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Angahuan is a small village in the Michoacan state, near Uruapan.

The main attraction is the nearby Volcán Paricutín, which first erupted on 20 February 1943.

Legend tells of a local farmer named Dionisio Pulido who was working on his corn field on a sunny afternoon, when all of a sudden the ground started shaking steam started to vent from the ground. Unlike the normal eruption of a volcano this one started really slowly. Hundreds of scientists were able to see the volcano grow up to 410 metres in a year's time, while lava flows destroyed two nearby villages. Nobody got hurt because everything went so slowly. The volcano continued to grow and spit out lava until it blew its last puff in 1952.

These days the volcano stands as a steep cone in the middle of a landscape of black lava, with a total height of nearly 2800 metres.

The volcano makes a pleasant day trip. Horses and guides can be rented from the centre of Angahuan - You usually find them waiting near the bus stop.

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