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Altenberg Overview

Altenberg / Erzgebirge

The small town Altenberg is the "hub" for the Upper parts of the Eastern Erzgebige, located at an elevation of about 750 m above sea level and conveniently accessible by train or bus from Dresden (slightly more than an hour).

Altenberg itself is an old mining town, first mentioned in the 14th century. Due to devastations in several wars there is nothing special about the architecture in town, but the surrounding landscape is very beautiful - a paradise for all sorts of winter sports and hiking/biking etc. in summer.

Nearby you find the famous bob- and sledding run where world cups and other championships take place. Definitely fun to visit - you can even take a ride yourself.

While Altenberg itself doesn't offer architectural gems the surrounding does! There are castles (Lauenstein, Frauenstein, Weesenstein), picturesque small towns like Lauenstein, Geising, Bärenstein and cute villages not far from Altenberg.

Not to forget are the relics of mining (Erzgebirge means Ore mountains!). A special sight is the "Pinge", a huge hole, the result of extensive mining. When a number of pits crashed in 1620 the hole had a size (surface) of only 1.25 ha, now it is 22 ha!

Of course there are beautiful natural sights in the near surroundings as well: Mt. Geising e.g. with excellent views and rare wildflowers (protected area), the botanical garden in nearby Schellerhau. Well enough to keep you busy for a week of vacation!

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