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Amsterdam, Netherlands
Amsterdam - poffertjes! awesome pancakes
Amsterdam - the hostel
Amsterdam - amsterdam at night
Amsterdam - the red light district.
Amsterdam - the full day pass. a must buy.
Amsterdam - the full day pass. a must buy.

Amsterdam Reviews

airren airren
2 reviews
My advice for amsterdam to YOU. Aug 23, 2011

if you're coming in from the airport it is pretty far but if you're keen, take the train to the main central station. first thats cheap. secondly you can walk to the tourist office next to the station. once you get out go to the area with all the trams and the office is right opposite the tram station.

once at the office, buy the essential tourist pack. it's E35 and it comes with an amsterdam pass and a tram pass. both works for 24 hours. this means you can see things from say 11am to 11am the next day. its a bloody brilliant pass and works best if you're not high.

also, if you're there for more than 72 hours buy the 3 day travel pass. 1 day pass costs E7 and i think the 3 day costs E15. the pass is awesome because per tram ride is already E2.40 regardless of whether it is one stop or ten.


i recommend the hostel i stayed in. its a former brothel and its bloody nice. i had a friend stay in the famous hostel in amsterdam (bear hostel or something) and he said he enjoyed the first night but thereafter was tough cos he needed sleep and no one slept. this hostel is a bit more chic and pretty plus its near a lot of the attractions. here's the link -


the pass should let you see all the museums. the 2 good ones are the rijksmuseum and the van gogh. both will take about a good part of the day. the famous iamsterdam sign is also outside the rijks. thereafter the book that comes with the pass will also show you a couple of museums you'll like. anne frank house is also awesome.but you'll have to pay extra for that. amsterdam is also home to 4 rather famous churches. visit the oude kerk. that's right smack in the middle of the red light district. bloody fascinating how a church can exist in the red light district.

the red light district comes alive after 7pm. thats when people stop work and get the loads out. haha. before that its kinda quiet and you just see a lot of plus sized ladies. the red light district is in between buildings. the best ones are in small street alleys. its so small only two people can walk side by side. it's in the small small ones that have the freaking pretty girls. if you just hang around on the main streets you'll only see plus sized girls with madly sized boobies. so remember to walk the small alleys.

if you keep walking southwards, you'll find more sex stuff including sex museums and sex shows. i say this in the most non intrusive, non sexual, not abusive manner when i say.. watch a sex show. its bloody awesome. haha. its basically two people having sex in front of you. i mean.. where else can u see that right? haha. going to a sex museum is a fucking waste of time. you pay like E7 just to see rows of dildos.

oh the heineken museum is also very nice to see. and visit DAM sq. there's where the national monument and the dam is. people hang out there and its just a nice place overall. chill place. vondelpark is also pretty awesome.


the place with the best entertainment is this district called leidseplein. its right opp the rijks. its a big place. about 4 - 5 streets combined. very nice to chill out at night and good for food. cheap food. amsterdam is full of expensive food so you should look for the cheap ones. E5 gets you a big pizza, pastas, mexican food, chinese food etc. also the cleanest place to smoke. the red light district have many coffeeshops but if its the first time you;re smoking this is a better place. its more clean with more responsible people. when you enter a coffeeshop (to buy smokes) dont be shy to tell the dudes this is your first time, ask for a pre-roll. these are pre-rolled smokes which are usually rolled for first timers. i had 2 on the first day. nothing happened. took 4 on the next. then something happened. haha. if you're trying cakes, do so in a park. then you wont drop into the canal or something.

the best park is hit the zone with is vondelpark. its big, green, spacious and people there look out for you. in case they see you going to flip out or something. heh.


here's a pretty good map for you. -


have their pancakes. its very diff from pancakes as we know it. so its a good try. also have their poffertjes. that's dutch mini pancakes. bloody freaking awesome.


on the map, if you see this jordaan district, that's the place to shop.
amsterdam at night
the red light district.
poffertjes! awesome pancakes
the hostel
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githa29 githa29
2 reviews
my hometown is great! Jun 21, 2011
Amsterdam is a beautifull city lots to do like the Flower market and Madam Tussaud and the great canals you must rent a bike! the best period to visit Amsterdam is in the summer may-september. And a great holiday is Queensday that's on the 30th of April Party Party Party
charlenekvb charlene…
1 reviews
Amsterdam May 04, 2009
As you all know Amsterdam is the main capital of the Netherlands. It’s a capital that is famous about his busy traffic, the many museums, historic monuments and ofcourse the important canals. These canals are actually the most important tourist attractions of Amsterdam, and that is also connected by more over about thousand bridges. In the 11th century the water had a very important roll by the development in this city, which exist 25 % about water and there are 150 canalboats that transport the 3 million people trough the 165 canals of Amsterdam.

There are also waterbicles that you can find on diversity places in Amsterdam. Every year there are more then 3000 people that are going on board of a canal boat to see Amsterdam off the water. Amsterdam is also city water.

What very beautiful about Amsterdam is, is that it is also a very modern city of the 21st century but that still has the classic ambiance of the 17th century. That is recognizable on his canals, building and especially the house boats and recently there are more than 2500 houseboats that are connected with the sewerage. Previously these houseboats were used to transport merchandise before, but today, houseboats are floating private residential properties.

Like i said Amsterdam is very famous about his museums and historical monuments. Well if your in Amsterdam it's a must that you visit those things (ofcourse if you got the time) for example:

The Anne Frank House! The house were the Jewish girl Anne frank was hiding for 3 years with her parents and her sister. She also wrote a famous diary that became a historical diary after the betray.

And ofcourse the other historical museums, The Begeinenhofje, magna plaza, new church, westermarkt etc.
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Lord_Mike says:
I did not make it to the Anne Frank House...just another reason to come back there and visit, if not to go back once more to Lord Mike's!!!
Posted on: May 31, 2009
villan says:
A little different from my review of Amsterdam... but a side that I would love to see in the future... especially Anne Frank House! Well done!
Posted on: May 31, 2009
Sylvie1 Sylvie1
30 reviews
Dec 16, 2007
I went to Amsterdam with a friend a couple of years ago, because I had won a ticket to get a sleepover there for very little money. So we went there for one night. Unfortunatly we were very tierd, so we didn't do much of partying there, but we did see alot of things there. We went to 'Tousseau' and saw the beautiful places that Amsterdam has to offer. What I did come across and shocked me a bit, are the many sexshops they have there. I don't know why, but you can buy just anything there. Then you have ofcourse the greenshops. Those are nice, haha. You can buy all kind of stuff there, but I suggest you do it in the Netherlands yourself. Don't cross the border if you will, haha. Amsterdam is a cowsy city, with very sweet people, really.
globalodyssey says:
nicely done
Posted on: May 05, 2009
natasha_smit natasha_…
3 reviews
Jul 27, 2007
for all future travellers to Amsterdam..

here's some advice from a true "Amsterdammer".

there's more in Amsterdam than marihuana and The Red Light District!

go a bit outside of the centre, try to find the cute little bars which are everywhere, enjoy some walks on the canals..

try to see more than the 'cliché' picture of Amsterdam which is all about drugs, sex, and rock and roll. sure, the nigh life is fun here, but there's more to do than just party!

For me Amsterdam is about the atmosphere, the cozyness, the tinyness but still being a 'worldcity'. Amsterdam is cultural! there's so much musique, plays, etc.

go out there and enjoy the good sites of Amsterdam!
basilius007 says:
well... agree on that! Amsterdam has been known for centuries for its tolerance.. and that is what i like about the city! But besides of coffeeshops and sexindustry there's a lot of nice things to be seen there! Cruising canals in my boat at summer i allways see new things, galleries, cafe's, streetmusic, architecture etc. Its a great place to live!
Posted on: Feb 23, 2008
Bartje83 says:
Totally agree :D
Posted on: Oct 22, 2007

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