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Ambon city, located in Ambon island is the capital city of Maluku Province. It is one of the largest cities in eastern Indonesia.

There are plenty beautiful scenic in Ambon especially the white sand beaches that spread all over the place. The most famous beach in Ambon is Natsepa at Baguala Bay. Other beaches worth to visit are Namalatu, Pintu Kota, and Latuhalat. All of them are located in Nusaniwe district, Ambon.

At Ambon's beaches, you can watch a group of turtles, Cakalang fish (Katsuwonus Pelamis), or dolphins passed through near the shore.

There is a tourism object in Tulehu Village, Salahutu district, Central Maluku. The name is Wailatu (Wai means water, latu means king). It is a pool, 80 m length and 30 m width, fulfilled with tens of eels, more than 1 m long. These eels are sacred, people are not allowed to eat them. People can swim in this fresh water together with the eels. The animals are friendly, they never bite people who swim in the pool. This object is very interesting to see.