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andrejav andrejav
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Amtrak experience Jul 19, 2016
So, I decided to take train in USA. It is marketed as something awesome because you are going through beautiful nature and you can see “real Americana”. Price of the train was much higher than if I was going to take a plane, and I paid around $300 for the trip from Chicago to San Francisco that was taking some 52 hours to cover that distance. First thing that actually came as a surprise was the dirtiness of the train, and actually restroom was cleaner than the floor of my seat. Another thing was that there is no internet on the train… There is internet on the small boats going down the Amazon river, on the Philippine buses going over the mountains, but the “most progressive economy” of the world can’t do that in their trains… well there you go. Food is extra expensive and just alright, and you won’t have time to get out on some stop and buy better food. Nights are extremely cold and you won’t get any blankets. Only really cool area was passing the Rocky Mountains and a bit of the Sierras, rest is GMO crops all around. On the other hand, train staff and conductors were fantastic, totally different from other US transportation officials.

To summarize, my experience with USA trains is that they are uncomfortable, extremely expensive, and slow and my recommendation is to avoid it.
andrejav says:
Well... the stars in this case do not correspond to whats good or whats bad, but they are ranged from "trivial importance to Very important to know.
Posted on: Jul 20, 2016
andrejav says:

Posted on: Jul 20, 2016
spocklogic says:
Why you give it 5 stars?

Amtrak had had problems being financially independent as a business since it was founded in 1971. It looses millions (perhaps hundreds of millions) of dollars a year and only survives through government subsidizing. So, it remains far behind other nations as a mode of transportation from years of financial troubles.
Posted on: Jul 19, 2016
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joeq65 joeq65
17 reviews
Seeing the USA (especially Western US) by train. Nov 25, 2011
Train travel in the US is an excellent way to meet people and also to get from point A to point B while seeing the countryside in between. Especially on west coast trips the cost can be reasonable. Further you can travel for free with Amtrak Guest Rewards program. While few will qualify for rewards based solely on train travel it is possible to exchange Hilton rewards points for Amtrak Guest Rewards points. Even more interesting Hilton allows American Airlines miles to be exchanged from Hilton Rewards points. Thus it is possible to parlay miles and stays into a free trip. The Amtrak rewards points are based on travel within any one zone. Therefore it is possible to book a trip from Denver to Seattle and travel two nights on a train crossing the rockies, the sierras and the cascades all in one trip. Do you research before you book. The best way to travel overnight on a train is in 'first class' (meaning a sleeping compartment). The actual sleeping compartments are little more than closets with two bunks in them that convert to seats during the day. The advantage is that one actually can comfortably sleep in the bunks. However, taller and larger persons should be aware of the top bunk in which you are literally held in by a net! The majority of your time on the train will be spent in the observation car and the dinning car. Here you will meet all kinds of truly interesting people and enjoy both scenery and socializing. All the Western long distance trains have these cars. Trains in and out of NYC do not have an observation car. As the double story trains can't clear the tunnels in and out of NYC. Overall as long as you realize that it is faster to drive and that trains will almost certainly not run on time you'll find that train travel is a relaxing and enjoyable way to travel the US.
tomassgringo tomassgr…
17 reviews
Crescent - New Orleans to Atlanta - Good flight Alternative May 23, 2009
I recently took Amtrak's Crescent from its starting point in New Orleans and got off in Atlanta. The Crescent continues on to New York City. I found that Amtrak is a social way to travel. Some slept others made new friends and chatted and moved about the train with new friends. The coach rate I paid for a Saturday trip was $58 USD, which was about 1/3 the price of an airplane ticket. Plus I was allowed to check 3 bags and bring 2 carry-ons. Since I was packing heavy, this saved me even more over the airlines. The coach seats were large, comfortable, and reclined. The trip was about 12 hours and all daylight, so I was able to catnap a little but not sleep. So if schedule is not important and you are not in a rush and want to enjoy the journey, I do recommend Amtrak. For a longer journey you may consider a sleeper car just to have some privacy and food is included on a sleeper car. Pack snacks because the lounge car is quite pricey! But for a day trip, coach was just fine!
Crescent poster in New Orleans tra…
Me settling in for a long ride!
Large comfortable seats that recli…
Roomy cabins.
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