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Iquitos, Peru

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Ayahuasca with 'Amuru Spirit' and 'El Purgero' Mar 13, 2015
Ayahuasca has been in western news quite a bit in the last few years. I have traveled to Iquitos Peru twice to partake in different plant medicines with two different retreat centers. One was with Ron Wheelock (El Purgero) who was featured on the CNN Lisa Ling show a few months ago. The other is a world famous artist named Slocum who has a retreat center called "Amaru Spirit" in Iquitos. Both are very good respected men in the community who speak perfect English and is from the States. This medicine is for healing physical and mental illness. No one takes this for fun like some do with mushrooms or other drugs that most are familiar with. This is classified as a hallucinogen. This medicine that has been used for thousands of years by the indigenous of Peru has healing powers that can only understood by those who have been there first hand. It can heal depression, OCD, diabetes, sometimes cancer, sometimes MS, PTSD, etc. What ive learned is that much of the physical sickness that is manifested in the body is from mental trauma that can not be let go of. I know this is veery diferent from what is taught in western medicine. Sickness can lie deep in the psyche. This medicine allows you to sometimes relive the event in a dream like state that will end up expelling the energy associated from the trauma. This could be from childhood trauma, a relationship, loss of a loved one, divorce, war, etc. It will bring peace to almost any event and allow forgiveness to manifest. It is one of the best experiences i ever had. I had been through a nasty divorce where my friend took my wife. It has made me at peace with the event and a much better person. Normally i wouldnt talk about such an experience on a site such as this but if a few go seek this expereince and have a healing affect like i had then it is worth my time in writing this. Here are some websites about where i went. Also some articles about curing physical illness. This is a beautiful experience and i never regreted what happened to me in the jungle. Also the last article/link i shared is about Amber Lyons experience with the medicine. She was a Emmy winning CNN reporter who quit her job to spread awareness of the healing effects of these plants.
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austfra says:
well spoken ,peace to you bother =)
Posted on: Sep 24, 2016
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