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659 Merchant St, San Francisco, CA, USA
Alfred's Steakhouse - Alfred's Steakhouse - entrance
Alfred's Steakhouse - Alfred's Steakhouse - front door
Alfred's Steakhouse - Alfred's Steakhouse - 16 oz New York Steak, with Garlic Masher($28)
Alfred's Steakhouse - Alfred's Steakhouse - Chocolate Drop Croissant Bread Pudding ($6)
Alfred's Steakhouse - Alfred's Steakhouse - main bar

Alfred's Steakhouse San Francisco Reviews

Dolphintrekker Dolphint…
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Jan 13, 2008
A good friend of mine celebrated his birthday at this restaurant. The restaurant is situated in an alley half a block away from the cusp of Chinatown, where you might miss if you’re not paying attention. From the outside, the restaurant looks unassuming and rather questionable, but once you walk inside, it feels like you've walked into a prohibition-style establishment. The atmosphere is elegant and classy. Both its patrons and staff are handsomely dressed, fittingly so, amidst the spacious and posh environment.

I, myself, am not a huge fan of steak or eating a lot of meat. I am as carnivore as one gets, but meat served as steak doesn’t have a lot of appeal for me. Though, once in a while I would have some, but I feel that if I do eat steak, I have to physically prepare for the event. Yes, I dub steak nights as events because I have to make sure that I don’t eat a heavy lunch or snack in between meals to be able to consume 30 oz of meat by dinner time. Tis’baffling . . .

Before dinner, I had only brunch, then to the SF TravBuddy meet-up at Jade Bar. So, I thought I would be pretty set for dinner, I wouldn’t be starving but hungry enough and ready to eat when I leave the bar. When friends and I arrived at the restaurant, we were directed to the private banquet room located on the ground level. The waiter was gracious and readily efficient upon adding my order (along with 2 other friends) as soon as I was settled into our table. I ordered the 16 oz New York steak with garlic masher on the side. The steak menu only allows one order of side. There are about 7 steak entrees to choose from.

When my plate arrived, I was immediately daunted . . . I felt as if 16 lbs of meat was sitting on my plate instead! It was huge . . . all meat (!!!) though the garlic masher looked plain and not so tasty, looked more like those stove-top-boxed-potato-spud, than first class preparation. And so I delved in . . . the meat was OK, as medium well steaks go, and the mashers were missing the garlic that it advertised. After a couple of slices of my steak, I decided the taste lacked luster, it needed something more . . . “can I please have A1 steak sauce?” I doused (more like drowned) my steak with the condiment, then all was copasetic. Though, I didn’t manage to finish off my meal, I got to about ¾ of it all, and had it wrapped up to go at the end of the night.

As for their dessert . . . rich and scrumptious, all of them. My friends and I ordered all the different dessert on the menu so we can sample them all. I ordered the chocolate drop croissant bread pudding, delicious!!!!! And for someone who has a ginormous sweet tooth, I stand behind this dessert. Plus, I normally don’t even like bread pudding because those can taste like stale bread if prepared incorrectly. Now for those who likes their dessert with a little kick (actually a hammer to the knee), try the cabernet chocolate cake or the fried Italian crème with brandy sauce!

Overall, I had a great time only because I was in the company of great friends and we were celebrating a birthday. The food quality experience, even when food service was good, fell way behind the companionship and amusement of the evening.

Alfred's Steakhouse - entrance
Alfred's Steakhouse - front door
Alfred's Steakhouse - 16 oz New Yo…
Alfred's Steakhouse - Chocolate Dr…
trhoades says:
I've been to this place. The decor reminds me of Al Pacino's house in Scarface. Red, black, and totally 1980's. Food was good though.
Posted on: Jan 13, 2008
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