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Nieuwezijds Voorburgwal 359, Amsterdam, Netherlands

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Dutch Industrial Age Jul 20, 2015
Because I am interested in the history of the Dutch 19th century I was keen to visit the exhibition at the Amsterdam museum (former Amsterdam Historic Museum) about this subject. My sister was interested as well so we went together. On our bicycles ofcourse, it was nice weather.

The museum is located in a complex of historical buildings. In the Middle Ages it was the location of the monastery of Saint Luciën; in 1578 the city orphanage was established here. Between 1580 to 1960 it was the home for thousands of orphanaged children, who would get housing, food and an education.

The main entrance of the museum is at Sint Luciënsteeg (named for the former monastery), an alley between Kalverstraat and Nieuwe Zijdsvoorburgwal. We parked our bicycles at Nieuwe Zijds and the museum fun started already because we noticed the lovely collection of gablestones (gevelstenen) at the walls of the alley. These stones which were masoned onto the outside walls of the buildings, tell something about the houses or their owners. At the entrance we showed our museum cards, and we received our tickets as well as the museum map. I did not understand it quite well, this could be because the buildings are quite complicated "glued" together. Lots of stairs, several innercourtyards, even a medieval street turned into a gallery. The innercourtyards as well as the civic guard gallery are free to enter, for the other parts the museum entrance ticket is needed.

But we came for the exhibition of "de IJzeren Eeuw" (Dutch industrial age) and after going down and up some stairs we arrived at the halls for this exhibition. Quite interesting matter, at first we did not figure the structure of the exposed objects but after a while we began to understand it. Great range of displays of all kinds of objects and information about the subject. Display cases, paintings, interactive objects, computerinformation, scanned items; all of this made us understand the impact of that age.

We did not see much of the other halls at the museum; after a few hours we could not soak up any more information, so we left with the intention to come back some other time, for this museum is sure very interesting.
Entrance gate at St. Luciensteeg
Announcement for the exhibition.
Gable stones at the walls of the S…
Part of the exhibition: scanned pa…
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walterman9999 says:
good review
Posted on: Oct 02, 2015
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dqfn1 dqfn1
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History of an old city called Amsterdam Mar 15, 2011
The Amsterdams Historys Museum (Amsterdam Historic Museum) is renamed in 2011 to the Amsterdam Museum. It is an absolute must see for history buffs, history fans and tourists who want to know more about the city their visiting. History is placed in a broad perspective in this museum. It ranges from the Dark Ages up untill the 1980's!

The locations is quite unique too, because this museum is housed in a former orphanage, well, acutally two. One building was for the boys and the other building for the girls, ceperated by a small canal called the Begijnsloot. This canal was filled and a small alley was created. Over this alley they build a roof and in this space they hung paintings. This made a small exhibition area which is free for visitors. People will even use this alley to go from one place to a nother.

The buildings were build in the Dutch Baroque style, which is Baroque but very sobre, not as rich decorated as in Italy or France. One very unique detail are the pilasters whit the tops placed in a 45 degree angle. These details are made up by the architect Hendrick de Keyser, in 1910 he even got an association named after him who takes care of special Dutch buildings.

Back to the museum, it's all about Amsterdam. From the start of the Dark Ages up until the 1980's. You'll see gothic details, paintings and statues and on the attick a white bike, a small electric car and a cafe of the first openly gay cafe in Amsterdam (1920's!). Gay people were welcome here, only on Queens Day (celebrating the queens birthday) the gays were allowed to dans. Kissing was not allowed.

The permanent collection is huge and there are several temporarily collections about several things, ranging from a collection about one person up untill entire neighborhoods from Amsterdam.
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dqfn1 says:
@ Rudolph, je hebt dit museum nog nooit bezocht? Ga je schamen ;). Het geeft de geschiedenis van Amsterdam heel mooi weer.

@ Glynnes, no problem, even though it was a big review, there is still much more to tell about this museum!
Posted on: Mar 15, 2011
Glynnes says:
Thanks for sharing your review.
Posted on: Mar 15, 2011
Sweetski says:
Nog nooit bezocht. Wordt toch eens tijd, de volgende keer dat ik in Amsterdam ben :)
Posted on: Mar 15, 2011
WalterC WalterC
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Definitely worth visiting Mar 09, 2010
Also called the Amsterdam History Museum, it traces the history of Amsterdam, starting with how the city started, how it grew, how it went from Catholic to Protestant, and becoming a commercial power, the Golden Age in the 1600’s. It goes all the way to the present.

Very extensive, and definitely worth visiting to learn about the city. The fun part was playing with the bells, that are in churches. And seeing the paintings from the Golden Age, and learning about the various types of people living in Amsterdam.

The museum entrance is not hard to find, which is on Kalverstraat, a pedestrian street. Just have to look for an archway, with a coat of arms at the top. Once through the arch, you enter a courtyard, where you can find the museum entrance.

There is a separate gallery, called the Civil Guards Gallery, which has paintings of the city’s heroes. Admission to this section is free, and same hours as the museum. Not easy to find, though. Have to enter either from Kalverstraat or the Begijnhof. And these paintings can be seen from the 2nd floor of the museum as well.
arch with coat of arms
autopsy painting (like CSI)
museum entrance
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gingerbatik says:
ha..ha.. I like play with the bell:) most of the time I ring the bell in or outside the church without seeing the sign "do not touch"... ugh..too late.
Posted on: Nov 20, 2013
cvanzoen cvanzoen
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Educational museum on history of Amsterdam Jul 25, 2009
This museum is located and various linked old buildings and is therefore not very accessible for people in wheelchairs because of all the smaller and larger steps.

The museum takes you through 23 rooms in which the history of Amsterdam is displayed. Various themes through various centuries are highlighted and also interiors of rooms from the last century are shown.

I'd say this is a must for everyone living in Amsterdam and a nice to do for every tourist.
Larrys Larrys
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History in an Old Orphanage Apr 29, 2009
This is a really nice museum with period pieces dating as far back as 1538. The museum is close, only 15 minutes walk from the Central Station, via Damrak, Dam Square and Kalverstraat. The entrance fee for adults is 10 Euros.

The current exhibition features works from the old masters and will be on display through August 9, 2009. This exhibition contains more than 1,000 paintings created prior to the 19th century. Artists featured in the exhibition include: Rembrandt, Jacob van Ruisdael, Jan van der Heyden and Willem van de Velde.

If you enjoy art and history as much as I do then you will want to put this museum on your list of "must do".
JoePink says:
I visited this museum using the IAmsterdam Pass. Unfortunately my buddy got drained from listening to the audio tour, so we kinda breezed through it :(
Posted on: Jun 02, 2009

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