Amsterdam Sex Museum

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Damrak 18, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam Sex Museum Reviews

Bojasem Bojasem
216 reviews
nice museum Jun 06, 2012
The location Very Good in tourist area in Damrak 18, Amsterdam 2012 LH, The Netherlands not

far far from central station and dam square.

Top tip: Just go, spend 4 €, say you have been there.

... Browsing among many websites, a lot of people have suggested the Sex Museum as a must see in Amsterdam. Well, here is what you should expect.. You pay 4 € and enter in the so called museum. Amsterdam is well known for its libertine nightlife, but, having said that, this place is overrated in my opinion. It's a funny half an hour to go with friends when you are stoned, but except from that...If you are running short of time, just go to the Red Light District.

It was interesting and funny, however it was very crowded and narrow which took away some of the enjoyment because people were constantly bumping in to you.

you should see.
stefmuts says:
@sirrosco, it's not a tourist trap, just a funny slightly different kind of museum, don't take it to serious!
Posted on: Jul 14, 2014
Bojasem says:
i stay 4 day in Amsterdam and there are many places
in my mind but the big problem is the rain it not
normal rain it like shower and still hours.
Posted on: Jun 06, 2012
SirRosco says:
After what I read I wonder why you gave 4 outta 5 stars^^
We passed the museum as well but considered it to be a tourist trap. Lucky us I would say^^
Posted on: Jun 06, 2012
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frank0755 frank0755
3 reviews
Sex museum Mar 29, 2011
4 euros entrance can see a lot of pictures of people having sex even from 60s, and there are a lot of interesting stuff in there too..
rvegas rvegas
12 reviews
Sex Museum, Amsterdam Jan 01, 2009
Well since others wrote about it, I thought I'd add my 2 cents. I didn't plan to go to the museum, stumbled across it while exploring the city. I thought I should visit at least one museum while in Amsterdam.

Cost 3 Euros to get in. It had about three or four floors. Each had statues, sex toys or what I assume were sex toys, pictures and even a movie room. Yeah I know what your thinking, free porn :). Well nothing was playing at the time and I didn't stick around to find out. So will never know..

They had old pages from the kama sutra and other old books, and weird historical stuff. I can't really say it was informative but it was unique. Something to do If you've already done everything else.

P.S and its a fun place to take pics :D
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HuBison says:
Was just going through some reviews, sorry I didn't stop by when I was in Amsterdam; looks like it woulda been a good laugh, but woulda also have been too shy to walk into a place called a "Sex Museum".
Posted on: Aug 07, 2010
Chloelf Chloelf
40 reviews
Sex Musuem Mar 22, 2008
The Amsterdam Sex Museum is exactly that a museum. It is just full of pictures, statues, etc. Its cheap to get in, a good laugh, what more can you expect from a sex museum?haha we had a good laugh off it!!We stayed in there for about an hour just looking around, it was great fun. They also have a giant penis, everyone seems to take a picture with it haha, it is kinda awkward walking in at first as you feel like a complete pervert even though we just went in for the laugh! Anyway its worth the visit especially to get a picture of you next to a giant penis hahaha:)
Sex Museum
Sex Statuse's
Sex Museum Entrance
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British4Eternity British4…
11 reviews
Quite an Interesting Adventure Jan 18, 2008
Of course nobody is used to seeing such a display during the night. To tell you the truth I didn't know what to expect. Though it became very interesting. Forget for a minute about the women, and just think seriously for a moment about the culture. The fact that this is legal. Are the Dutch crazy? or Do the Dutch know what they are doing? I really think that a lot of what the dutch do is genius. I can certainly bet you that crime rates in the Netherlands, Amsterdam in particular are immensely lower then other European cities, simply because of the freedoms that are provided. Of course, in the end you have to pay for a night with the girl, but the fact that this is permitted put my mind in a different world. I finally got to see what it was all about. Its worth the experience, because you begin to contemplate (if not about the girl) then about how Amsterdam is truly unique in its own way and the Red light district provides an entry into a really foreign world.
BinLeenk BinLeenk
6 reviews
Nov 29, 2007
It was another ho-hum morning when a thought drifted into my consciousness. Perhaps it was because I was bored. Or maybe it was because I hadn't had sex in a long time. Nevertheless, I felt determined - no - destined to visit Amsterdam's Sex Museum.

I checked the location, charged my camera battery, encouraged my friend to join and we cycled into town.

My friends, I have not laughed so hard in so long. Not to say I'm an immature guy, because I'm not. However, there are a few displays (robotic and engaging) that had me in stitches.

The museum cost three euros for admittance. It's one of the cheapest attractions in Amsterdam. It has multiple stories of rare paintings, carvings, pictures, films, mannequins (some move and squirt) and so much more. If you're not down for sexual craziness, then I don't see you making it past the first floor (but, then again, why are you reading a review for a sex museum?).

There's all sorts of rare artificats. It puzzled me that I was declined a proper history lesson in sexual activity. However, I definitely received one upon my visit.

The Sex Museum is almost 100m from Central Station. The website has a map anyways. Definitely check it out when you visit.
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szchinasail says:
funny, frist time to hear about it, thanks a lot for showing it
Posted on: Dec 30, 2007
alyssa_ob says:
I loved this museum! It was one of my favorite "museums" in Amsterdam and perhaps the best 3 Euros I spent! It is very entertaining and I wished I had someone there to share it with - if you know what I mean ;)
Posted on: Dec 30, 2007
kingelvis14 says:
You might win the prize for the most "hits" on a travel blog. Congratulations!! Not exactly Disneyland, is it??
Posted on: Dec 30, 2007
redchilli redchilli
1 reviews
Feb 22, 2007
What can i say about the sex museum? Well for one thing, it was definately better than the one in Prague city! and it cost less - 8 Euros (price in 2006).

Ironically its not situated in the red right district, but about 5mins walk from it on the Dam street (yes thats its name).

Despite its name, its not sleezy at all. The museum is very well furbished and houses a large collection, both international, domestic and historical erotic and pronographic materials, art, literature, interactives and artefacts.

The exhibits include mannequins arranged in sexy poses, a guy who flashes himself whenever someone walks past, Greek temple devotional items, Japanese carved erotic ivories and antique and modern fetish wear. The photo collection is arranged according to straight sex and otherwise. It's mostly black and white on the second floor and more coloured ones on the bottom floor.

"There is a comprehensive selection of manuscripts and drawings ranging from the Karma Sutra to twentieth-century comics and a vast film and photographic library proffering every sexual predilection and preference.

An interactive section offers visitors privacy in one of several small padded booths, with a selection of films playing continuously whilst the display of contemporary paintings can be viewed from one of three appropriately shaped seven-foot long vibrating chairs."


The whole museum takes up 2.5 floors in this piece of premium real estate in Amersterdam, its truly worth a visit because the dutch are really the most liberal people in the world and it shows in their mature approach to what is often considered a somewhat taboo topic in polite conversations!
Photo from google, which shows the…
Entrance to the sex museum
alicia alicia
2 reviews
Nov 09, 2006
amsterdam was a great experience. anyone that is planning on going there must see the red light district. the ladies that work in the area are actually very friendly. beware blue lights are men, red lights are girls. beware of pickpockets but nothing really serious. other than that a great time!!!!!!!!!!!! the sex museum is also a great experience and a laugh if your with your mates. it is funny but beware no photos are allowed inside.
londonstudent says:
I take it the cost rating relates to the museum ...
Posted on: Nov 15, 2006

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