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#1 of 10 hotels in Amed
hoofinnit says: "Teman-Teman Bungalows and Cefe is right on Jemeluk Beach though some of the bung..."
#2 of 10 hotels in Amed
emmac82 says: "A great little place. the 3 bungalows all with a great view of Mount Agung and r..."
#3 of 10 hotels in Amed
Melmay20 says: "Whilst travelling around Bali, we really wanted to go to a place called Amed for..."
#4 of 10 hotels in Amed
jlchatham says: "The diving in Amed is brilliant and after doing a lot of research decided on Adv..."
#5 of 10 hotels in Amed
megmontauk says: "First off, I was looking for a room under 80,000 Rp per night, with breakfast. I..."
#6 of 10 hotels in Amed
emmac82 says: "I love this place! Kadek and her husband really take good care of you. Pondo..."
#7 of 10 hotels in Amed
bernard69 says: "Apar Kabarhow do you do is situated in Amed in the tranquil eastern coast of B..."
#8 of 10 hotels in Amed
putrikirana says: "One of my favorite place in Bali is Amed and stay in Good Karma Bungalow is real..."
#9 of 10 hotels in Amed
andrejav says: "Going to Amed we actually reserved the place on one of the booking websites. Sol..."
#10 of 10 hotels in Amed
There are no reviews or descriptions of Bayu Cottages Hotel Restaurant yet. Have you stayed here? Write a review.
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