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Staffordshire, England

Alton Towers Theme Park Staffordshire Reviews

debcon debcon
33 reviews
Alton Towers! May 26, 2011
I've been going here since I was a child and I love this place. I love the fact it's not only a theme park but it also has beautiful gardens and you can actually roam about the towers themselves.

Some of the olds rides have gone like the beast and the mouse. There are others that have been replaced but I cant remember the names of those.

There are rides for all ages and if your brave enough to walk around freezing all day there are the rapids and the log flume.

There are afew places to eat including KFC and pizza hut etc. There are also plenty of stores to get sweets and cuddly toys etc.

I even did a ghost hunt here which was pretty damn scary. The towers are very old and partly in ruins so walking around there in the pitch black until 4.30 am was pretty freaky....and freezing! :)
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matthew says:
It used to be alongside Rita. There's a brand new ride there now called '13'. It's a pretty average rollercoaster, but with a nice twist to the ride. I won't spoil it for anyone going.
Posted on: May 27, 2011
debcon says:
I forgot the corkscrew had always used to smack my head about. Isnt that where Rita is now? Havent been for ages :)
Posted on: May 26, 2011
matthew says:
The Black Hole, The Corkscrew - they're gone :-( Always a brilliant day out though. I went just 2 weeks ago!
Posted on: May 26, 2011
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hippysunshine hippysun…
7 reviews
Fab day out May 19, 2011
Alton Towers is such a fun day out, especially when you get a good day weather wise.

I'd recommend going on a weekday and avoid weekends and bank holidays at all costs. It costs way too much to que up for 2 hours each ride and to go on very minimal things.

You can purchase a fast track ticket for an extra cost, which cuts your queing time almost in half, so that's handy.

I also recommend checking out Ebay for any 2 for 1 vouchers.

Alton Towers costs around the £32 mark (not sure exactly how much, havent been for nearly two years now) and it's not cheap for food when you get in there so I highly recommend getting some form of vouchers :)

Overall a fun day out for everyone and some fantastic rides.

My favourite so far is Rita... incredible speed!
The Oblivion (2009)
Over Flowing Log Flume - Oops (200…
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Eric says:
Thanks for sharing!
Posted on: May 25, 2011
matthew matthew
41 reviews
Alton Towers May 23, 2008

This place is amazing. It's a theme park with some of the best rides the UK has to offer. I'm a regular annual attendee at the park and each time I go, there seems to be a new addition to the park.

The park opens at 10am and I recommend being there for the opening. The main rides are very popular and queues quickly form. If you can be one of the first to enter the park, I would recommend heading straight to a major ride as fast as possible.

The park is split into zones each containing rides characteristic of the zone. You walk through the entrance onto Tower Street and from the you can make your way around the various zones:

(1) X-Sector: this has a government experimental theme to expose the body to extreme conditions. The zone contains the Oblivion (a vertical drop roller coaster), Enterprise (a wheel which will spin you rapidly around), and Submission (a vessel which will spin you upside down and hold you outside the comfort zone).

(2) UG Land: this has a dinosaur theme. In this zone you'll find the Corkscrew (very soon to be closed (9th November) and Rita - The Queen of Speed. This roller coaster is awesome! You are propelled from 0-100 kph in just 2.5 seconds! You really feel the G-force holding you back, but you'll also get violently whipped around a few corners.

(3) Adventure land: this is more of a place for children and has the associated rides. It also contains a newer ride, Spinball Whizzer. You're placed inside a spinball and spun around the track with three others.

(4)Forbidden Valley: this is my favorite zone. It has an alien like theme and has my favorite rides in the whole park. Air is where everyone can do their Superman impression as the roller coaster hold you flat and face down for the whole ride! Nemesis is the other roller coaster in this zone and that carries you through the caves and along the red river (the streams have been dyed red to represent blood). The Ripsaw and Blade can also be found in the Forbidden Valley. The Ripsaw will give you a good drenching, whilst Blade (a pirate ship type ride) will thrust you forward and backwards with some pace.

(5) Katanga Canyon: this has an African Safari type theme and contain the Runaway Mine Train and the Congo River Rapids.

(6) Old MacDonald's Farm Yard is another area for children and contains several rides and attractions for younger participants.

(7) The Towers Complex: this zone was originally designed to show people the old Alton Hall, but now it contains the legend of Hex. This is a weird ride in which you'll be absorbed into a story and will experience the illusion of the room spinning around. It is the most intelligent ride in the ground.

(8) Cred Street is another child's area, but has recently opened a new ride, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. You'll experience the closing scene where you are in the elevator being propelled upwards and outwards.

(9) Gloomy Wood: this zone has Duel where you're in a cart with a laser gun and get a points score for killing ghouls and zombies etc. It's a bit cheesy.

(10) Mutiny Bay: this was new to 2008. It's a pirate theme and again is an area designated for the family. There are no major rides in this zone.

(11) Story Land: this zone is as it sounds and is another area for the younger crowds.

The venue contains several fast food outlets and other stalls where prizes can be won. There is a huge amount of variety and you can have a great family/friends day out, or if you fancy a thrill-seeking day out on your own, it is possible to join the solo-riders queue for most of the rides and you'll miss out a huge amount of queuing time.

It's a great day out and you can usually find some 2-4-1 vouchers on the net or through advertisement which obviously reduce the price to a very reasonable level. I've enjoyed many days out here in the past and I will enjoy many days out here in the future; I hope you do to.
This is Air. It's side by side wi…
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory …
The Ripsaw in the Forbidden valley…
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matthew says:
It's a pretty cool theme park. Arguably the best in the UK.
Posted on: Jan 25, 2009
Koralifix says:
I think I have to go there! Just love so much action :)
Posted on: Jan 25, 2009

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