdam, Netherlands - 020 556 7105

Anne Frank House Amsterdam Reviews

gingerbatik gingerba…
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Anne Frank House May 02, 2012
I see a long queue to enter Anne Frank museum, and I was thinking if it’s worth my time to queue and see the museum.

Well, since I don’t have anything interesting to do tonight, so I get in line and waiting for it. After 20 minutes queuing, finally I arrived at the ticket counter and get my ticket.

It was quite an experience to be in the house where “Anne” was hiding and wrote her diary during the Second World War and I got goose bump all over my skin while wondering from one room to another.

I have heard about Anne Frank diary but never read the diary itself. It was quite interesting to see the Old photos, testament and original pages of Anne diary on display in this museum and it intrigue me to read the diary.

The story of this museum is where the Frank family goes into hiding at 163 Prinsengracht, in the building where Otto Frank’s business is located. Hermann van Pels, his wife Auguste, their son Peter and Fritz Pfeffer join them a while later. The company’s building is made up of two parts: a front house and a back house (annexe). The eight people in hiding live on the upper floors of this annexe have to stay indoors twenty four hours a day. The curtains of the annexe are always kept closed, so the neighbours cannot see them. During the day, when the warehousemen are working downstairs, everyone has to sit still and not make a sound. Of the eight people in hiding, only Otto frank survives the war. Unfortunately no photograph allow in the museum.
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cotton_foam says:
How far are you from Amsterdam? Have you seen the tulip blooms in the Netherlands? Maybe we can visit it together?! :))
Posted on: Nov 24, 2014
gingerbatik says:
Hi May, it was very interesting place. if you do visit Amsterdam and have enough time, like 2 or 3 nights, please buy a museum card (from any museum) cost €40 or €45 euro valid for one year and you can visit all the museums in the Netherlands and avoid queue as well. I had this card when I was in Amsterdam and I also had an Amsterdam card but much more expensive which included all the transport in Amsterdam. It valid for 3, or 7 days only, but I don't remember the cost. It also included a guide book with the Amsterdam card. I love Amsterdam and I visited all the museums there since I was there almost 3 months. If you like ribs - please visit the cafe next door from Rembrant museum - called Rembrant cafe next to the canal. It has a very good bbq ribs:) and Amsterdam hotel at Damrak has a very good restaurant with define food.yum....I miss Amsterdam. Enjoy.
Posted on: Nov 24, 2014
cotton_foam says:
Hey, Yunni!
I'm browsing on reviews for Anne Frank's house and can't across to yours! How nice that you've been there! I am contemplating of visiting! If I can change my return flight I will probably take a short trip to Amsterdam, and visit Anne Frank's museum/house! I'm a huge fan! I've read her diary when I was still a teen-ager...and would love to see where she had lived...
Posted on: Nov 23, 2014
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mazi mazi
21 reviews
Not worth the queueing Feb 12, 2011
This place may be of interest if you have read the book and into that sort of stuff but I have done neither.

Decided to go seeing as I was in Amsterdam to do the whole touristy thing.Queued up for at least an hour to get in, when inside it's not that amazing as it's all renovated and looks pretty modern so you're not really immersed into what was the real house and it's surroundings.

If you are interested in going here I would recommend you get there early if you don't want to be queueing!
Vipin Vipin
691 reviews
Historically significant and essential visit Sep 27, 2010
Anne Frank’s house must qualify as an essential visit for any trip to Amsterdam. The house gives a very human dimension to the horrors of the holocaust, and Anne’s story has become a symbol of the atrocities faced by the Jews during this period of history.

Although you will be following your map to the house, you’ll know it as soon as you are near, for you see the line of people way before you see the house. I went in the mid afternoon onwards, and waited for just over 30 minutes.

For those of you who have read her diary, the room will be an emotional experience. It was amazing and heartbreaking to see the rooms where they resided. I particularly liked the wallpaper which had been preserved; it was a light pink type colour and was dotted with these newspaper-picture cuttings. The films are particularly good too, and show her father and people that knew Anne giving their thoughts. At the end, you do get to see some pages of the diary.

Entrance fee is around several euros and no photography is allowed. This is a very historical, human, emotional and even inspiring trip for many, and well worth making the effort to do.
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cvanzoen cvanzoen
26 reviews
Mandatory history lesson Sep 05, 2009
Though living in Amsterdam all my life I had never visited the Anne Frank huis. Now I finally did and I was impressed with the atmosphere created in the house. Even though there is no furniture they have been able to create a atmosphere like you are really in that house during WO2. Illustrated with pictures and extracts from the diary gives you a very good impression on those days.

At the end you will find a multimedia area which will even give you more information.

Now I have finally visited it I can only say I should have done this a long time ago and I might even go this far that I think that a visit should even be mandatory to schools in the greater Amsterdam area.
Statue of Anne Frank
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Petra2111 says:
Ik vond het ook heel erg indrukwekkend allemaal! Blij dat ik het gezien heb. Groetjes Peet
Posted on: Oct 20, 2009
homeres homeres
63 reviews
Visit to Anne Frank Huis March 2008 Mar 27, 2008
I am not a museum 'guru' anything, I do visit musuems and places at least one time. However I made a special second trip to Anne Frank's Huis and going there always gives me chills and goosebumps. I read the story of Anne Frank in the 8th grade, like majority of my peers, we have read parts from the play and act them out in class. It is one of my few memories of school that I can say WERENT negative so by visiting could you pass it up??

The place is not hard to find, located on a corner in the Prisengracht centrum..during the day time you cant miss the long will be for Anne Frank Huis tour.

The place is a self-guided tour and you pay 7.50 Euro to walk around the house. But if you are like me, educated in Public School in America, everyone has read or seen the 'Diary of Anne Frank'. It is well worth seeing in Amsterdam and meaningful if you have at least read a part in the book as a kid in school : )

At the time of my visit, the Diaries were not on display, not sure for how long , perhaps that are doing maintenance on them.

If you go, it is well worth the wait in line but go in the mornings. That way you have more time to browse the streets and look through the Flower Markt, which makes for a pleasant day.

To get there....use a map! That wasn't hard. Address is Prinsengracht 267.
The view of Anne Frank Huis across…
Standing in line for 30 minutes...
xxwishnonstarzz xxwishno…
33 reviews
Must see Jul 12, 2008
Very moving experience. If you see one thing in Amsterdam this should be it. Its a walk through of the actual annex where Anne Frank and her friends and family hid from the Nazis. There are also a lot of items on display from that period, as well as video interviews at various points with people involved in the hiding.

One thing I must say: buy your tickets online! The que for this was outrageous! Luckily, however, its open until almost 10pm during the summer so its easy to make time to get there.

Also, I need to say this and a feel like I shouldn't have to, but be respectful. Some people were behind us, pushing past the que, and giggling and making jokes such as 'Shh, the neighbors will hear.' :( Some of us are trying to mourn a very sad time for humanity, and I feel like those who lived in the annex as well as all the people who fell victim to the attrocities of the Nazi regime deserve your respect. Please be mindful of that.
niphredil niphredil
6 reviews
Sep 11, 2006
At last! I'd been wanting so long to go to Amsterdam, and it was really a nice

afternoon we passed there. I wanted to go to the Anne Frank House right

away, so that was our first stop. It was a really moving experience,

though it wasn't what we expected in a couple of ways. My bf was

expecting the annexe to be re-created, so that it would look the way it

did when the families were hiding there. It would have given you a

better sense of how crowded it was and how little space there actually

was. In fact it was pretty barren, save for a few objects on display in

glass cases, and of course the decorations and bits of paper Anne glued

onto the wall.

On the other hand, I was happy that you were given complete access to the annexe. You walk

through the opening behind the swinging bookcase, and ascend the

narrowest possible steps (almost a ladder!) up to the secret levels.

You wandered around the rooms freely (except for Peter's attic,

probably because the steps would have collapsed under the feet of

millions of people). I guess that's the rub with re-creating the

annexe- if they had, you wouldn't be able to wander around- they

probably would have had to barricade everything and have a very set

path for you to walk along. I think I prefer being able to walk around

the space and just take it all in.It's incredible how cruel humans can be. And how indifferent we can be! There have been many, many holocausts throughout history, and even today there are millions suffering and dying. But I can understand how it's so easy to ignore- you really have to make an effort to keep fueling that desire to be aware and to effect change on the world. We can't be horrified at how we let the genocide in Rwanda happen and not do anything about Darfur. We can't boast about removing Saddam's murderous government and ignore what our own government did in Latin America. There was a quote at the museum that I thought rang true. That Anne suffered what millions of others suffered (and many others even worse), but that it takes that one individual- that one little girl- to personalize and connect the entire, terrible experience in history to us today. We can empathize with the millions through the one.And look at me, spending all this free time and money travelling and fulfilling my own selfish desires. I'm such a hypocrite.
hannajax says:
out of the the 30+ blogs on amsterdam, discussing the anne frank house,this is by far the most vivid and touching. quite "frankly", it's because of your blog that I will not be visiting the site on my upcoming trip. i don't want to be disappointed. i would rather prefer traipsing around in an empty castle, than empty rooms in a house in amsterdam. her diary is probably more touching than visiting her home.
Posted on: Mar 20, 2007
OurWorldTrip says:
Great review. I was there as well but I was much younger at the time and can't remember much. Reminds me to go there again. Thanks
Posted on: Oct 09, 2006

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