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anawangin, Philippines

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lauro lauro
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mystic and haunting but deadly beach of anawangin. May 02, 2009
anawangin is one of the most recently discovered beach spot in the the philippines. it was discovered by a group of mountaineers a few years ago.

in the beginning, it was very hard to reach anawangin, because one must hike 4-5 hours through the mountains of zambales, but as it was getting popular to ordinary people (which i meant not mountaineers) access to anawangin became easier.

small motorboats began to operate for the locals who wanted to visit anawangin and camp.

what and where is anawangin anyway?

anawangin is a hidden cove located in the province of zambales in the philippines. it is in the vicinity of the world's dangerous volcano - mt. pinatubo.

the beach of anawangin is very unique as it was shaped by the climate changing eruption of volcano 2 decades ago. the ashfall of the volcano became the beachfront and it made a sandbar between - creating an estuary.

the sand is very unusual, as they are from the ashfall of the volcano, it gleams so white in the sun, but actually dark gray in color. making an illusion that the sand is pure white but its not.

it is also very peculiar to see pine trees abound the area, as opposed to the tropical setting of coconut trees.

the very interesting part of ben and me's adventure was in the river, we followed the river and waded into a mangrove forest. plus we climbed the hill on the otherside and went down to a more secluded beach.

anawangin is becoming very popular, in a few years time, it will turn into another "one of those" beach resorts. i suggest come now before its too late. while it still has rawness and far from civilization.

there are no electricity or mobile signals or shops in anawangin. you have to bring the essentials.

also the beach is very tricky and dangerous, you can swim and wade knee deep until half a kilometer but suddenly as the sand from the bottom shifts, you wouldnt be able to touch the bottom anymore and you will get pulled by riptides which occur in anawangin. the local tribal group - the sambals, believed in a myth that sirens dwell in this part of the sea and pulling people under the water as sacrifices. NOTE: LOTS OF PEOPLE DROWNED AND DIED IN ANAWANGIN so be very careful of your wits.

what to bring for camping in anawangin:

tents or hammocks

enough water and food

lighter for bonfires

medical kits: the hospital is FAR AWAY.

mosquito repellant - highly recommended!


you can gather your own bonfires in the forest or buy bonfires from the locals there who will collect them for you.

you pay the campsite for 50 pesos (.80 euros per night) the money is used for cleaning the beach which is good, because people just dont care and litter.

how to get to anawangin from manila?

1. ride a bus. victory liner. stations are located in pasay city and caloocan city within metro manila.

2. book for either to the city of ologapo or to iba municipality in zambales.

the buses to olongapo plies every hour, while the buses to iba plies early morning and late afternoon.

if you took olongapo bus, take another bus to iba. but if you took the bus to iba directly, you wouldt have to change as it goes directly.

3. then from the buses, make a stop to the town of san antonio, and from there a small tricycle ride to the much smaller town of pundaquit.

4. from pundaquit, hire a motor boat to anawangin.


olongapo/iba - san antonio - 250 pesos one way (4 euros)

san antonio - pundaquit (tricycle) - 60 pesos (1 euro)

pundaquit - anawangin - 1800 pesos boat ride (30 euros) - overnight (plus side trip to camara island or capones island)

i recommend a boatman from pundaquit as he is very honest and will not rip you off.

just call or send a message to:



the cove of anawangin and the zamb…
the forest of anawangin.
our campsite near to the forest! g…
the beach of anawangin.
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elisa20 says:
i just wanna share one of my highly recommended boatman in anawangin,he's kuya jay-r from pundakit.he has a bigboat and his boat rate is very affordable.parking fee is free and he's very can contact him at 09173809104.
Posted on: Dec 02, 2010
lauro says:
go now before it will turn into a beach resort!
Posted on: Sep 01, 2009
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