Alfonso's Mexican Restaurant

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32 Utrechtsestraat, Amsterdam, Netherlands
020 625 9426

Alfonso's Mexican Restaurant Amsterdam Reviews

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Detailed and Romantic. Perfect to Start or to Finish! Jul 20, 2010
Ok. If you like fast food and huge piles of burgers, or all you can eat settings you're at the wrong place! Then turn around to your local Mac because you don't wanna hear this probably. I'm gonna tell you guys about some fine dining. This is all about quality. And not quantity. Sit back and relax. I'm taking you to Amsterdam. City of possibilities and armed with a descent number of fine restaurants.

The website.

Ok. Let's be honest again. Would you visit a restaurant if the lay out of the website was awful? Would you go there when they did not mention the opening hours or the menu? Probably not right? Well Alfonso's has one of the most lovely websites I've seen so far. It's a marketing thing, what a lot of restaurant holders seem to forget these days. Alfonso's has a neat site with everything you need to know about them. Menu, Directions, Opening Hours and Reservations (really important, you need to make a reservation because it's not really big).

Please note that the site is in Dutch. You can click on the English flag below Contacts to change the language.

The location.

The location couldn't be better.

It's located in a street with typical houses from Amsterdam. And close to the famous nightlife. It's perfect to start a splendid night or to end one! Why? I'm gonna tell you now!

The restaurant.

When you enter this cute little restaurant you will mention the particular atmosphere.

It's bigger than it looks like, but because of the decorations and candles it represents a lovely romantic scene with a Mexican touch of course.

The Waitresses.

Yes. They got waitresses to serve you and your friends. I'd never saw a male waitress but I could be wrong! It's all about the service of course and I can be clear about that. Simply terrific. Just wink and they are ready to serve you with the same hospitality, kindness and warmth as they would use against their friends.

The Mexican food.

A restaurant is not just about the food. It's about the whole process as I mentioned before. So here we are! Finally I can discuss the food! Which is mouthwatering! It tastes great, and I tried a lot! They serve it mostly on a hot plate or bowl. Mostly I take the traditional Fajitas.

It's a pleasure for they eye and for your tongue!

I live in Canada now so I'm gonna explain something about the tip.

Here in Canada the tip is included in the bill. So even if they treat you very very very very very very vey bad (to avoid course language hehe) they get a tip.

In the Netherlands it's usual you give a tip if you think you're satisfied with the whole process.

When I come here I always give them a nice tip because they always seem to improve their service even if that gets impossible at some point.

So If you're in Amsterdam and looking for a average priced restaurant to start or finish a great night, or if you have a date and you definitely want to leave a good impression and show your good taste I would highly recommend Alfonso's Mexican Restaurant!

This review was based on a 10+ Visit by myself. I come here since several years.
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