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Award: Happy Happy Happy

Name: Natasja
Hometown: Ballerup, Denmark
Location: Copenhagen, Denmark
Join Date: August 31, 2007
Contributions: Annatasja has written about 10 places, shared 364 photos, left 673 comments, and smiled 516 times.
Interested in: meeting new people, sharing travel tips and blogs
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dream destination
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Countries I've Traveled To
Languages Spoken
English, German, Danish, Norwegian, Swedish, Latin, (reading), a little French and Italian. Learning (struggling with) Arabic ;)
Books you might find in my backpack
Music you might find me listening to while waiting for my plane
Most Memorable Travel Experience
When I was 15 I was in Italy at a Camping site near the Garda Lake. I wanted to go to a party, but my parents wouldn't let me. Being strong willed, I thought to myself that it was not their decision to make. So after they went to sleep, I took a roll of toilet paper in my hand, placed it outside the tent and went to the party. If my parents had caught me I would pretend to have used the bathroom on the camping site. It's quite funny to think about when I look back- what a cunning little girl I was.

Other and more reasonable experiences:
- being a brides maid at a Danish friend's wedding in NYC
- interviewing the survivors of the London bombs
- interviewing victims of the war in Bosnia
- traveling the east coast in the US
- sailing in the Amazons
- sunsets and sunrises everywhere
- losing my baggage in Brazil on the first day, not getting it back until I was back in Denmark
- attending the christening of my second niece in Norway
- getting lost everywhere
- walking through Harlem on a Sunday afternoon, with people asking me if I knew where I was
- being in the middle of an Anthrax terror alert in Toronto
- bombs and parties in Kabul
- visiting rural areas of Afghanistan near Herat and Jalallabad
- a boat trip in the harbor of Karachi in stormy, rainy weather
- living and working in Oman
- a wedding in Jordan uniting some of my good friends
- meeting a lot of really cool people through this excellent travel forum called TRAVBUDDY
- enjoying life, eating great food, visiting art galleries, seeing animals, walking for miles and miles, meeting new people, getting new perspectives on life wherever I've been
Having gypsy blood running through my veins, I'm addicted to traveling and meeting new people. Furthermore, I was definitely born in the wrong decade, as I have a strong hippie spirit and prefer music from the 60's and 70's. My mom made me wear brown and orange as a child, and it has left its traumatic footprints on my mind. I believe in love, world peace, women's rights, saving the planet, animal rights etc. I'm named after Natasha Rostov from Tolstoy's War and Peace, as my father read the book and loved the name. I'm a vegetarian and like to walk around barefoot. I hate racism, child abusers, religious fanatics, ignorance, stupidity, people with no sense of humor, intolerance, right wings, people who claim to be something they're not, blind followers and idiot politicians. Right now I'm very embarrassed to call myself Danish, as the Danish Racist Party are gaining more and more power. Maybe that's why I'm so eager to get away once in while.
One important thing you should know about me: I am very liberal and I am a proud atheist and anti-religious. I love smart, kind people and I have no problem with people being from a particular country, of a particular race or of a particular belief. However, I do excercise my freedom of speech and I have no problem criticizing institutional religion or state policies. Feel free to debate me on my views, but if you take it personally I'd prefer you unfriend me. My critiques are not biased; I'm a scientific journalist who pretty much think most politic(ians) are crap and organized religion is a tool to control and exploit human beings.
Two years ago I gave birth to a beautiful little girl, who I am raising by myself with help from my amazing family. We have already travelled in 6 countries together and lived abroad for three months. Well, that about sums it up:-)

"Cogito ergo sum" by Descartes. (I think, therefore I am.)

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Happy Birthday!
Posted on: Sep 05, 2017
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Happy Birthday!
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