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kingoftheicedragons kingofth…
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Will Never Fly this Carrier Again Mar 13, 2011
This is probably the worst airline I have flown on to date. I guess if this is the worst airline and one of the worst experiences I have had, I should consider myself lucky, considering everything that could possibly go wrong. We flew out of Rochester, Minnesota, to Chicago on our way to Miami. While the first leg of our journey was uneventful, the second leg was less so. The plane that they put us on was originally scheduled to go to Hawaii, and since that was changed, we were told that take-off would be delayed while they unloaded some fuel to lighten the load since we didn’t need that much fuel to get to Miami. When we arrived in Miami, instead of off-loading some fuel, they had decided to offload some luggage instead. There were quite a few people from the flight who didn’t have their luggage arrive with them in Miami. What they did instead was send the luggage down on the next flight instead, so it did arrive in Miami about 60-90 minutes later. While we didn’t experience any problems, other than being stuck in a line waiting to fill out a luggage claim form for over an hour, it was problematic for some people who needed to rush off to get on a cruise right away without their luggage.
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montecarlostar says:
LOL I so totally agree with your review. I can't believe how AA is still in bussiness, they have the worst flights, expensive, delayed and they even charge for your snack. Who would ever want to fly with them!
Posted on: Mar 13, 2011
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montecarlostar montecar…
326 reviews
I don't really like this airline Jan 06, 2010
I haven't flown that much with this airline but I don’t like it much for a number of reasons. First, for what I remember, most of the times, if not all the times I have used it, the flight has been delayed. Also, they don’t give you any complementary meal or even snack during their flights. Snacks can be purchased for 5 dlls instead. Their prices are usually higher than their competitors and the travel schedules are often inconvenient. Overall, I only use this airline when I travel with school and somebody else makes the trip arrangements. Avoid it if you have better options.
JoeriNL JoeriNL
47 reviews
Great value domestic US flight. Nov 23, 2010
I've flown with AA only once, on a US domestic flight from Chicago to San Francisco on a MD-82. The flight was pretty full, and boarding took quite a while. Staff was friendly though, and in the air I got a bit of an old fashioned airline feeling, maybe because the attendants were all a bit older than you usually see, and the whole appearance of AA seems a bit old fashioned. Didn't really matter, service was friendly, and the MD-82 is a nice quiet plane. Besides that, getting from Chicago to San Francisco for about $90 was just a great deal.
American Airlines MD-82 at Chicago…
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yadilitta yadilitta
723 reviews
Bad experience with American Airlines Feb 23, 2009
I have never flown with AA until last June. It was for a domestic flight MIA-Kansas City, but will stops in the middle. I didn't have any prejudice against AA. I was expecting a good service, since I thought they were a big airline. Everything appeared to be fine but:

-I was thinking they were a big airline, so expected food. But NO! They don't give you food during domestic flights. Also charge for checking bags.

-the flights were delayed. Sometimes because the gate was full, other time due to technical problems, etc. It wouldn't have been a problem if I didn't have to catch an international flight. Result: I missed my flight!

-people at the counter were nice at the regular hours and regular situations, but late in Miami they were sort of rude and not very helpful. I had to argue with them to make them realize I was staying 1 night in Miami, because of their fault. At the end they covered accommodation and meal.

-The crew members weren't very helpful either. They acted as if they were doing a big favor. But I have to say that the person who answered the phone was helpful.

-Well and regarding the planes, they aren't very new or comfortable. But I can't forget about that if the service is good.

-They are members of the oneworld program.

I'm aware they had to shortcut their budgets and can offer what they used to, but at least they can offer a better service...

I have never flown international with them, so I don't know if the service is different there. I have noticed that they offer good prices sometimes, mmm. Personally I don't think I'd ever want to fly with them again, unless it's the last resource, but I have a frequent miles program with other airline that includes them... Nevermind, I don't recommend AA.
yarasil says:
I have flown both domestic and international...the lack of leg room was the same on both! The service on the flights was good enough.
Posted on: Apr 21, 2009
yadilitta says:
well, I'm glad you have had good experiences with them. You're right maybe the international flights are better.
Posted on: Feb 27, 2009
Africancrab Africanc…
777 reviews
American Airlines out of Tucson Nov 28, 2009
When I last traveled to Chicago, I flew American Airlines out of Tucson to Chicago. It was such an uncomfortable flight with the over head compartments rattling as if the baggage was getting ready to fall down. The leg room was so restrictive that at the end of a rather short flight I had a knee ache. The first time out, I flew to Las Vegas and the flight pilot was talking over the PA to the passangers as if they were his buddies and the PA sound quality was so bad that most passenger ignored the pilot. There was such bad air each time a passenger went in and out of the lavatories and it seemed the hostesses did not notice nor so anything about it. I have since stopped travelling on American Airlines after accumulation jusy 3710 frequent traveler miles.

I got a bad tast for this particular airline.
Two rows of seats with such a narr…
American Airlines
Africancrab says:
Yes, I have not used then since my last flight, they need to step up.
Posted on: Nov 30, 2009
montecarlostar says:
American Airlines is by far the worst airline in the US! Delayed flights, bad service, bad meals (they actually charge you for the meals!), uncomfortable seats... just anything you don't want during a flight. Fortunately I live close to Houston airport and I use Continental 90% of the time.
Posted on: Nov 29, 2009
Africancrab says:
Hmm! that seat thing is really frustrating, I'm with you on it. Next time try Frontier, great airline.
Posted on: Apr 22, 2009
Chelsea Chelsea
27 reviews
Jul 18, 2005
I don't really know how, but on the short flight from Washington DC and New York City these guys managed to lose my bags! It must have been within the space of a few hundred metres! I just don't know how it was possible. It was doubly annoying because I had a lot of connectingflights ahead of me! When I told them my bags were missing they didn't really seem to care. Sad to say,I think I will be avoiding AA at all costs, if ever I need to fly around the US again! Sorry!

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