Anakena beach (Easter Island)

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Easter Island, Chile

Anakena beach (Easter Island) Reviews

Toonsarah Toonsarah
566 reviews
Moai by the beach Nov 12, 2016
This is generally held to be one of the nicest beaches on Rapa Nui and it is certainly eye-catching. It lies on the north coast and is popular with locals and visitors alike, but didn’t strike me as at all crowded (although we did have to wait a few minutes to get a table in one of the cafés). It is also not at all over-developed, with the parking area, cafés and gift shops kept well back from and to one side of the beach itself.

This was the last stop on our day-long tour and some people from the group took the opportunity for a swim in the Pacific, but with only an hour here we decided to content ourselves with a paddle, photography and a cold drink.

For there is more to Anakena than sun, sand and sea. This beach is full of historical significance for the Rapanui. Oral tradition tells that it was her that first king, Ariki Hotu Matu’a, landed with his men and established the first settlement on the island. He is even believed to have lived in one of the caves here.

Naturally the village had its ahu, several in fact. The largest is the restored Ahu Nau Nau, with seven moai, four of them with their pukao in place. They stand among the palm trees (imported from Tahiti) their backs (as always) to the sea, as if trying to ignore the frivolity of the swimmers and sun-bathers on the beach below. Above them on a sandy ridge is Ahu Ature Huki with a single larger moai, the first to have been stood upright by Thor Heyerdahl, in 1956.
Ahu Nau Nau, Anakena Beach
Ahu Nau Nau, Anakena Beach
Ahu Ature Huki, Anakena Beach
Anakena Beach
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andrejav andrejav
751 reviews
Anakena Beach Jan 14, 2012
Largest and the most beautiful beach on the island (only two sand beaches exist on the island) is it easily accessible by car. It is located around 15km from the city of Hanga Roa, and it has a beautiful Ahu and well preserved Moias. I was told that the beach was the location where first Polynesians arrived to the island and later on was made as a important ceremonial spot. Sand covers most of the ruins and tall palm growth makes this area very surreal and dreamy.

My suggestion is to get there early morning when there is no one on the beach, and just have this place for yourself. Usually there are dozen or so wild horses gazing on the fields while you float over pristine send beach… It is kind of nice place to spend your day :)
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gsoledade gsoledade
7 reviews
A piece of heaven by Moai feet Feb 27, 2011
An amazing place! The only sand beach of the island (the other beaches are of little stones), located at the opposite side from Hanga Roa. You can get there by car after 15 minutes by a good comfortable road.

Within palm trees and by a platform with seven huge Moai, this beach is just perfect for relaxing, swimming on the deep blue Polynesian water or just enjoying the landscape.

When you are on that beach, laying on that ground, after having seen so many historic sites, you can really feel the amazingness of that culture, and imagine how they got to that island, how they lived there and how important the sea was to them. You can easily understand also how important their ancestors were important to them, and this could explain the reasons that made them build those huge Moai structures.

Some people do camping nearby, but it is place definately worth to visit even very quickly, just to seeing it by a glance.
JasonBarth JasonBar…
1 reviews
Easter Island Jun 26, 2011
Easter Island is one of my favorite places I have ever visited!!! The volcanoes, the maoi statues and the laid back vibe of the island is amazing. The plane ride is long but very much worth it. The palm trees at Anakena Beach were actually all brought in from Tahiti in the 1960's!!!
finalnicolas finalnic…
3 reviews
Jul 06, 2005
Great sandy beach on the north of the island to have a rest at the bottom of Moai!
Anakena beach
Anakena beach
Anakena beach
Anakena beach

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