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#1 of 60 hotels in Amritsar
fullstopindia says: "We chose Hotel Sun City Towers based on its convenient location to the main m..."
Average Rate
#2 of 60 hotels in Amritsar
Biedjee says: "Grand Hotel Amritsar is conveniently located opposite the Amritsar train station..."
#3 of 60 hotels in Amritsar
xandervanhoof says: "This is a cheap option centrally located in the old city. It is easy to find an..."
#4 of 60 hotels in Amritsar
omendfornd says: "Great little hotel which doesn't pay money to the touts, so you don't have that ..."
#5 of 60 hotels in Amritsar
Chunna says: "This place was so scary. First, there were no guests there. It was literally jus..."
#6 of 60 hotels in Amritsar
This affordable hotel is within a few minutes taxi ride from the heart of Amritsar. Guru Nanak Dev University and Department of...
Average Rate
#7 of 60 hotels in Amritsar
Location. Hotel Airlines is located in Amritsar, close to Maharaja Ranjit Singh Panorama, Durgiana Temple, and Golden Temple. Ne...
#8 of 60 hotels in Amritsar
Department of Commerce and Business Management and Guru Nanak Dev University are within a 20 minute drive from the Hotel Sita Co...
#9 of 60 hotels in Amritsar
Dining options at Hotel City Castle include 18 restaurants. Room service is available 24 hours a day. This 2.0-star property has...
Average Rate
#10 of 60 hotels in Amritsar
The Hotel Darbar View is within a 20 minute walk to Harmandir Sahib and within a 10 minute drive you can find Guru Nanak Dev Uni...
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