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Angkor, Cambodia

Angkor Wat Reviews

aadams123 aadams123
7 reviews
Heaven on Earth Oct 30, 2014
Angkor Wat is the prime attraction in Cambodia, no visit to cambodia can be completed without going there, i thoroughly enjoyed being there, love the historic architecture especially of Angkor Thom, library and the towers.It was truly a moving experience finally coming to this place. I'm at a loss for words. It was lovely. I don't have to recommend it. This was the most important temple of all and the symbol of Cambodia.Amazing and elegant! Everything from the huge man made pools around Angkor Wat till the carving, scalpture and architecture inside. You really need to go to see this place before you die.
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andmar andmar
58 reviews
A wonderful experience Mar 07, 2014
I have seen lots of documentaries about angkor wat but being there and see all those monuments with my own eyes was a fantastic experience.

I highly recommend to all to try and visit the area as soon as you can because it is becoming a tourist magnet and i am afraid the whole area will loose its ''colour'' in the near future.

The whole area is so much filled with history and not only that makes the stay enjoyable. Make sure that you have plenty of water for a hot day and after start walking and enjoying the wonders that there are there to see.
Matty_R Matty_R
1 reviews
Angkor Wat Apr 16, 2013
It is so much more than a temple even though it is reputed to be the largest religious structure on earth. Angkor Wat was built as a city and therefore has a lot more to offer the visitor. Take time to look at the moat area, the walls and various gateways as well as the other remaining structures within the confines. Take a couple of visits to see the complex in different light conditions. Plenty of people visit so be prepared for crowds. Buy a good guide book, Ancient Angkor, highly recommended, you can haggle it down to $5. It is full of information about Angkor and all the surrounding temple and ancient monuments.

You need a Temple Pass to get in. You buy them at the special booth on the road out from Siem Reap. Big crowds around 4 to 5 pm when you can buy the pass then go out to see the sunset. on that first day you get free entry with the pass after 5 pm. The next day you will have your pass stamped to enter the temple zone which includes a whole range of temples as well as Angkor.

Tuk tuk cost $15 a day to drive you around, bring lots of water and wear a hat. Enjoy!
banzq banzq
16 reviews
Ancient Tourist Attraction Mar 02, 2012
I wanted to see Angkor Wat for ages, the pictures from there look so amazing and it's located in a exotic country. We woke up 4 o'clock in the morning to see the sunrise at the all famous Angkor Wat. First of all the price is quite expensive, being 25€ to visit the ancient temples. It's quite expensive compared to the common price range in Asia, but on the other hand, everyone is going to pay that for the once in a lifetime experience. The temple itself was amazing, but it still didn't live up to it's hype. I have seen many many nicer place's that aren't that famous. So it was a slight disappointment considered to the fame it has. After seeing the main temple there are many and many more same kind of temples to see that are also quite amazing but after a while you get fed up with them and you just aren't interested in seeing them all. Anyways I'd recommend everyone to see it once in a lifetime, but for me atleast that one time was enough.
The Angkor
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i_worship_the_sun i_worshi…
1 reviews
Angkor Wat, Cambodia. Apr 23, 2011
Once I booked my flight I was second guessing if I really wanted to go to Cambodia. None of my friends had been there, I had never really heard too much about the place, apart from 'its near Vietnam'.

After touching down in Siam Reap, I had to sort out my Visa. Very easy process, but I found it a little bit humorous. There were about 10 military looking guys all sitting in a row. You started with the first guy who you handed a crisp US $50 note to, then you had to pass down the line while each officer looked at you, then looked at your passport photo, finally being stamped by the last guy. At first I thought it was all very serious, but, the further down the line, these tough guys started to ease up and have a little smile each time they saw my passport photo. They thought it was hilarious that I used to have long hair, and a bushy beard, and loved to point this fact out. Visa done.

I grabbed my bag and headed for a taxi. During the trip from the airport into town it clicked with me that my time in Cambodia, was going to be special. Although the streets were busy, there seemed to be a calmness to the place. I hadn't made a booking, I never do, so I asked the driver to take me to a place I read in travellers guide. It was booked out. The driver was very helpful, he said 'no worry, I know better place'. I said 'alright, lets go there then' and pointed forward with my hand. Indeed this place was much better, and cheaper. It was amazing, down a little alley way with a dirt road, a short distance walk from everything, and it had hammocks in the front garden!

I threw my bags in the room, and went for a walk. The French tried to colonise Cambodia some time ago, and their legacy is still left there today. The cross culture architecture is amazing, it's surreal to see these european inspired buildings set in a Khmer environment. I was hungry so I headed to a little cafe for something to eat. Equally amazing is the pastry and coffee, once again, I think the French had something to do with this.

The next day I got up early to head to Angkor Wat at sunrise. This is a truly spiritual experience. Angkor Wat is a short ride out of town. As you head deeper and deeper in the forrest you start to get a feeling of stepping back in time, and you can almost imagine how the Khmer people use to live here. There is an eerie haze of light happening, and the air is so fresh. I was gobsmacked on arrival. The structure of Angkor Wat is an amazing wonder of the world. It is enormous. It is thousands of years old. Walking around this place you really feel quite at peace. In your presence Buddhist Monks go about their daily rituals as if you didn't exist. One monk came over to me and wished me a 'long life'. My tour guide told me that Monks don't normally do that, so I felt quite enlightened at that moment. I climbed to the top, not an easy challenge. The view of the Kingdom is awe inspiring, and retrospective of a Kingdom that once was. From the top you can see how all the other temples fit in to an ancient infrastructure. The craftsmanship of all the carvings, and stone work is brilliant. I really don't know how people built this place thousands of years ago.

After Angkor Wat, I spent time in all of the other temples for the rest of the day. Each has its own unique quality. After a long day in the sun, it was time for a Khmer dinner, a couple of beers, and rest up as I was heading to Phnom Penh the next day.

more to come.....
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andreamylesa says:
beautifully written, great review. Enjoy the rest of your stay mate:)
Posted on: Apr 23, 2011
annieadelaide annieade…
1 reviews
Angkor What?! Apr 23, 2011
One of the oldest and most breathtaking temples erected some thousands of years ago reported to take 300 years of modern engineering to emulate.

My general advice if you want to do Angkor Wat in one day

- 20 bucks a piece per day and it IS picture access

- unlike its deceptive name, the Angkor temples consists of more than one temple but clusters of temples spread across a large lot of land regulated by the cambodian gov't, so if you think walking on foot is easy - it's not. my favorite was Bayon. i recommend bicycling or getting a motorbike driver if you aren't the active type.

- be nice to the children that are trying to sell you knick knacks, they are descendents of the cambodian ancestors and most are very poor due to the purge of Bo Phut and his regime

- be careful of weary old ladies giving you incents, they will expect you to provide donations

- bring a hat and google prickly heat

- you want to leave your hotel/hostel at no later than 430AM as it gets hotter and packed throughout the day and you will be wishing you had more time to see the temples come daybreak and you can't walk anymore

- getting a tour guide is great, but a Angkor history book will just suffice as well

- the toilets are some of the best i've seen in cambodia

- enjoy, have fun, and stay away from anything happy if you aren't expecting something special to be added to your food
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robinhoodtravels robinhoo…
1 reviews
Angkor Wat, Siem Reap Cambodia Apr 03, 2011
This place is amazing!!!!

Siem Reap was one of my favorite places in my travels to Thailand & Cambodia, besides the great prices and friendly people the temples at Angkor Wat are beyond explanation. I spent 2 days viewing the ruins and simply did not have enough time.

I found Siem Reap friendly, safe and fun, but you will need to haggle for the best rates, watch the exchange rates and always count your change and watch the quality/quantity of what your buying.

If you come in by air, you can get a scooter ride in for around $2US, they will also offer to take you around where ever you want to go for a day or even more, for around $15US per day, use your discretion, the hotel your staying at will also try to offer the same maybe at a similar price maybe not.

Cambodia is definitely the place to use your good reason and negotiation skills, not so much for safety but for protection on your wallet, though Cambodia is so cheap even if you are ripped off it would probably only be for a couple of dollars, but that can quickly start to add up.

A great place to grab a bit to eat, have a drink and mix with other tourist and locals is Pub street alley off Siviatha Rd. There are great street vendors at the edge of the road with tasty and inexpensive dishes and there are more traditional restaurants up the street. It also is on the edge of one of the night markets, so shopping can also be done very closely. Then there are plenty of places to grab a drink and even some dance bars playing popular north American music.

For Angkor Wat:

I would recommend getting a week long pass (or at the very least 3 days) and breaking the viewing down in this format.

Be for warned... you will be approached constantly by children wanting you to buy something from them... They have wonderful items mixed with cheap souvenirs, depending on your tastes and your bargaining skills you can walk away with wonderful momentous and help out some needy people in the process, just be sure to want what you're buying and don't support begging as this encourages the wrong behavior and dependence for the youths and leave you with a sour taste from the experience. Just smile and say no thank you, again and again if you don't want...I also started conversations to find out more about them to stop the nagging and make some friends.

The children really are incredible, one girl was 3 or 4 years old and could count to 10 in 4 different languages.

First read up on this place on the net so you know a little about the history and what you'll find most interesting as this place is massive, thousands of hectares in size and everyone has different likes

Day 1 do the 5am sunrise view of Angkor Wat temple and then spend the rest of the day viewing this temple complex, as you'll be in awe on your first day, you'll get the hang of the pace you'll want to do here, You can also go to other places working in a counter clock wise position.

As it gets quite hot in the after noon- plan for food around 1:30ish to get out of the main heat. You may even want to leave a little early as you had an early start.

Take a nap and then explore the markets of Siem Reap.

Day 2 Ta Prohm - this quiet, sprawling monastic complex is only partially cleared of jungle overgrowth. Intentionally left partially un-restored, massive fig and silk-cotton trees grow from the towers and corridors offering some of the best ‘tree-in-temple’ photo opportunities at Angkor.

depending on your tastes other ruins along the way counter clock wise to Angkor Thom are also very interesting.

Take a day or 2 off to explore other areas of Siem Reap and give your self a ruins break, as too much too soon, gets over whelming and you stop appreciating all the wonder of this place. (I didn't have enough time to explore so I can not help you here, other then to say do it)

The next temple day (possible Day 5)

Sunset at Bayon in Ankor Thom, the temple of Buddha faces. One of the most well known temples in the complex. this is an interesting place with great photo opportunities during the setting of the sun. Just make sure you leave early enough to get out of the park.

The next few days are used to do as you like depending on how you feel, between viewing temples and viewing the town...The great thing about this approach is it gives you a second chance to go get that great photo you might have missed as you've been around the area enough to know what you might have missed.

AS far as Accommodations I shop around, and feel free to spurge a little if it's in your budget. I got a nice air conditioned room with tiled floors, satellite tv shower and tub, for $4 a night...I spoke with a lady on the plane ride to Thailand and she stayed at an amazing place with a pool, pillars around the bed, palm trees and a 500 sf room for under $30 US.

Hope this helps.
sunnydude sunnydude
4 reviews
Sunrise over the Angkor Wat. Jul 22, 2011
Up and Ready by 4:30 am I went to witness the Iconic sunrise over the Angkor Wat Temple. It’s the sunrise over this temple that makes it so beautiful and breathtaking.

This is indeed one of the best sunrises I have ever seen in my life. I hated to see so many bystanders, but once the skies lit up, I just felt "Man is such a miniature before nature". I shot these images the first day, but the next 2 days I just sat without my camera, I got so involved by the magnanimous beauty of the sun rising from the horizon. Every minute and everyday during the same time the skies play a colorful game which is just unexplainable...
CuriousCat87 CuriousC…
2 reviews
Angkor Wat Temple Jul 04, 2011
A extraordinary surreal world walking throughout the vast sprawling temples of Angkor Wat. Set in a forest that is reclaiming the land with vines, branches and trees to reclaim nature. The view off the temples and their sheer scale is magnificent with monks still taking strength for worship in this place. Recommend to go for Sunrise when it is quiet, the sun will light over the horizon bringing it to focus. Spectacular!
adanedhel adanedhel
3 reviews
A truly amazing place May 24, 2011
Angkor Wat is an incredible experience to have at least once in your life. The principle temple (the one on all the postcards) is immense and impressive and beautiful, and remarkably well preserved/restored. But for certain hire a tuk-tuk driver, probably from in front of your hostel, for the whole day to take you to the main temple and then around to all the peripheral temples. They are themselves quite impressive, and you will quickly realize how huge a feat the temple complex was. The driver will also take you to food stops, which could be vender stalls or a couple western-style restaurants. Just beware of the peddlers selling their wares - they are all over and will hound you relentlessly.
virgotraveler virgotra…
3 reviews
Angkor What? May 14, 2011
I've heard so many things about it. I've seen maybe hundreds of photos depicting it but seeing the real thing was a totally different experience. There's this energy around Angkor Wat that I did not feel at the Grand Palace temples in Bangkok and Forbidden City in Beijing. It's hard to put into words what exactly that energy was. The moment I saw the temple from the road I felt like I had been transported back to the 12th century.It was just incredible. Imagine Angkor has been around for almost a thousand years and it has withstood the ravages of time. I couldn't help but marvel for hours at the sight of the Ancient temple full of intricate carvings.One should visit this wonder in his lifetime
Roamingmark Roamingm…
2 reviews
Angkor Wat - Truly one of the worlds wonders!! Apr 25, 2011
We decided to be really brave, and go with what the bible says (Lonely Planet) and do the temples the most rewarding way, which is by bicycle. Most people opt to do them by tuk-tuk, or in a package tour, but as we’d decided to do only a one day tour, a bike seemed like a great independent way! The recommended one day tour is about 30km long (return) and takes in all the main sights. The scale of Angkor is truly amazing, and really makes all other ancient sites seem insignificant. There are over 80 sights excavated, and we only managed to see about 10! It’s a huge roving jungle containing masses of undiscovered treasures, you can easily see why it’s the setting for so many movies. If you had a better attention span than us, you could easily spend days roaming around.
cdn_inasia cdn_inas…
2 reviews
Stunning sight! Mar 16, 2011
This is by far one of the most interesting places I have been. The site is absolutely huge and considering Angkor is ~700 years old it's stunning. The trip via land from Thailand was filled with the typical tourist traps (as soon as I hit the Cambodian border to Siem Reap) but once in Angkor it was great. I would highly recommend to anyone who enjoy's history or just wants to see something that really is out of this world. I saw a string of good hotels close and if you came in by air you could definitely relax and enjoy the scenary. I took a tuktuk through the entire park for about $10USD which covered about 20km and took about 6 hours to get through (including me hopping out and walking through the temples). I advise going early in the morning (7am'ish) to avoid the heat.
ktfacet ktfacet
1 reviews
Wonderful. but get a guide Jul 22, 2011
Experiencing the old temples was amazing, but I would have like to have a guide for half a day because it would have enabled me to fully understand the dynamic beauty of the temples.

We paid about $10/day tuk tuk for 3 people. I also did the3 day pass for $40, well worth the 3 days!
Manumatas Manumatas
2 reviews
Amazing place Jul 11, 2011
Is a really amazing place that deserve a travel just to vitis it.

Its increible it has not been chosen recently as one the 7 wonders of the words.

If you go there spend 2 o 3 days for the main temples and that use a couple of days for the farest ones. In total I would recomend to spend a week to visit it without hurry.
aker2009 aker2009
3 reviews
A monument second to none Jun 07, 2011
Lost for words is what comes to mind for anyone looking at Angkor Wat for the first time. I was amazed at this ancient Hindu temples build by kings whose name sounded Tamilian or Dravidian yet there is no history of South Indian Kings venturing this far into south east Asia. May be some one could shed some light.
FlyMeToTheMoon FlyMeToT…
3 reviews
Amazing Experience Apr 18, 2011
This is definitely a jewel of the jungle. I had read so much about this and also the long history this place had. It's amazing that a city this big could go missing for so many years. This is the real Indiana jones experience.

The sights of Angkor have to appreciated, so old and beautifully sculptured structures. Definitely a highlight for my south east Asian trip!
tiffanyg_54 tiffanyg…
3 reviews
Angkor Wat Apr 13, 2011
I would definitely recommend seeing this!! I was a little bit disappointed by how overcrowded it was but other then that it is phenomenal!!!!
sp3mrsh sp3mrsh
2 reviews
Angkor Wat Apr 11, 2011
Definitely one of the best attractions of South East Asia, Angkor is worth spending a couple of days exploring. Hire a Tuk-Tuk in Siem Reap, because the temples are far apart. A guide is optional, but not really required in my opinion.
chicago_karl chicago_…
4 reviews
A day at the Wat Apr 06, 2011
Three day pass and go super early in the morning if you want to sunset/sunrise pics.

Its so filled with buses and buses of tour groups by 10pm that it takes a lot away from it and I don't like my photos with 20 people in each one.

I had to get down right rude to get my picture in the temple of the trees, only because they were being rude as tour groups.
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