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One of the hidden secrets of the UK is the island of Anguilla in the Caribbean. A relatively small island that is part of the Leeward group in the Lesser Antilles, it lacks a permanent population and is instead a season holiday destination for the traveler wanting to get away from the hordes of normal tourists to a hidden spot which only a few people visit. The accommodations on Anguilla range from small condos to villas and accommodations which allow you to revel in the most luxurious. You can rent a beach house as part of the Charming Escapes Collection, or stay at the Cap Juluca resort, which is a self-contained private resort with its own stretch of glistening white beaches and five star restaurants.

Anguilla is a secluded island with only around 35 square miles of land. The temperatures are fairly typical of the region, ranging into the mid 80s, with a very warm ocean surrounding, giving visitors some of the most pleasant places in the Caribbean to swim or dive. If you are coming over from Europe, be warned! Nude sunbathing is not allowed on the beaches of Anguilla, and there is an enforced dress code, which is basically anything in good taste. There are several beaches to choose from. Anguilla is a small, rocky island good for diving and snorkeling, while the Barnes Bay beaches provide gentle surf and white sands perfect for relaxation. For a family affair, Cove Bay is the favorite, with the gentlest waters on Anguilla.

The nightlife on Anguilla is quite active, and the place has become known as the “cuisine capital of the Caribbean”, with an award-winning series of restaurants that feature a range of anything from street cafes and bistros to steak-house grills or 5 star luxury restaurants. All in all, regardless of your style of travel, Anguilla can provide every traveler with the perfect setting for the absolute Caribbean dream vacation.

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