American Museum of Natural History

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200 Central Park West, New York, NY, USA - (212) 769-5000

American Museum of Natural History New York Reviews

emmytravel emmytrav…
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Butterfly Exhibit Apr 25, 2013
The Butterfly Exhibit was unique, I thought it would be dull. But when I walked in the butterflies flocked to me, they were not flocking to others, they even left staff members holding tempting fruit to come land on me! I could move, walk and had to check thoroughly to make certain none came out the doors with me. I just want to know why birds flock to me (see Empire State Bldg) and butterflies flock to me - Why can't MEN flock to me???? hmmmm???? Just saying! Anyway, parents took photo's of their children and my hand or arm because I could bring the butterfly down to the child's face for photo opportunity, but butterflies wouldn't leave me to go to anyone. LOL For me this was a surprise and wonderful experience. Gotta love it.
agostino says:
wish to be there too how can i
Posted on: Jul 21, 2013
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amandalaren amandala…
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History Love Aug 14, 2012
I spent a couple of hours here as I ADORE natural history. I enjoyed all aspects concerning archaic findings and all of the bones and fossils.

Definitely plan to spend half of your day here and wear comfy shoes so that you have the strength to see everything this place has to offer. I was really upset that I didn't get to see the gems and rock section, I heard they had all types of rarities and giant stones. Love me some works of the earth.

I also really enjoyed the planetary room they had set up with the different stones and pictures depicting space. The universe is so complex that it's great to learn from a life sized exhibit. Had a lovely time.

The food in the cafe was pretty expensive for me, but I truly will go here again upon my return to New York.

Amanda - Michigan
agostino says:
how can i get there too
Posted on: Jul 21, 2013
Figan Figan
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Finally Made it Mar 23, 2011
Stoked to finally make it to the American Museum of Natural History. I spent about 4.5 hours here and I had a good time. The dinosaur displays were probably my favorite exhibit. I was also surprised to see such a huge display for American Indians of the Pacific Northwest.

The entry is awesome. They just do not make buildings like they used to.

I was disappointed that the section devoted to Teddy Roosevelt was closed, he is one of the most interesting US presidents and I was looking forward to checking it out. Oh well...maybe next time.

It was also cool to check out the Willamette Meteorite, which was originally located in Oregon before being taken to New York. It is a pretty big rock.

If you are thinking of seeing things featured in Night at the Museum, remember, that was only a movie. There is a lot of neat stuff to see here and give a great look at many of the cultures from around the world. Some of the dioramas are pretty darn nifty.
Mark_Norman Mark_Nor…
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Cold Night at the Museum Dec 14, 2010
After spending sometime at Time Warner Center and exploring shops located in and around Lincoln Center by foot, my travel companions and I decided that we should try and visit the American Museum of Natural History before it closed for the evening.

It was a busy night in New York, and a very cold one at that. We had been walking the streets for a good part of the evening and decided that it would be best to grab a yellow cab to take us there.

Traffic was heavy and since it was around 5:15pm we figured that we would have very little time to make it to the Museum before close, which was at 5:45pm.

My sister and I talked and contemplated just forgetting the idea since we would likely not make it in time, at least for it to be worthwhile. After asking the cab driver how much further he responded, "We're almost there, see right around this corner"

Everyone said after we got there what a good decision it was to stay with the plan of trying to make it.

We entered the Museum doors and noticed the security guards motioning us to come the same time advising us that the museum would be closing shorty. I expected to have to pay an entrance fee, perhaps a prorated one but that was not the case…it was free. Our friends later told us that they sometimes make a donation (whatever they can) since it contributes to the maintenance of the museum itself. Great idea.

The main lobby was sooo impressive; on display were various fossilized dinosaurs. Two inpaticular caught my attention, one which looked to be a Velociraptor and the second a massive Apatosaurus or Brontosaurus (which was displayed beginning to stand upright on its two back legs)

This is one of the main reasons why I wanted to visit the American Museum of Natural History, to check out the fossilized dinosaur exhibit that was being displayed on the fourth floor - Fossil Halls.

So with only a few minutes to go we ran upstairs to the fourth floor...

It was not that busy which was great, I can imagine it would get very busy during the day.

We entered the Fossil Halls and noticed immediately the giant Tyrannosaurus Rex that was located near the middle of the room. So cool! On display with the T-rex was a glass showcase which housed an additional fossilized skull along with a detailed write up with various facts and details.

There were all kinds of other dinosaurs that were on display, too many to remember all of their names.

We spent some time taking pictures and discussing how glad we made it there.

With about 5 minutes left until close we left the Fourth floor and visited the third. The Third floor had various exhibits however our time was short so we entered the Akeley Hall of African Mammals. This room or Hall houses various displays of stuffed African mammals which are behind glass windows. Each display is a re-enactment of the mammals’ natural environment, showing them engaged in various activities i.e. hunting prey.

The center of the rooms’ floor was hollow and looked down upon the Second floor, an additional part of the Akeley Hall of African Mammals display. Most notably looking down to the Second floor was a display of African elephants along with various other displays similar to that on the Third floor of the Hall.

We listened as they announced over a PA system, that the Museum was now closed. We tried checking out the Second floor, where a current display was being exhibited on the human brain. But we were blocked by a security guard who asked us politely to exit, as we exited the Second floor he mentioned if we wished to see the exhibit we could return tomorrow.

Unfortunately we all had to leave New York the next morning so there would be no time to do so.

A few additional pictures were taken as we exited the museum onto Central Park and 79th Street.

It definitely was a cold Night at the Museum. But worth visiting, even if it was for only 15-20 minutes!
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Schapie1 Schapie1
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Very large ans remarkable collection Jul 19, 2010
The American Museum of Natural History is a very special museum. It's so big that you will need at least a full day to walk through the museum without missing any items.

The collection of dinosaur skeletons is very remarkable, a lot of skeletons are displayed at the top floor of the museum. When you enter the museum you will also be surprised by the big dinosaur skeletons in the entrance hall.
American Museum of Natural History
American Museum of Natural History
American Museum of Natural History
American Museum of Natural History
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Glynnes says:
Check out the Metropolitan Museum of Art if you have time. The "Big Bamboo" exhibit will "WoW" you. Thanks for the reivew and photos.
Posted on: Jul 19, 2010
cdm115 cdm115
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Museum of Natural History Mar 23, 2009
This weekend I went to the American Museum of Natural History in NYC with my sister, brother-in-law and 3 year old nephew. My nephew was really excited to see the dinosaurs, which he knows more about then I do. Natural history isn't totally my thing, but lately I've thought I need to get out and visit these museums in NYC and I got invited here so I gave it a shot. There were some good things, and some not so good things.

Our first stop was the dinosaur rooms, which were really nice, even for a novice like me. Of note is that the T-Rex is mostly made of real T-Rex bones and was recently repositioned to represent what the newer research indicates was a more likely position for the T-Rex. We also went to see Dinosaurs Alive at the IMAX, which was really interesting, and showed how dedicated the museum is to dinosaur research (they dropped a lot of names of people who were working for the museum and are doing the filed research.) If you're interested in dinosaurs this place is definitely worth visiting. The IMAX wasn't quiet as good as some others I have seen, but the others I have seen were based on real video (one of the coral reefs and one from space) but this one was a mixture of things - video and computer technology, it ended up not being as dynamic as I've come to expect from IMAX movies.

The Milstein Hall of Ocean Life and the African Mammal Hall. I'm covering these together because my thoughts on them are pretty much the same. These halls are not a reason to visit this museum. They're like the poor man's Zoo and Aquarium. It's not that the exhibits are cheap, but its dead stuffed animals with little bits of information about them. Unless the animal is extinct find a Zoo or Aquarium to see it in, it will be a much better experience. My 3 year old nephew did love these two rooms though, so maybe kids will like it.

We did make quick stops in a couple other rooms, but didn't spend much time in them:

Northwest Coast Indians - this room seemed to have a bit of promise, though I suspect that the amount of stuff on exhibit might not make it to the top of the list of places to visit for someone really interested in this. But then again I don't know too much about this topic so I could be wrong.

Human Origins - This was actually a pretty interesting exhibit and a place I wouldn't have minded spending a little more time in. Though I suspect that someone who believes in creation wouldn't want to bother stopping here.

Hall of Planet Earth - Another exhibit that showed some promise, but my nephew wanted to go home and play with his new dinosaurs so we didn't spend much time in here.

Some other notes about the museum: I found the ticket line to be long at 1:00 on a Saturday and poor signage to explain different ticketing options. It was my first time there and found it confusing. You need to pay for admission and then for the IMAX and for any current/temporary exhibits. If we had realized this we probably would have gotten tickets for the climate change exhibit, but by the time we realized it, it was too late. The cafeteria is pretty nice, though it was so crowded and there were so many choices that it was a little overwhelming. There were the usual grilled options, a nice looking salad bar, sandwiches, pizza as well as some entrees and desserts. I wouldn't shy away from eating here, though it's not the cheapest option.
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camsuk76 camsuk76
6 reviews
Easy way to spend a day Aug 08, 2009
The only problem that I had with the museum was entirely my fault. See, I love museums but didn't allow myself enough time to thoroughly enjoy it. My family and I tried to cram as much as I could into 3 days. Well, it was effectively 2 days. The first day there we decided to hit the museum up. We were not familiar with the subway system but with a little research it quickly got the hang of it. The subway took us straight to the museum. We stepped directly off of the subway walked a few feet and stepped into the museum. The ticket prices were in line with what I expected. They have a really good snack bar down stairs. The food is reasonably priced and there is a wide variety. Word to the wise....unless you can commit atleast 2.5hrs you probably will have to rush. The museum is huge and has a little bit for everyone. Wear sensible shoes because there is a lot of walking envolved. The museum is well maintained and clean. Unless you are located within a few blocks of the museum take the subway. It is not as intimidating as one might think. Taxi's are way more expensive. Another cool thing about this museum (besides all of the exhibits) is it's proximity to Central Park. Whenever you enter/exit the museum street side there is a big statue of Teddy Roosevelt. Across the street from there is Central Park. In conclusion plan plenty of time for the museum and don't try to squeeze it in. Charge your camera batteries because there are tons of good photo ops.
The Subway
lynnep lynnep
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One of the best museums ever! Apr 07, 2008
Nat. His. is so much fun to explore. Right now they are doing a live butterfly exhibit with over 400 different species, as well as an aquatic exhibit with presentations daily. This is one of those museums that you keep going back to because it's constantly changing. Always offering new exhibits. The dino wing is really neat, and the space part is too. I can't think of a single thing I don't like about it actually. Especially great for families - kids are too bored at the met/moma/guggenheim...and they are too young for the museum of sex haha.
mario26 mario26
51 reviews
Aug 07, 2007
hi i will talking about the museum each person saw the movie a night at the museum ???? yes it was turn at this place this museum it was big of 4 floor and talk about more things the ocean,the egyptian,the asian people,mexican people,the evolution of the human,the africa ,the wild life ok its a big museum with many things to do !!!!!!

it a beautifull place to see for the young person and old person too.the things it was impress me is the place of the dinosaur wow 5 big room with all king of dinosaur who live in this planet wow so impress and so wonderfull.

I arrive at this museum at 10 the morning and i leave at 4 the afternoon and i dont see the half of the museum its so big!!!!if u seach a good place to learn about people and wild life it a place to see!!!!
mario26 says:
ahahah yes this is a good to develop the culture and life i thinks!!! ahaha
Posted on: Aug 07, 2007
CrazyLisa says:
Ohh you bring back good memories. I loved it here at this museum!
Posted on: Aug 07, 2007
wongjst wongjst
40 reviews
Jul 06, 2007
The American Museum of Natural History is will take you a whole day to walk thru 25 buildings and 46 exhibition halls...
portia portia
216 reviews
Feb 10, 2006
This is a big museum, like a real museum should be! You can probably spend days here, but plan at least 4 hours. If you like dinosaurs, this is heaven. There are so many dinos and skeltons of other incredible animals it's just great fun to see them. Of course they are highly educational too, but don't tell your kids. There are realistic exhibits of all kinds of habitats from around the world. The Rose Center of earth and space is great for looking beyond the life on earth to explore the stars.My favorites are the dinosaurs in the fossil hall, the gems and minerals exhibit, the meteorites, and the ocean life, the mammals. Wear comfortable shoes, you will be doing a lot of walking here!

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