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Alton Towers, United Kingdom

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vixen2306 vixen2306
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Thrill seekers paradise May 27, 2012
Alton Towers is a theme park and resort located in Staffordshire county by the village of Alton. In the grounds of Alton Towers, there is a semi-ruined gothic country house.

The resort includes the theme park as well as Alton Towers Hotel, Splash Landings Hotel, Waterpark, Spa, Extraordinary Golf and Conference Centre. Since July 2007, the resort and park belong to Nick Leslau who lease the park to Merlin Entertainments to operate on a 35-year lease.

One of the park's features is the monorail which runs from the Alton Towers Hotel via Splash Landings Hotel, Cariba Creek Waterpark and Extraordinary Golf to the Alton Towers Theme Park main entrance and ticket booths providing fast transfer for visitors.

For those tired of walking, the park offers the Skyride cable car system which can be used to travel between Towers Street, Forbidden Valley and Cloud Cuckoo Land. The Skyride has a lot of small and vibrantly colourful gondolas.

The park is conveniently divided in various sections which make it easier to locate rides and attractions.

Towers Street - the first area themed as a town street leading to views of the gardens and the Towers across the lake in the distance. The street contains several shops with the first Skyride station located nearby.

Mutiny Bay - a pirate-themed land with Battle Galleons, Heave Ho, Marauders Mayhem and Sharkbait Reef (by Sea Life Centre). 'Flume' ride, a log flume with bath tub themed boats and ducks quacking, is located slightly outside the area.

Katanga Canyon - themed as an African village with rides including the Runaway Mine Train and the Congo River Rapids.

The Gloomy Wood - a small, haunted house themed area with the ride Duel and an outdoor walk-through called "Haunted Hollow" including various tombstones, statues and other features, some interactive with sound effects.

Forbidden Valley - themed as a frightening post-apocalyptic area, with large rocks and rusty pieces of metal and machinery scattered around and waterfalls with coloured water to look like blood. The major rides are Air, Nemesis, Nemesis: Sub-Terra, Ripsaw and The Blade.

Dark Forest - themed as a supernatural area of woodland disturbed by excavation of an ancient burial ground. 'Thirteen' (features the world's first freefall drop on a rollercoaster) and Rita are located in this area.

Cloud Cuckoo Land - for park's younger audience is themed with bright colours reminding of a fantasy garden with Wobble World, the Theatre, the Twirling Toadstool and Charlie, the Chocolate Factory, Frog Hopper, Galloper's Carousel, the Peugeot Driving School and new 4D screening of Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs.

X-Sector - themed as a sinister futuristic government facility with Oblivion ride (the world's first roller coaster with a vertical drop), Submission and Enterprise. New SW7 (Secret Weapon Seven) ride will be build in this sector.

Adventure Land - is a family orientated area with Sonic Spinball and the 'Space Adventures' playground.

Storybook Land - the park's smallest area with only one ride called the Squirrel Nutty Ride.

Old MacDonald's Farmyard - themed around a traditional farm with a small petting zoo and Doodle Doo Derby, Riverbank Eye Spy, Berry Bish Bash and There's Something in the Dungheap.

There is a beautiful collection of gardens in the park: a Swiss Cottage, a Stonehenge, a Dutch garden, a Pagoda Fountain, domed glasshouses and a fairly large Matterhorn.

The Towers, house ruins neglected for years with some areas now closed off for renovation, overlook the entire park. Based within the ruins is a walk-through dark ride called Hex - the Legend of the Towers which finishes in a secret vault Vekoma Madhouse.

Alton Towers opens at 10am, but due to huge popularity, it is advisable to arrive prior to opening time as to avoid the rush as queuing time for most popular rides can be as much as 60 minutes.

Entry tickets are quite pricey - adult £43.50, child £34.75, family £32.50 per person, so you should book on line minimum 7 days in advance to get a whopping 40% off.

Daily car park charge is £6.00 payable on exit.

Alton Towers is spread on a vast land area so comfy shoes and a lot of drink is recommended.
The Towers
Mutiny Bay
Sonic Spinball
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Chokk says:
Congrats on your feature ;)
Posted on: Jun 16, 2012
vixen2306 says:
Thanks again everyone. Wouldn't have done it without your support :)
Posted on: Jun 13, 2012
austin37335 says:
Nice review...I love Alton Towers! Congratulations on having this featured yesterday!
Posted on: Jun 13, 2012
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austin37335 austin37…
62 reviews
Fantastic family fun! May 02, 2012
Alton Towers is one of the most popular theme parks in the UK. It is set in the beautiful grounds of an old ruined stately home, and is located in the village of Alton near Uttoxeter in Staffordshire, central England.

The gate price is £42.00 for adults (age 12 and over) and £33.60 for children. There are also family tickets available that work out at £31.50 per person. There are however, frequent discount coupons to be found from promotions for various products and there are discounted rates to be found on the Alton Towers website. These discounts often include 2 for 1 discounts so significant savings can be made with a little research.

There are 2 hotels and a spa on site as well and mini breaks can include free days in the park and early entry so can work out to be good value.

Alton Towers can get crowded in the summer and particularly on public holidays so on any visit at these times you must be prepared to queue, sometimes up to a couple of hours on some of the more popular rides! There are fastrack passes available but these are chargeable and can be quite expensive.

Alton Towers is popular for a reason, there is a full day's fun to be had for all, young or old. The park is home to some of the best thrill rides in the world and new and updated rides are added on a quite a regular basis keeping the park fresh and largely ahead of the competition.

Thrill rides include 'Rita' which propels riders from 0-60 mph in 2.5 seconds and hits a G force of 4.17. 'Oblivion' which is an 8 abreast ride that plummets vertically 60 metres into a below ground pit, after pausing on the precipice for what seems like an age. There are many more such rides and the thrill seeking visitors are well catered for.

There are also plenty of more gentle rides to keep children entertained all day and even some strange rides that play tricks with your mind (check out 'Hex').

If all of this activity gets a bit much the grounds of Alton Towers are beautiful and a walk through the large garden is an attraction in itself.

This park is very large and many of the attractions are spaced widely apart so lots of walking is guaranteed. Comfy shoes are therefore essential. There are lots of restaurants and stands selling snacks, and there are plenty of picnic areas so there is no need to go hungry.

A visit to Alton Towers is a full day event, in fact it is difficult to pack everything in to a single day, especially if the park is busy. For a family day out it's hard to beat this place.
Monorail ride to the car parks
Frog fountain
Spinning 'Sonic'
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b33tlejuice b33tleju…
36 reviews
Alton Towers May 08, 2011
I went to Alton Towers theme park with some colleagues from work. The weather wasnt great to begin with as it was comepletely throwing it down with rain but it soon oicked up and eventually the sun did come out much to our relief. We went on a saturday and it was completely packed out. We spent most of the day in a queue but when we did finally get onto the ride we were queing for it was totally awesome. It has a good mix of small and large rides which is spread out over a large area. It is very scenic and is quite unique in that it has a ride based around the old castle which is in the grounds which does add a little magic alot of other themeparks dont have. The staff are very very friendly and they all ask if you are having a good day and then tell you to enjoy your day too which is quite nice. There isnt much litter anywhere as there are hundreds of bins and lots of staff around. Unfortunately I didnt get to go on all the rides purely because there wasnt enough time, if it is a busy day like I got then I recommend that it be done in two days one day to get on the rides you really wanna do and the other to finish off the rides you didnt get to go on and generally enjoy the area its in as it is beautifully maintained too. A definite must if you like rides!
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megan13 megan13
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Awesome day! Apr 25, 2011
We had the best day at Alton Towers! We went in the summer, so it was nice and warm, and meant we could go on all the water rides without worrying. We got there mega early (7.30) and we were surprised to find we could drive right in, and walk to the main entrance to wait, which meant saving alot of time queing to get in. We had bought tickets online, which also saved time on getting in. The ques inside were mega! So we bought fast track tickets, for 3 of the bigger rides, which meant we got on them a couple of times, and was fairly in-expensive. Highly recomended!
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lois_87 lois_87
2 reviews
great place! Mar 09, 2011
Great theme park to visit in the north! Best rides in uk and reasonably priced also look out for money off vouchers in newspapers in the run up to summer!
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SsimonUK SsimonUK
3 reviews
rain is for winners Mar 23, 2011
Its best to go low season if you dont like to que, its pretty good some of the rides these days are exciting, if you've never been give it a go
Jas1313 Jas1313
3 reviews
Alton Towers Apr 04, 2008
My mate basically got 2 free tickets to Alton Towers and invited me to go down with him. We drove down leaving at 5am on Saturday...yes, 5am!! Very early but its a 5 hour drive down from Edinburgh.

When we got there our first stop was the bar for a refreshment and since I was driving home the same day I couldnt we booked into the Alton Towers Hotel!! :-)

The Theme Park is amazing with such a wide variety of rides. There is stuff for the very young all the way up to proper thrill rides. Two of the best in my opinion are Rita Queen of Speed, a rollercoaster which shoots you from 0-100mph in 3 seconds and also Oblivion, a vertical drop rollercoaster.

The park is also very large and has alot of beautiful scenery if you are that way inclined.

So after a brilliant time at the park and quite a few beers we checked into the Alton Towers Hotel which is very nice. Being drunk my mate complained about our room (There was a lolly stick on the windowsill, party poppers lying on the bed etc) and we managed to get a free meal. The manager was silly enough not to mention alcohol and so our bill came to £160!! :-) I would highly recommend the Fillet Steak, it was one of the best I have ever had.

Later we went to the Hotel bar and then next door to the Splash landings Hotel where there is a bar which is more focused towards dancing. There were alot of Hen Partys there can guess the rest ;-)

All in all, well worth the visit and I will most certainly go back!
lovely_lori88 says:
It is a sweet park! I can't remember what the ride is called by my favourtie one was the one where you get turned horizontally so it's like you're flying. Was so fun!
Posted on: Oct 03, 2009
funinuk funinuk
41 reviews
Aug 06, 2006
Arrived at 9.30 and got a monorail to the entrance. Had a 2 for 1 entrance ticket and got 2 queue cutters tickets(a must for the big rides) £41.50 all up!

Went on the Nemesis first which is an inverted rollar coaster which means you are under the track. Was fast and loads of twists and turns close to the walls/crowd/ground and over too quick - great starter!!

Next was the corkscrew(every park has one) old and faded paint , rickerty double looped coaster i thought I was going to fall out of. Fun about 10 yeas ago!!!

Then to the seroius stuff THE OBLIVION!! So glad to have the queue skipping tickets so walked past about 200 people and virtually straight on the ride so no time to stand in line and watch or back out!!! This ride is wicked in a 60 metre climb, a turn then 3 seconds hanging over the edge of a 200 ft vertical drop After being released you are plummeted into the ground, before exiting the hole at the other side of the sector. Once into the brakes its all over and your wanting for another go. Very scarey!!!

Then back to forbidden valley and on the Air which is like the nemesis but you are facing the ground instead of the frount!! The ride swings around the track so sometimes you are on your back lookind up at the sky or on your tummy close to the ground. Was quite relaxing compared to the others but also thrilling.

Last big ride was a new one Rita - Queen of speed. Rita launches you from 0 to 100 kph in 2.5 seconds from the station pulling 4.7g's straight into a banked turn and then twists and turns high above the queue. Lasts 20 seconds - thank god really takes the wind out of you.

Went on other stuff not really worth mentioning ie: Duel,River Rapids(where Dave wasn't keen & was the only one to get wet.),Charlie & the chocolate factory , Hex(which was trippy) and varoius other fun things.

See website.

All in all a wicked day and reccomend it to everyone.
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